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If you want to learn English quickly and effectively, we prepared some hints and tips for you. First of all, we would like to talk about vocabulary since it is really difficult to learn whole a lot of words for the beginners. Our planet is in danger. Use this guide to learn how to save it

English homework helper prepared an essay on how to learn English quickly and effectively.

Where to start?

You need some basic knowledge to understand English language. There are some topics for beginners like family, traveling, house care, shopping etc. However, there are a lot of ways to define your own basic topics. Connect English with your job, if you work at the shop, for example, learn by heart all the words connected with the food and other facilities. If you work with computers, learn all the word connected with software and hardware. During the day off, walk around your apartment and make a list of all the stuff you have and translate them into English. All the words you managed to collect learn by heart and you will start noticing all these words in English texts. Write down all the new words you have heard since you can find a lot of interesting ones. Homework essay writing help with the best writers from the USA is ready to handle your order.

How to learn English words effectively

This is an old-fashioned way but it works. Make some paper cards with the words you’ve managed to find. It's convenient and affordable: you do not need to spend money because you can use simple paper and a pen. On one side of the sheet, write the word in English, on the second one write the words in whatever language is your native one. You can use pictures as well. This technics connects your imagination with new words and having head a new word you will remember it in a blink of an eye. It will be very difficult for you to remember all the words or the first time but with practice, you will easily learn all the words by heart. If you are looking for help, get academic assignment help now.

For more experienced students, we recommend using English-English dictionaries. The second level of this game is to write the word in English on one side and the definition of this word in the English on the other side. You can also use synonyms and antonyms for this system. A context is you best friend. Substitute definitions of the words with the whole sentences in order to know how native speakers use it in their speech. You should repeat these exercises all the time to remember all the words you've already learned and new ones. Useful English phrases for all the levels on this website.

Create your own dictionary

This is the most common way to learn new words used by beginners and experienced people. Buy a huge notebook and write down all the words you have seen or heard. After a while, you will have a list of words and you will be able to mark the words you have already learned, the words that are difficult to learn and the ones that are going to be learned. You can also carry it with you when you go for a walk or a work and repeat the words when you have some free time. If you schedule is rather unstable, choose at least two days a week to study English and you will see the result. How to improve your memory in order to learn more words.

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