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  • 100% original writing

    We complete all writing projects from scratch, ensuring that your blog post, landing page content or article is unique to the web. Each piece is checked for plagiarism by our premium software.

  • Highly-qualified copywriters

    We staff in-house American copywriters specializing in various fields. All our writers have years of copywriting experience and know their way about creating catchy headlines, SEO optimization and engaging your target audience.

  • 2 weeks of unlimited revisions

    Our writer is ready and willing to make amendments to thewritten content. We will keep revising until the content fully meets your expectations and business goals.

  • 24-hour support

    Reach out to us via chat and get the response and quality support instantly. Oursupport rep is always there to assist with any technical or order-related issues to keep you totally satisfied with our level of service.

  • Timely delivery

    You choose the turnaround time that fits best into your content marketing strategy, and we stick to the deadline chosen by you. We will deliver your well-researched, quality written pieces without keeping you waiting for weeks.

  • Affordable for any wallet

    Regardless of your planned spending on content marketing, we will offer an effective content creation plan. No hidden charges! You pay per number of words only, and receive freebies along with your order.

Why collaborate with our content
creation company?

Quality website content is a must to present your company effectively to potential clients, generate more traffic and leads. On the other hand, the creation of high-quality, engaging website content requires writing expertise and online marketing skills. Moreover, many business owners or directors have tons of other important priorities and can’t dedicate enough time to content strategy.

In this case, outsourcing content creation to professionals will go a long way to boosting your online presence, attracting more prospects, driving traffic and sales. Our team of creative copywriters and SEO experts will create well-researched, informative content that brings value to your visitors. Blog posts, landing pages, articles, press releases, product descriptions are just a few examples of types of content we can produce for you.

Already have developed a content strategy? Our writers will create publication-ready content in line with your instructions and directions. Don’t have a strategy yet? Our staff marketer will assist with building a content marketing strategy to help you achieve your commercial goals. Assign your content writing to professionals, and get the timely created, unique content that speaks to the needs of your target audience. It’s affordable, easy, and risk-free.


I have ordered a full makeover of my online store from StarWriters. Now the landing page and product descriptions look much better. Great job.

Denis Phoenix

I was an alien to content marketing, and their SEO writer helped develop the content plan, choose topics and delivered ready blog articles. Many new customers specify that they found us through the blog. Thanks!

Lisa Austin

The writer captured our message accurately and reflected it in the content of our new website. They wrote everything on time, very professionally, and helped the site rank higher. I am hoping to work with them again when we launch our blog.

Abigail Florida

Great writers, and the prices are good. The writer delivered exactly what I expected to get and provided very helpful comments on the best time for posting. I recommend this agency to everyone.

Jacob New York

These guys did a fantastic job for our company’s blog. They created a series of articles that brought real value to our customers, and our subscription base grew significantly. The press release they’ve prepared was also beyond our expectations.

Manuella San Franciso

I hired Star Writers to proofread my marketing materials and landing pages. Not only they improved the tone of voice and fixed the issues in writing, but also gave the suggestions to improve our content in the future. I appreciate their help.

Dylan Columbia

It’s my third order with this company, and I’m always happy with the quality of work they produce. Unlike the other companies I worked with before, they did quality research to add value to our customers. The support team is very friendly and always online whenever I reach out to them.

Claire Seattle

The blog posts StarWriters wrote for my blog were just WOW! I didn’t have much time, yet these guys did everything on time – wrote multiple articles for daily posting and optimized for SEO. I also received a record number of Facebook shares. Thanks!

Caleb Los Angeles

I needed to update the content for two online shops – product descriptions and landing pages. Star Writers did such a fantastic job. They took on this complex project and improved everything, giving more details and accurate information to the customers, which impacted my business a lot.

Zoe Sacramento

Why hire a cheap content expert from our team?

Whether you are looking to start a business blog or simply want to create a new landing page, don’t underestimate the importance of quality writing. Clear, concise writing communicates the information about your company and engages occasional visitors, turning them into customers. If you aren’t an expert in web writing, it’s better to assign all your writing tasks to professionals. Here are just a few reasons why you’ll benefit from hiring an experienced content creator:

  • Prioritize your time and efforts – business owners and managers have lots of other tasks connected directly with operating a company. Little business owners can allocate time for updating a blog on a regular basis. Outsourcing all your content activities will allow you to focus on the top priority business tasks while the experienced copywriters and marketers build your strong web presence.
  • Content writing excellence – writing persuasive and effective content is a skill which is built through training and practice. Inconsistent writing style, errors, and poor layout can stand between you and your target customers and turn them off. Professional copywriters understand all peculiarities of creating capturing content which generates more traffic and leads.
  • Grow your business – search engines have become the go-to resources for people looking for necessary information. As you share content with the large audience through the blog, you establish the reputation of a trusted company and enjoy the increase in sales in the long run.

Why businesses need content marketing?

According to the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2C brands and 86% of B2B brands use content marketing. Moreover, people actually expect brands to create content that entertains and offers solutions to their problems. Thus, if you were still hesitating about the necessity of creating quality content for your visitors, it’s time to put your hesitations away.

If you are thinking of improving your search engine ranking, generating more traffic and increasing awareness about your company, it’s time to focus your efforts on content marketing. Here are some of its notable advantages:

  • Build trust through the creation of quality content – if the prospects find your blog helpful, they’re likely to return again and trust your expert opinion, which forms a positive connection between you and your target customers.
  • Increased conversions – people who see high-quality and relevant content on your website are more likely to consider the purchase.
  • Streamline SEO efforts – posting keyword-optimized articles helps your website get higher ranking from Google, and high-quality posts increase the ranking even more.

However, to get the most out of content marketing and make sure it brings results for your business, it’s essential to get a professional to curate the development and publication of web content. If you strive for outstanding results, our writing experts are here to help with content creation.

Online custom writers: services we offer

Our copywriting agency can assist with nearly any type of web content to help your business succeed. We leverage the best SEO, storytelling and communication practices to engage your potential buyers.

  • Landing pages – the landing page is the first point of contact with your potential client. It should be up to the point, engage and speak to the customer’s needs. Our specialist can present the advantages and present the goods or services to your target audience in a persuasive manner, motivating them to pay more attention to your company.
  • Blog posts – according to the statistics, 84% of customers expect brands to create content, so today blog is the indispensable tool for turning the occasional visitors into customers. We have in-house blog writers who can develop original texts in line with your tone of voice and following the expectations of your audience.
  • Website content – need quality written product descriptions, FAQs, descriptions of services and terms? Say no more. Based on the instructions you provide, our writing wizard will prepare content for all pages, making your company’s website sound professional from top to bottom.
  • Email newsletters – an email is still a helpful tool to keep your subscribers updated about the company’s recent events, trends and special offers. So, make sure that your weekly or monthly emails are concise and sound engaging. Our professional can take the quality of your newsletters to the next level.
  • White papers – want to establish the reputation of a subject matter expert by providing your prospects with study results, best practices or process description? The writer specializing in your field will prepare a deeply-researched and perfectly formatted white papers you can use for years.
  • Social media posts – social media is a must to increase awareness about your brand. Our expert will prepare the series of professionally written social media posts, choose the right tone and writing style to match your target audience.
  • Other content types – need help with creating other types of web content you haven’t found in this list? We have a large pool of writing experts specializing in any form of website content you can think of. Contact us today to discuss your content needs in further details and choose the appropriate plan.

Help your business grow with quality copywriting services

As Bill Gates once famously said, content is king. High-quality, informative content written in good English is essential if you want to grow your online visibility and the number of prospects. Creating this kind of content requires a linguistic background and content writing expertise. However, you can also rely on our content writing specialists and rest assured that the quality of your blog and web content is in safe hands.

Readers today are exposed to more information than ever. Moreover, they have short attention spans which allow them to weed out the useless, low-quality sources of information. It’s only a high-quality blog post that brings value can make them stop and pay attention. On the other hand, a poorly written piece is likely to turn your visitors off.

At, we are dedicated to providing quality. We create custom, contextually accurate and reader-friendly articles which bring value to your potential clients. We improve the customer experience, allowing you to grow traffic and achieve your commercial goals.

Why choose us?

Our company possesses years of copywriting, content marketing and creative writing experience. We are dedicated to excellence in each project we take on. Unlike many of our competitors, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. The writer will work on your text until you are 100% satisfied with it. Here’s exactly what we do to create flawless texts for you:

  • Competitor analysis – we analyze the best practices and strategies used by your competitor to understand which topics and kinds of content work best for your industry. Thus, we create content which is not only engaging but also serves the goal of attracting and retaining a large audience.
  • Software and metrics – in our work, we rely on the software to determine the appropriate keywords, topics, and headlines. We determine the trending topics as well as evergreen ones to author the articles which are highly relevant to your target buyers.
  • Subject matter expertise – we staff writers specializing in various topics – technology, finance, sports, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and more. Quality content creation requires not only understanding of your target audience, but also deep familiarity with the topic. Thus, we’ll match you with an expert in your field.
  • Best copywriting practices – our content creators stay abreast of the recent copywriting trends and best practices. Storytelling, writing for people first and using the same language and tone that your target audience uses are just a few examples of the practices we use to help our clients be one step ahead of their competitors.
  • SEO optimization – although new algorithms require writing for people first, you still need to optimize your content. Our SEO experts will insert the right amount of keywords and optimize the writing to help search engines rank your blog post or website page higher.
  • Content plan creation – don’t have a content plan at hand? Not sure on which topics you should blog? Our in-house marketing expert will help develop a working content plan, pick topics for your blogs and recommend the appropriate time for posting of the ready articles.
  • Benefit from our expertise – you no longer have to try different copywriting strategies and tricks to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Simply assign the writing to professionals, and we will incorporate the best working practices to create flawless content for you.
  • Save your money – as you can see from the above calculator, our charges are quite affordable. It’s also convenient – you pay for the number of words you need, and receive the pieces of content ready for posting.
  • Exceptional service - we work around the clock to resolve your issues or answer the questions anytime. Moreover, we offer a full satisfaction guarantee – our content developer will work on your piece until it meets your highest expectations.

Timely and professional press release writing help

Want to reach out to the public and let them know about your latest news, updates, information about product or service, or a social event you’re organizing? Then, it’s time to compose a powerful press release. Aside from informing the public about the event or product, press releases are powerful marketing tool that can boost awareness about your business.

However, to achieve this purpose, the press release should be written impeccably. If your own writing skills leave much to be desired, don’t risk the success of your promo campaign. Hire a web writing expert to compose a high-impact press release for you.

How we can help?

  • Create a catchy headline – an attention-grabbing headline is a must to get your release noticed both in printed or online media. Our writers will pick you an irresistible headline that won’t leave your target audience indifferent.
  • Make it short and sweet – a good press release should be brief yet informative. Watery, vague, unfocused releases are unlikely to be published. So, our press release writer with journalism background will quickly outline the who, what and where, giving the most important details right from the start.
  • Add quotes and background information – in the last paragraphs of the press release, it’s helpful to add quotes from the influencers in your company or industry and provide secondary, background details about your company. Our writer will stick to this rule, giving the finishing touches to your press release to make it irresistible.
  • High standard of quality – the requirements for press release quality are even higher than those for a regular blog post or website content. Accuracy of facts, details, and quotes are the must. A press release should also be written in impeccable English, without any grammar or punctuation issues. The staff press release makers of our team will stick to these quality requirements while keeping the article easily readable for the general public.

Publishing a press release is a great chance to grow your business and attract more clients. Make sure the press release reflects your business positively and evokes the interest of the reader by hiring a press release pro.

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Take advantage of our blog writing services

Don’t have time to maintain and update your blog on a regular basis? Already have a blog but it doesn’t seem to make a big difference to the number of visitors and traffic? Have no time to learn the peculiarities of effective blogging since you need to focus on the essential business tasks?

In all the above cases, hiring a blogging expert is the smartest decision. You can concentrate on the operational aspects of your business while the experienced content writer creates targeted, custom, informative posts aimed towards your target audience. It’s affordable (you pay for the number of words only) and requires no effort from your side.

Reasons to invest in blog writing services

  • Achieve consistency in blogging – successful business blogging requires posting a few posts weekly. If you blog occasionally, don’t expect it to attract many regular visitors and increase traffic. Outsourcing the blogging process will automate this process for you – each piece will be written on time and ready for publication.
  • Relevance to your target audience – prior to writing, we will do research on the subject and analyze your prospective clients to speak to their needs directly. The blog posts that answer the customer questions get more attention and drive more traffic to your site.
  • High quality of writing – we create posts which bring real value to visitors. Our professionals conduct the necessary research and present the information under the unique angle, thus making your blog stand out from your competitors’. Needless to mention that we work with native English speakers only, so all blog posts are written in flawless English.
  • Variety of blog post types – to keep the readers engaged, you need to vary the types of content you share in the blog. If you lack the inspiration to experiment with varying types of posts, assign this challenge to us. We will produce a multitude of blog post types – news, entertaining posts, personal experiences, how-to’s, stories, and many more.
  • Get higher search engine ranking – search engines love fresh, informative, and relevant content. By publishing new high-quality posts regularly, you help the company’s website to rank higher in Google or Bing and attract more potential clients. By the way, in addition to doing research and writing, our blog writers also optimize all posts for search engines.

Top-notch content writers

To create high-quality targeted content for your business, we work with the top professionals in the copywriting field. We have a strict selection process to ensure that writers can produce the outstanding quality of work for our clients. So, rest assured that the success of your website or blog is in safe hands.

Our writers: qualifications highlights

All our content creators hold a BA, MA or PhD in various specializations, such as English literature, journalism, marketing, business administration, sociology, and more. Thus, we will match you with the writer who understands your area of business and target audience. We collaborate with experienced writers only - 2 years of experience and more, which ensures the consistently high quality of writing for your landing page or blog.

Our writers are experienced storytellers, business communicators and put the proven copywriting techniques into practice to keep your visitors engaged. Whether you need a landing page, a blog post or a number of articles, our marketers and copywriters possess the right blend of skills and qualifications to promote your business through writing.

Need web content editing?

In addition to developing website content from scratch, we can also assist with editing your pre-written content. Our PhD editor will check your website copy or blog posts for writing style, consistency, grammar, punctuation, and more. We will return you polished, perfectly formatted text which is 100% ready for publication.

Wordy writing and grammar issues won’t help you attract and retain potential buyers. To avoid sending the wrong message, all pieces of content you publish should be error-free and written well enough to make the reader stop and take notice. If you prefer creating content on your own, have it checked by a seasoned editor prior to publication. An editor will polish it to perfection and take your quality of writing to the next level.

100% custom, original writing

Both people and search engines love original content. The internet is flooded by cookie-cutter articles which copy each other’s ideas. So, when your blog post has unique, original information, it makes people pay attention to it, which generates more search engine traffic to your blog.

Our agency creates only unique content for your website or blog. We conduct comprehensive research and present your readers with helpful and original information. We check each article for plagiarism before sending to you to make sure it’s 100% unique, and will put your blog a huge step ahead of those of your competitors.

Collaborate with the best custom writing agency

Growing the online visibility of your business is a hard work. However, through effective content marketing you can boost traffic and leads, attract more visitors and achieve your commercial goals. Our copywriting professionals work 24/7 to resolve all your content challenges:

  • Engage the occasional visitors by high-quality relevant blog posts, establishing the reputation of a subject matter expert and increasing their loyalty
  • Improve your website ranking through SEO optimized, relevant, unique blog articles and grow the number of visitors even more
  • Author targeted and effective landing pages aligned to your sales funnel and tailored to the needs of your buyer personas
  • Outsource the copywriting activities to professionals to focus on the core aspects of your business while the professionals develop high-quality content for your website, blog and press releases.

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