Ernest Hemingway Essay: The Life Of The Writer


He was born in 1899, his father was the doctor and his mother did not work. She spent all her time with her children. His father wanted to see Ernest as the doctor in the future, because of it, he showed him a lot of facts about the nature. When he was three years old, his father took him for the first time for fishing. At the age of eight, the boy knew all the names of animals, fishes, plants and other things in the nature. Also, his hobby was reading the books. He liked reading different literature and he could spend a lot of hours in the home library.

But his mother wanted to see him as the musician. He went to the music school and also he song a lot. But he did not want to do it and he did not have any talent. When he was 12 years old, his grandfather bought him his first gun. Ernest liked his grandfather a lot and because of it, there are some stories from the past in his books.

He liked hunting a lot. His father showed him how to do it and he had a lot of skills for it. He liked his father and he could not forget his death.

At school, Ernest liked football and boxing. Also, during his studying at school, he wrote a lot of articles for the school magazine. He decided at that time, that he would be the writer, because he did it very well. If you wish to know more about the reasons why he wanted to be the writer, our professional experts will provide you with this information.

After the school, he decided not to study further, he did not choose the college or the university, he moved to the other city and started to work in the newspaper. He wrote about the news in the part of the city, where he saw the hospital, the police department and the rail station. He wanted to understand the reasons for the actions of the people and analyze the manner of the conversations. Later, all these moments were published in his books.

Ernest wanted to join the army, but he had some problems with the health and because of it he could not. But he decided to be the volunteer and helped the soldiers. In 1918 he saved the soldier, but got more than 200 injuries. He even got the medal for this action. After it, he went home and spent there up to one year. He started to work in the newspaper and he could write the notes about any theme he wanted. He wrote a lot about government, war, poor people and other things.

At that time, Ernest had a lot of conflicts with her mother, because she did not want to see the adult person in him. Finally, he took all his things and moved to the other city. In 1922 he got married with the young girl and moved to Paris. He always wanted to visit this city.

Ernest had to work a lot to earn money for his family. He wrote a lot of stories for the newspaper and because of it, his style of writing was changed. He could write on the free themes and he published the information about the rich tourists from the USA, which visit different places and spend a lot of money.

In 1930 he went back to the USA and decided to do fishing and also purchased the boat. The scientists think, that exactly at that time he was very popular. After his death, his house became the museum and it is visited by a lot of people every year.

Suddenly, the author had the accident, where he had a lot of injuries. He did not write up to half of the year, because he needed this time for the rehabilitation. He travelled a lot for the money, he got for his books.

His best travel was to Africa. He wrote a lot of his biographical events in the books and as he liked hunting, he spent a lot of time there.

Unfortunately, when he was old, he was sure, that the police is watching for him. After this fact, he spent a lot of time in the hospital, but he decided to kill himself with the gun. In 1961 he died.

Interesting facts about Ernest Hemingway

  1. He was married four times
  2. One day, he found the can, who had 6 fingers and decided to leave him. After that he had the huge number of the cats in his house.
  3. He got the Nobel prize in 1954
  4. The interesting fact is, that the police really watched at him, but it was known later, a lot of years after his death.
  5. His mother was a very strange person. She wanted to have the girl, because of it, she purchased different dresses for Ernest till he was 4 years old. Also, she wanted to see him as the musician and even did not want to see, that he did not have any needed skills.
  6. He liked fishing, but he did it in the unusual way. He took the gun with himself and killed all big and dangerous fishes, which could eat the fish he wanted to catch. After that he created his famous book, but more information you can get into the old man and the sea essay. Our academic writers will be glad to provide you with this information.
  7. It seems that you cannot even imagine which alcohol was his favorite one. He liked mojito too much. When he visited some bars or restaurants, he always purchased mojito. The interesting fact is, that the psychologists thought, that this drink belongs to women, but if men decided to choose this cocktail, it means, that they are the little boys inside of their souls.
  8. One day he caught a very huge fish and it was very difficult for him. After that, the story: ‘the old and the sea” appeared. This story was very popular among people.

To sum up, he had the life, which was full of different events and he was the great writer. If you wish to get more information about him you can place the order on our side and our writers will be glad to help you. If you are checking papers for plagiarism, you can be sure, that our writers have the individual attitude to every client and every paper is unique.

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