Cloning Humans Essay: Ethics, Use And Playing God


Previously I introduced to you the effects of divorce on children essay. Today I have prepared information you can include in your essay on human cloning. Our age is full of discoveries in the field of biology. In particular, genetics, a young science, around which there has always been a lot of debates and disputes, has made a huge step forward. New biotechnologies have paved the way for the introduction of genetics in medicine and agriculture. But achievements in the sphere of cloning gave rise to many questions. On the one hand, there are new opportunities: new genetically modified foods on market, new drugs, organs for transplantation, resolving infertility problem and cures for certain hereditary diseases. On the other hand, there is the moral issue of the immorality of human

I think your cloning essay can not be written without its definition. Cloning is the process of producing similar populations of genetically identical individuals that occurs in nature when organisms such as bacteria, insects or plants reproduce asexually. Currently there are three types of cloning:

  1. Gene cloning or molecular cloning. This type is not used for cloning animals as well as people. Researchers employ cloning technologies to make copies of genes that they wish to study.

  2. Reproductive cloning. It produces copies of whole animals and also allows to recreate a person who is genetically identical to another human being who ever existed or exists at the moment.

  3. Therapeutic cloning. It is a technology, which purpose is obtaining embryonic stem cells for research and use in the treatment of various human diseases.

The first animal clones were created at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. However, those cloning methods could be used only in experiments with a small number of primitive living creatures, such as sea urchins and salamanders. Experiments in cloning mammals achieved positive results only in 1996. Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell managed to clone the sheep Dolly, using method of somatic cell nucleus transfer. In 2013 human embryotic stem cells were created with the help of the same method. If you need to write a human cloning essay, you can apply to our team. Our custom essay writing service can provide you with an excellent work as soon as you need.

At present the dispute on the attitude to experiments on human cloning raises several questions:

1. Do we have the right to clone a human?

2. Any experiment consists of errors and achievements. In this case, an error will be the birth of a human clone with any deviations. Then the question arises: “What do we do with “it”?” Do we have the right to get rid of the clone, which means killing a person?

3. Does the science possess necessary information for carrying out such experiments?

4. Is it possible to predict the effects of such experiments? If successful, the breakthrough in science may have the most unpredictable consequences for humanity.

Nowadays no one can give an accurate answer "for" or "against", concerning human cloning. That is why we can only analyze its pros and cons and form our attitude to cloning, considering all the arguments of specialists. Here is the most common reasons that support cloning:

  1. The possibility of growing organs for transplanting them into body allows to cure terminal diseases and save lives of people experiencing results of accidents and natural disasters.

  1. The development of cloning can give an opportunity to childless couples to have their own baby.

  2. Cloning can help people who suffer severe genetic diseases.

There are also arguments against cloning:

  1. Ian Wilmut believes that it technically possible to carry out human cloning, although it is unacceptable, because of moral, ethical and legal issues related to the manipulation of human embryos.

  2. Church's reaction to new scientific discovery is clearly negative. Dalai Lama XIV expressed his point of view: cloning, as a scientific experiment, makes sense if it brings benefit to a specific person, but using it all the time is not for good.

  3. Some lawyers also respond to cloning negatively. They cannot give a clear answer, who a cloned person has to become and how it is possible to legalize its existence.

  4. One of the main dangers is appearance of a new era, where the person is going to be the subject of artificial manipulation, and genetic information will be the subject of bargaining in a market economy. Due to the high cost of the technology, financial elite will be able to receive additional benefits, which can lead to genetic improvement of certain segments of society.

  5. Another significant problem is connected with the fact that the cloned specimens live for short time, as the used initial cells already have a "memory" corresponding to the number of years of an organism. I also want to remind you that you can improve your essays by using information from our Services.

Obviously, it is necessary to create a legal framework dedicated to the technology of genetic engineering. Speaking about the existing legal laws, the position of leading world countries is quite clear. Most of them have supported the creation of laws that prohibit any type of human cloning. The United Kingdom is the only country that allowed therapeutic cloning of human embryos solely in research purposes. British Government passed the relevant law in January 2001. But there are risks that the legalization of therapeutic cloning will smoothly go into reproductive.

So, we can say that human cloning evokes ambiguous appraisal. On the one hand, the cloning is very attractive from scientific as well as practical point of view. It can help to create treatment from incurable or genetic diseases and solve the problem of infertility. On the other hand, it raises negative reaction of population as it can bring a lot of problems. It also affects moral and ethical principles and interests of society. If you liked this essay and you need to find some more useful works, you have to visit our blog.

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