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Indians of North America are seen as one of the most exciting races. Anthropologists still argue about their origin, pushing majority of the most incredible versions, attributing pioneering or to the peoples of Siberia, or to the Scandinavians and Australian Aborigines. The most interesting is that each of these theories has the full right for existence and is secured by various archeological finds. The Indians, mainly the Incas are considered as the largest ethnic community in the world, which formed once their own state. It will be discovered all features of Indians’ culture and its impact on world civilization in essay on Native American culture.

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Who Are Actually Indians?

Best custom essay writing service and any student can give answer on this question. Indians are indigenous settlers of the North and South Americas. They have obtained such generic name thanks to Christopher Columbus, who chose a wrong turn on his sea route by mistake. He came to America instead of India.

However, all is not so simple. Columbus was not the first foreigner on the American continent. Scientists credited the discovery of New World to Amerigo Vespucci, the Vikings and even Indians. Thanks to various researches in different sciences, such as anthropology and linguistics scientists got quite strong arguments to state that pioneers and first settlers of America were the Siberian tribes. They migrated to America 20 000 years ago. There are distinct linguistic and anthropological similarities between the people of Siberia and the indigenous American people. In addition, many culture experts accentuate the communion of both cultures.

In addition, a skeleton of woman more than 13 000 years of antiquity was found in Brazil. The features of skeleton fitted anthropological features of African and Australian people. Obviously, reaching the new land at the end of Ice Age, the tribe of African woman was fully assimilated to the already inhabiting the continent Siberian tribes. Until now scientists have not detected the presence of the different culture, related to the same period.

In general, it is seen that America in those days was the “hostess” for different nationalities. Actually, the mixing process still continues. New world by right got the fame of “boiling pot”, where nationalities and culture dissolve. It will be described about all aspects of Indians’ culture in essay on Native Americans.

Rich Culture Of Native Americans

Speaking about the culture of Indians, we can divide its description on three aspects:

  • Material culture;
  • Religion;
  • Mythology.

The material culture of indigenous people of the USA is largely supplanted by the Euro-American culture. Indian tribes are careful with their culture. You should develop the same attitude, which is described in essay on culture. However, it will be wrong to talk about the complete traditions’ disappearance of the material culture of the Indian population. In fact, there is an erosion of the material culture’s complexes and some its elements are stored in the majority of Indian people.

Traditional types of accommodation are still widespread now. Hunters, fishermen, gathers of wild fruits and maple syrup and lodgers use portable accommodation, such as wigwam and tepee exclusively as seasonal inhabitation. Design of this accommodation has not experienced changes but now other materials are used for covering. Preservation of traditional types of accommodation is partly related with religious cults of Native Americans. This is the reason for retaining tepee in some nations of the Great Plains and its penetration into the culture of the other Indian people, in particular those that were once moved from the eastern regions of the country to Oklahoma. “Long houses” of Iroquois have long ceased to be used as a shelter, but they still exist due to the cult of Beautiful Lake. However, they do not contain in themselves features of Indian architecture: they are typical rural houses now, which stand out their size.

Traditional food culture has a definite place in the festive ceremonies and even has become as one of the symbols of the Indianism. Meals of acorns, corns, beans are surely prepared during the calendar and other public celebrations, festivals of pow wow. Sharing of tobacco has ritual meaning for the participants of such celebrations: tobacco, like other crops, is endowed long since sacred properties. Conclusion can be made about the healthy food of Indians. You can read about the benefits of healthy food in healthy food essay.

Clothes of Native Americans rapidly changes. Traditional clothing is not worn on a daily basis in the eastern states, as well as in the western regions. However, some elements of processing and décor are kept in them – some kind of edging, fringe and jewelry. The clothes of the indigenous population of the south-western states of the USA have some peculiarity and predominantly female. However, this uniqueness is determined not only by Indian traditions, but also Spanish and Mexican influence of past centuries. Specific items of woman costume here are wide skirts, cardigans of free cut and colored shawls. Indians of Southern West still wear blanket-capes and moccasins, which together with European clothing create quite peculiar complexes. Features of ritual and festive clothes as male and female are steadfastly kept by many Indian people. Commercialization of folk traditions of the Indian culture partly facilitates it. This commercialization finds its reflection in the organization of representative costume performances of Indians for the tourists, which visit the reservations. Thus significant styling of Indian costume occurs basing on the greater effect and in accordance of consumers’ demands.

In one of the Native American essays, we also want to mention about the religion of Indians. However, majority of Indians consists of Catholic, Christians and Pentecostals, their original religion is worth of mentioning. Religion of Indians involves the worship of the spirits. Spirits (Manitou) have few individuality are identified with natural forces. Great Spirit is the highest of them. On the basis of it many missionaries were inclined to attribute monotheistic religion to the Indians. Nevertheless, even if Great Spirit had powerful actions according to beliefs, there are no certain evidences that Indian tribes had monotheism in their religion. Sometimes, Great Spirit is equated to the human: in this case, he is the hero of all kinds of myths. A solar cult played an important role for many Indian tribes. Thus, the Indians of American prairies celebrated the festival of sun in the mid of summer, during which major ceremonies were solemnly performed. Ritual dances of Indians were common: each tribe knew dozens of them – dance of rain, war, sun and others.

Indian mythology is also the topic of Native Americans essay. Mythology of Native Americans is though somewhat monotonous but quite original. Myths about the creation of the world, flood and heroes are found in all parts of America. Although they are different in shape, almost all myths have the same content. Great Spirit is the creator the world. Water appears as the hostile element, from which the world must be taken away. There are ideas not only about the origin of the world, but also human: he grew out of the trees or came out of the caves. At the beginning, man had lived in the darkness like an animal for a long time before any hero or god did not show him better life.

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How Has The Culture Of The Indians Influenced On The World?

We cannot imagine that Native Americans through their culture made a great impact on world civilization. Here are some evidences:

1. Many world nationalities learned how to grow such crops as corn, cotton, cocoa and sunflower thanks to Indians. All these crops originally appeared on the lands of Indian tribes.

2. Widespread of potato in Eurasia helped to solve the problem of hunger in that regions, where agriculture was not possible. We talk mainly about the regions with bad weather conditions and regions of Kamchatka and Himalayas.

3. Corn has become the main food for the horned cattle. Maize is visiting card of Indian agriculture.

4. Indians bred such domestic animals as turkeys, cavies and parrots. All these animals are typical inhabitants of Eurasian continent nowadays.

5. Indian myths become topic number one after the decent achievements in the sphere of sociology and psychology in Europe. The interest has grown to the Indian cultures, where hallucinogens were used.

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Finishing Native American essay, it should be said that Indians are one of the most mysterious nationalities in the world. We did not know about them for a long time. However, it was discovered later that Native Americans have rich culture, which we observe in this essay. It cannot be imagined that aftermaths of Indian culture will find reflection throughout the world. Obviously, Indian tribes have more mysteries, which we should identify and solve.

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