Steampunk Tendency: Victorian England Is Embraced In Steam


what is steampunk?

Today, the winner in the competition of alternative universes becomes steampunk style. This relatively new tendency has plenty of followers all over the world. It is resulted in the creation of thousands of books, games and even music. First of all, you need to understand what steampunk is. This is an alternative universe of Victorian England where people mastered steam technologies and developed it into something more complex. You won’t see any weapons, vehicles or any other transport you used to. This world is fulfilled with steam trains, cars, even airships and steam submarines. However, all these technologies are sophisticated and meet all the Victorian standards. If you are ready to buy custom essay papers online, we will gladly provide you high quality of service.

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Though there were many novels referred to steampunk style seen the world a long time ago, this term appeared only in 1980th like a prototype of the term “cyberpunk” created by Kevin Jeter longing to characterize all his novels. Gerber Wells’ “Time Machine” is a good example of cyberpunk novel since it contains elements of Victorian Age and technologies of future. English homework help online from professionals will turn your boring homework into a free day.

This one and other novels of Merry Shelley, Jules Verne, and Mark Twain influence much steampunk tendency and lead to its multiple variations of this genre.  One of the earliest examples of steampunk novel is well-known “Nautilus” submarine of Captain Nemo. However, the first representative of steampunk was TV show “Wild Wild West”. On our website, you can find efficient homework help for students and professional proofreading services.

There are two types of steampunk. The first one is alternative historical one. It is based on the real historical events and represents Victorian England including all the steam technologies.  Sometimes it is subdivided into Wild West steampunk that combines steam technologies and the best tradition of cowboys. The second one if fantasy steampunk. This one presents unreal universe, world or country that reminds our world but involving other races and magic.

Let’s emphasize the major features of steampunk so you could single it out among the great variety of genres. First of all, it is steam technologies including steam vehicles, airships, carriages and other mechanisms decorated with copper pipes and hammered metal. The whole city is decorated with pipes emitting black steam, it is alive and always in action with all the gears rotating round and round. In some novels, the moon is equipped with steam pipes as well. Another feature is the utilization of industrial revolution weapons like rifles, revolvers and even automatic rifles with some new attributes including addition gears and pipes.  Weapons like knives or swords are almost excluded except a blade in the cane. Our best dissertation writer and proofreader online will handle your paper regardless of a difficulty and a deadline.

The main heroes of such novels are movies are crazy scientists like Frankenstein, smart and ideological criminals like Jack the Reaper or Moriarty, detectives like Sherlock Holmes, secret agents, revolutionists, criminals, vagabonds etc. Any decision is made on the basis of some scientific purposes that lead to serious problems.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to provide the general characteristic of this tendency that fits any movie or game since each author tries to bring something new. It might be new types of weapon, new details of a whole city, a vehicle or a steamed exoskeletons etc. Among hundreds of variations, we tried to single out the most prominent once. There won't be any top 10 best steampunk games of movies. This is a list of the most obvious representatives of this genre. Our professional academic proofreading website delivers the best paper with perfect grammar and punctuation.

Steampunk games:

1. Bioshock Infinite. This is the third part of the Bioshock series telling about a man who builds a flying city in the skies and inhabited it with people everything was fine till the day our hero finds himself on this flying island. The beginning of the story is rather blurred. Our hero is taken to some lighthouse. By means of a special machine, he reaches the flying city. Here, people forgot about diseases, starving and poverty. Moreover, they managed to modify their DNA in order to get certain powers like lightning bolts, telekinesis or telekinetic shield etc. Having entered the main square he sees the sign: “Stay away from the false prophet” and an image of a hand with a tattoo “AD”. Suddenly, he realizes that this is his tattoo and becomes an enemy of the whole city. Urgent English proofreading for students with minimal deadlines and high quality of services.

First of all, this is an industrial city that represents all the canons of steampunk city with multiple steam pipes, all the mechanisms including bridges run by gears, weapon reminds rifles of the Second World War but with additional details, and mechanical guards with machine guns, gears, and steam pipes. The main antagonist of this game is a man with his own philosophy, the reason to create a big flying city. According to his philosophy, our world is corrupted and there no way to save it. The only salvation he saw is to create a place far away from here, a so-called utopia where people will live happily without violence and greed. Nevertheless, his past covers the secret that will be disclosed soon. There is no need to describe the plot in details since we don’t want to kill your interest. However, this game is definitely worth your attention. Experienced custom college essay writer is ready to take your order and satisfy all your needs.

2. Arcanum: Steamworks And Magick Obscura. This is a pioneer of steampunk games released in 2001 by “Troika games”. This is a representative of fantasy steampunk since it combines magic and technologies and involves other races like dwarfs and elves. This world is a home for magicians and scientist that fully mastered steam technologies but they forced to fight with each other since concentrated magic force machines to fail and a lot of machines around "turns off" the magic. The main hero was flying on the airship but was shot and crashed somewhere in the forest. Having joined the forces with other survivals the main hero tries to find the nearest city and find out why there were knocked down. On the way to find truth our hero meets many interesting people who help him to find out more about origins and history of this conflict. Though this game does not possess all the features of steampunk, due to the great variations of this tendency development, in particular, the conflict between magic and technologies, this game is a good representative of steampunk game. If you want to find out how to keep your family save in the course of earthquakes, read this essay

3. Syberia. It is a fascinating adventure that tells the story of the girl Kate Walker, whose business trip turns into the biggest adventure of her life. Steampunk and retro-futurism here are not the main features, but their presence is organically interwoven into the game, complementing it. Local automatons (they are not called robots in the world of Syberia) is a crucial feature of this game since they are everywhere. They were created by the local factory performing many functions, playing a significant role in the plot of the game and creating general atmosphere. This dissertation service company based in the UK possesses the necessary skills to write your paper so you could order on our website again.

Throughout the whole story, our main hero is surrounded by beautiful locations, interesting characters and logical puzzles, which is not typical for projects from the early 2000s. This is a perfect game to spend your free evening with pleasure. The main hero is a journalist sent to interview the head of the factory manufacturing robots. This factory is appeared to be closed and you have to find out where is the man you had to meet and what happened with the factory. This game is designed on the basis of the most peculiar features of steampunk. First of all, the outlook of robots. They use steam technology with a clock-work that is also one of the main features of steampunk games. When our hero enters the factory she sees plenty gear mechanisms that run the factory. In general, this game is full of features that allow us to consider this game to be a steampunk one. There are only experienced thesis writers on our website and you can easily check it by placing your order.

4. Machinarium. Once people decided to take out all their garbage on a distant and forgotten planet. After a while, the first simple robots appeared from this garbage. Then improved models came out and created a robotic society and founded a large city called the Machinarium.

In the game, you are not a narrator of this story. It lives in the mind of her author, the Czech artist Jakub Dvorsky, the creator of a few strange but charming worlds. Machinarium is not a fairy tale on the edge of abstraction, but a full and elaborated world, with a place for strong emotions of main heroes, and even for heroism itself. Machinarium is a few dozen locations and a lot of interesting and peculiar characters. As far as you might have understood, all the characters in this game are robots. There are a couple of bars where you can have a drink or two of engine oil. The city is inhabited by street robots musicians, old robots on benches, robots in a wheelchair, a robotic cat on the roof and even a robotic lady with a dog. The protagonist is a sad-eyed robot named Josef. By coincidence, he was at a scrap heap outside the city gates. Now he must return to the Machinarium and take revenge on those who treated him so cruelly. In order not to spoil you’re the whole fun of the game, we will not reveal any details, the only hint is that there will be malicious bandits and love story. Improve your attention to details skills since you might need it playing this game.

Machinarium is conceptual, slightly sad and very poetic interactive cartoon about loneliness. However, the infamous minimalism has been left in the past, and it's not just a matter of the increased number of locations and characters which more often and more willingly communicate with each other. They do not hesitate to share their experiences with the main hero. There are still no full-fledged dialogues, but instead, we have pictograms and animated stories appearing in clouds above our heroes in order to bring up to date. Leave Josef alone for a while without touching a keyboard and a mouth, and he will start recalling, for example, how he bathed with his robot-girlfriend in a vat of oil or how he blew out the spark-plug-candles on the cake. Pros and cons of influenza vaccine and why you should keep your child away from it are in this essay.

The author tried to endow a machine with human feelings and emotions. It is a very spectacular feature of the game and the author did his best to complete it with the cityscape. All the city is painted manually, with special attention to details. On the one hand, there are strange machines, cold and inhospitable city inhabited by robots, gloomy bars, empty streets etc. On the other hand, this so-called dead city moves with every touch of the keyboard and mouse. One of the most prominent representatives of steampunk games. A couple of interesting facts about original inhabitants of the United States

Steampunk movies and cartoons:

1. The league of extraordinary gentlemen. The end of the nineteenth century. The age of the latest technologies and flourishing industrialization. The mysterious villain, called Phantom, wants to capture the world. His plan is to drive a wedge between the European countries and take advantage of the arms race. Phantom attacks the Bank of England and steals blueprints of Venice columns. His next aim is German scientists. This essay on common sense will force you to overthink critically any situation

In order to save the world, English Government decides to create a special team to fight unknown enemy. The team includes Allan Quatermain, the best gunner in the world; Wilhelmina Harker, a vampire; Rodney Skinner - a thief who once stole the formula of invisibility from one scientist and now it is difficult to notice him; Captain Nemo, famous hero of Jules Verne’s novels. If you want to read all the series of books about Allan Quatermain, visit this page.

Dorian Grey and Dr. Jekyll, two other members of league remain. In the waiting room, gathered by some member of the government they were attacked by the enemy. Luckily, Tom Sawyer, agent of intelligence help them out and having joined their forces with Dorian and later Dr. Jekyll they decide to defeat mysterious enemy.

The league reaches Venice, but their journey turned out to be a trap, set up by Dorian Gray. Having disabled the boat of Captain Nemo, Dorian withdrew. Our heroes refuse giving up, fix the boat and set forth in the footsteps of Dorian.

This movie is far from being absolutely a steampunk one but it involves certain details that allow us to refer this film to steampunk genre. The design of weapon and Captain Nemo’s boat, for example, possess steampunk features. The heroes of the novel are also of steampunk type, like Alan Quatermain and Captain Nemo. The main villain is an ideological person that followed by a certain objective, in this case, to benefit from the World War. Essay on one of the most prominent representatives of Antique literature is presented by our writers

2. Steamboy. This is an anime released in 2004 and it has to be on this list since it is created in the spirit of the best steampunk tradition. Unlike other representatives of this list, that have only certain elements of steampunk, this one is an incarnation of the whole genre. XIX century, industrialization period in England. Young inventor Ray Steam receives a package from his grandfather, a famous scientist. There is a mysterious "steam ball" in the parcel. This unique mechanism can lead to the revolution in the field of steam technologies. O`Hara foundation found out about this invention and sent their men on the scent of the package. The boy managed to get rid of them and get to London on the eve of the worldwide exposition. Soon enough, certain drastic events will turn this great celebration and technological triumph into the nightmare. The author managed to preserve the spirit of Industrial England and endow this world with unbelievable steam technologies to show what might have happened with the world if we embarked on this course. If you don’t know about anime culture and its greatest representatives, follow this link and read more about it.

3. Van Helsing. The story about the greatest vampire hunter. The one who hunted down Dracula in the cognominal novel written by Bram Stoker. However, we will focus on the Stephen Sommers’ “Van Helsing” narrating alternative story of the famous hunter. This time Dracula is intended to enliven his children and create the whole vampire race by means of the experiments implemented by Dr. Frankenstein. Van Helsing being at the service of Vatican is sent to stop Dracula. Transylvania gives him a cold shoulder. He was attacked by three vampires, brides of Dracula. We will do your essay professionally without any grammatical mistakes and within the stated deadline. With help of Anna, they investigate the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein and find reveal his creature, the one that Dracula want to use to implement his plan. In order to keep him away from Dracula, Anna and Van Helsing decide to hide him and make a trap Dracula's servants. One of the brides dies but a werewolf managed to bite Van Helsing and soon enough he will become a servant of Dracula. Luckily, this was his destiny. According to the legend, the one will rise to fight against Dracula and stop the tyranny. Having captured one of the Dracula followers, our hunter finds out that there is an antidote against lycanthropy. He sends Anna to get the antidote and goes to fight Dracula. Van Helsing wins the fight but being cursed by lycanthropy kills Anna. Luckily, she managed to administer the antidote. If you are ready to pay us to write your essay, we will elaborate perfect one for you with a good discount.

The steampunk elements predominate in this movie but still, it is hard to call this one absolutely a steampunk one. It is manifested in the design of the Dracula’s laboratory and Van Helsing’s weapon, like automatic crossbow or machine gun. Certain characters of the XIX century literature also created the spirit of this tendency. The full and detailed biography of Bram Stoker, the one who created Dracula we know today.

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