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You are out of time and your paper must be done due tomorrow? Buy a college essay online on, the best custom essay paper writing service. First of all, we have the impeccable quality of our papers. Each member of our writing team is a native speaker. Their English is perfect and they are ready to write you any paper on any topic you wish to order. Our writers are acquainted with any topic studied at schools, colleges, and universities. We always stick to our clients' deadline and we never miss it. Our writers are severely fined for such violations of our rules. In case if your paper was delivered later than was stated, we guarantee you a partial refund and a discount for your future order. The papers we write are always plagiarism free and original. Any plagiarism in the papers can lead to the same unpleasant consequences as missed deadline. You can also order free plagiarism report to make sure that all the papers are free from plagiarism issues. Very good discounts are waiting for you. Contacts our support agents via chat and they will give you a special discount code that has to be used placing the order to save your money. In general, we are intended to help our customers with their little writing issues.

Maybe this list of difficulties will convince you to buy college essay in our company.

1. Pronunciation

The correct pronunciation of English words is one of the first difficulties that every person who faces studying this language. As far as you know, most of the words in English are pronounced not in accordance with the rules. Moreover, there are dozens of different dialects that makes it very difficult to study this language.

2. Articles

In English language articles is a phenomenon among analytical type languages. There are plenty of rules on whether to use articles or not. In addition, the all the articles in English are divided into definite and indefinite ones. Only a certain rules will help you to understand which one you have to use under certain circumstances.  That is why you should be very careful with the articles. Our custom research papers service online is always ready to complete any order you have.

3. Prepositions

English prepositions are far from being understandable and it is difficult to compare them with the ones in other languages or even with prefixes in Russian. There are hundreds of exception and it is almost impossible to choose the right preposition if you do not know it for sure so it would be nice to pay attention to the verbs with prepositions because it can save you some day. Professional UK thesis writing and editing can provide easy graduation for you and your friends.

4. Misusing of words

Despite the fact that English is an analytical language, it is full of various synonyms that differ stylistically or grammatically. Sometimes, such misused synonyms can lead to misunderstanding for the reader. Choose your words carefully writing an essay. In this essay, you can find out religions you might not even know about

5. Phrasal verbs

The combination of well-known verbs and prepositions in English can lead to an absolutely new meaning, for example: look forward to, get along with, put up with, give up something, put off etc. That is why it is necessary to learn them because the more you know the more sophisticated your writing is. More interesting examples of countable and uncountable nouns in English.

6. Cohesion of speech

English sentences have its own order, that is, each part of the sentence should have its own position consequently one after another. That is why cohesion of the text is a very serious problem for people studying this language. The absence of correlation in complex sentences and in a text, in general, disables you to express your ideas appropriately. Horrible impact of earthquakes all over the world in this essay

7. Punctuation

Punctuation is English is fairly simple but there is a special condition that called comma splice causing a lot of mistakes. This is an inappropriate use of commas in complex sentences. This mistake is widespread among the people who have English as the second language. They try to connect punctuation in their own language with English punctuation. Basic information about English parts of speech on this website.

Star-writers is just one of many websites that provide custom writing services but we differ much from our rivals. First of all, our papers are always of the highest quality because we work only with native speakers and hire only the best of them. Moreover, you can choose an option top-10 writers or even preferred writer if you've already ordered on our website and liked the style of certain writers. Since we are work with all types of essay, we have a special offer for the students. Send your essay for a free check and our best writers will point out the mistakes you did. In addition, we have a free resume check in order to have an advantage over other candidates.

There is one option you can choose called plagiarism report. Having been completed all the orders are checked in a special plagiarism checker and this report will be attached to the order with the complete paper. If your writer didn't follow the instructions for 100%, you can order a free revision within two weeks after the order was delivered. The writer is obliged to fix the paper and delivered a complete one within 24 hours (and 12 hours for urgent orders). Your paper is safe with us. Pay college essays on star-writers.

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