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Our best UK essays writing service on the behalf of our professional team of writers prepared a little essay writing guide about literature review for you.

1. Choose the topic you are acquainted with. It would be much easier if you read the book you are going to write about. Only having read the book you will be able to invoke small but valuable details into your essay. Moreover, your essay will only benefit from your personal opinions and thoughts, especially if this book sparked the flame in your soul. Your essay will be more interesting to read if played a significant role in your life. You can even ask your teacher or professor to assign you to the topic you want, it is much appreciated. The best custom essay writing online only on our website, make your choice.

2. Any essay is the content as well as the shape. Your mentor will evaluate the “soul” of your essay but also spelling and punctuation. Try to use simple sentences and constructions so that you will be more confident of your punctuation. There is no need to get rid of complex constructions at all, just use the ones you know well in an attempt to avoid serious mistakes.  Read more about essay structure in order not to confuse your reader with the chaos in your paper.

3. Let’s suppose you do not have time to read the whole book, or this one is rather boring. How should we tackle such situation in this case? Open at least five different essays on the internet and read them very attentively.  Focus on how the authors open the topic, on their personal opinions and which interesting examples they illustrate. Having read these essays you will be one-step further to understand the topic. Take small pieces of text you like, rewrite it and use them in your own essay but do not forget to add your personal opinion concerning your topic. Never use somebody else’s opinion in your essay, because it would be difficult for you to explain it in case if your mentor asks you to.

4.  You can use some information or citations from critics. It would be a great advantage for you if your own opinion will be based on some scientific facts. The best citation guide on the internet for those who want to avoid many stupid mistakes familial to all students.

5. Try to be clear and express your thoughts subsequently. Having built the chains of facts, you enable your reader to understand what exactly you wanted to say. If your essay would be difficult to understand, you will not get a good make for it.

6. Coherence is a crucial feature of any text. The parentheses, like “however”, “furthermore”, “on one hand … on the other hand”, “moreover” etc. will make your essay more coherent and sophisticated. Thus, your essay will seem more logical and structured.

7. If you are acquainted with the topic you write about pretty well, you can corporate some special feature of your essay. Some citation or part of the song will be a perfect addition to your paper and make it unique. Don’t force your children to choose between the people he/she loves the most

8. Tautology. This is a horrible and widespread mistake of all pupils and students all over the world. Use various synonyms and constructions in your text, but be very careful with stylistically motivated words, because sometimes it will lead to some misunderstanding between a writer and a reader.  There are great variety of synonyms in the English language, make some research and you will be quiet surprised how many interesting words you can find.  

Any work is an experiment. Do not afraid to use something new, write about the things you consider to be important in the certain book. There is a lot of information on the internet, so you could find reviews or critics but do not steal someone else’s point of view, even if your one sounds crazy, write about it. Who knows, maybe you saw something that covered from others. Best morning exercise for the lazy-bones to be healthy and strong every day

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