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Let us introduce ourselves. We are the best custom writing service online. Star-writers is not just a couple of writers, it is a whole family where we take care of each other and our customer. This is the key to our success. Firstly, we hire only native speakers from the USA, the UK and Canada. They are the best graduated students and by means of a special test we choose the most skillful ones. Moreover, each year they take another test to prove that they are worthy working in our company. You can find their profiles on our website, maybe you will choose your writer before placing the order. For such occasion, we have a special option called preferred writer. If you liked a profile of a certain writer or you really liked the paper delivered, request the ID of writer. With our best essay writing company online you can forget about any problems with your paper. You just need to specify the number of order and that’s all. We have plenty of other useful option. For example, we have special option called statistical analysis and calculations for those who study math or physics. Excel is preferable but if you need a certain program to carry out calculations, just specify it in the instructions of the order. Another special option we have is called draft delivery. If you need to show the paper at the preliminary stage to your professor, just request this option, choose the deadline and your draft will be delivered. We also have a lot of free options you can choose. First of all, we have free resume critics. This service is fairly simple. Just send your original resume and our writers will send you a message describing your mistakes. Generally, our service is capable of any order, you just have choose the type of service, choose the deadline and relax while our specialists dealing with your paper. Professional CV writers from UK are at your service 24/7.

Since our service occupies the leading place among the best dissertation writing services, we wanted to offer you this short guide on the advantages of our service and on services we offer in general.

Writing. Writing is the most common type of service all the custom writing websites offer. In other words, it means to create absolutely new text on a certain topic. The main advantage of our service is that we write on any topic. We have at least two specialist in every branch of science. Do not hesitate to contact our support representative if you need help with it. Generally, writing is the basis of our service. Thus writing, is the most difficult type of service since there are a huge number of topics you should write about and usually you have a deadline. The best essay on ecological issues of the twentieth century is on

Rewriting. Imagine, you have an older brother. He is a third year student and you are just a first year one. He has an essay you need but he had the same professor as you have and she is likely to guess that you didn’t write it. In this case, you can order this type of service. Essentially, the writer will paraphrase the text you have. It would be very difficult to find out that this text was rewritten. Our society is corrupted with the eating problems. Read more about it on

Editing.  As far as you know, all the texts are evaluated according to certain academic standards. In other words, there five levels of difficulties depending on the educational institution you study in and the type of paper you write. Basically, it is high school, college, university, masters and Ph.D. If you want to make sure that your paper meets all the requirements necessary to get the highest mark, order this type of service. The best universities in the USA for international students are on this website.

Proofreading.  The function of this service is simple grammar check. Despite the fact that there are plenty of advanced grammar checkers, still a computer can compete with an English specialist. First of all, this computer has a bench of commands helping it find the mistakes. However, language itself is rather flexible and this machine is just unable to identify all the mistakes. That’s why, you shouldn’t underestimate people. Only such services like ours can help you find all the possible mistakes you have and fix them. Our service is perfect for those who want to buy college essay paper.

Revision. This type of service is necessary for students at the universities. When your professor check your thesis statement, he/she makes some remarks that you must follow. He/she may request to change the original text. This is the key function of revision. This is the rewriting of the paper according to the requirements of your professor. This is a short presentation on what parts should be included into thesis.

As you can see, our service is able to work with all the types of services. If you didn’t understand the essentials of any service that was described in this essay. You may request additional information via online chat and our support representatives will gladly answer your question. Plus, we have a special free option for you. Placing the order choose the option free plagiarism report and your one will be attached with the delivered order. In such a way we want to assure our customer that our papers are 100% original since plagiarism is a serious violation and a student with plagiarism can be expelled from the university. We hope now you understood that our service can write your paper with the highest quality and within the deadline. Order now and get your special discount code for the future order.

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