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Star-writers is one of the best proofreading websites online. The grammar specialist all over the world work in our company and we chose only the best ones. We have already checked more than ten hundreds of thousands of papers and your essay can be the next one! We also work with other types of writing services like writing, editing, revision, rewriting etc. All our papers are of excellent quality and we keep abreast of all the papers delivered by our writers. Each of our writers always follows the deadline of our clients. We realize that our clients are very busy people and every second is priceless and our writers are strictly fined for any violations of deadlines. If your paper was delivered and you really like the style of the writer or you have on coming papers to write and you want it to be done by the same person, you can choose our special option called preferred writer. Contact our support representative to find our ID of the writer you selected. If you are concerned about the type of service to choose or special option to select, you can also have a consultation with our support agents. In general, we are customer paper writing service dealing with every type of writing existed and we can prove that we are worthy of writing your paper. Order today to get a discount! The expert writers with excellent English are looking forward to helping you. 

Our website proofreading highlighted a couple of mistakes that beginners should avoid by all means.

1. State real deadlines. Most of the people start preparing for the exams two days before the exam but it is almost impossible to learn so much information within two days. Moreover, your fear will disturb you, interrupt you from learning and remembering information. It will be much harder these days. It would be better for you to start a year before the exam or at least a month because our brain is not about to learn so much information within such short deadline. The best original essay writing website with writers from the UK and the USA are capable of anything.

2. Get ready because you have a lot of work to do. Even if you have a lot of time, there are no guarantees that you will remember all the information when the times comes. Work hard but give your mind some time to rest because it can fail you at the most inappropriate moment. Forget about day offs, this might seem hard but you will have a rest after the exams. Hire paper rewriting online to get your first discount on our website.

3. Always, test your knowledge. If you have some sort of dictation, test your knowledge twice or even more times. By means of these test, you will be prepared for anything. The grammar tests won't be an exception. There are plenty of exercises to any rule in English. The more exercises you'll do, the easier final test will be. Determine clearly your level of English, find gaps and weaknesses you have, and there won’t be any difficulties for you.

4. If there is some chance to get the exercises for the test to come you should use it. Ask upper graduate students whether they have ones, or try to find it on the internet. Even if these tests will be changes, the tasks will be the same. This is the best way for to prepare. How to avoid plagiarism is described on our website

5. Develop all the English skills at the same time. Each exam consists of several parts, which test all the skills: writing, pronunciation, grammar, reading and listening. We all have our strong and weak sides but if you want to pass your exams successfully, you should eliminate them. Use the following methods to develop all your skills at once:

Reading. Master you reading skills using magazines, journals, novels in order to see the context, how native speakers use one or another word or expression. The more you read the more your reading speed increases. Develop your reading speed and quality of pronunciation with this essay. The typical reading task on any exam is to read the text and answer some questions. Thus, the more texts you read, the broader vocabulary you have plus the information will be absorbed faster. Did you wonder how to become a perfect teacher? Our writers tried to answer this question

Writing. Firstly, you should start writing on a certain topic; it is up to you since you might be asked to write in formal or informal style. Having written a couple of essays, try to write a predetermined number of words within a stated time, an hour for example. Then, increase the number of words and time you spend writing. 

Listening. Of course, there are a lot of audio exercise with some dialogs you should listen, then repeat but there are plenty other interesting ways to master your listening skills. First of all, your favorite songs can be a good exercise. Listen to them carefully and check out the lyrics. The movies are good practice as well. Watch all the films in English with subtitles even if you are busy doing something about the house. The last but not the least exercise is audio books. Combine you day-to-day activity with learning English. Don’t waste your time.

Speaking. This is the most difficult task because you must apply to all the knowledge you have. There is a simple exercise to learn to speak English well. Choose one stuff in your apartment and speak about it for one minute, try to describe it, the color or shape, does not matter. The topic of your test could be anything from time traveling machine to butterflies. It is very easy to forget early-obtained skills that's why you should train all the time. The best way to prepare for the future exams is on this website.

Our team of well-trained writers is ready to complete all the orders. If you need a dissertation, essay or whatever writing help, you are welcome to place the order on our website plus, you can get 20% discount on your next order. Moreover, we have a lot of free options for our clients, for example, free resume check or free plagiarism report attached to every paper we deliver. Generally, our writing service is one of the best among provided. is more than you can imagine.

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