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Cold war was a huge conflict between USSR and USA in the second half of XX century. Cold war essays must overview the conflict deeply and transfer the mood of that time.After finishing World War II winning countries could not set up relationship. Communication between countries lacked mutual understanding. The USA and USSR had main opposing views. Both countries began forming military blocks of countries which would come out on their side in case of global war. The cold war essay would hardly envelop the whole war, it I a great period of time. If you are interested in writing causes of cold war essay, you should know much about the situation during WW2. Before writing an essay on the cold war, it is reasonable to know how professional writers do it, what approaches do they use and check how plagiarism can be avoided.

History of the term “Cold War”

Knowing the history and nature of the term allows you to write origins of the cold war essay. The term “cold war” war firstly used by George Orwell on 19th of October 1954 in the article “You and the Atom Bomb” which was published in Tribune. He wrote that if the atom bomb appear in other countries’ (not USA only) disposal, it would make 2-3 superstates grow up. Thanks to weapon that could destroy billions of people in a second they could divide the world between each other. According to Orwell, these superpowers probably would set up a conclusion about non-use of nuclear weapons between each other and, being unconquered, they would fall into state of “constant cold war” (“in a permanent state of ‘cold war’ with its neighbors”). This, in his opinion, would determine large-scale wars at the cost of endless prolongation of “peace which is not peace at all”.  In March of 1946 Orwell wrote that after Moscow December conference of 1945 Russia began “cold war” against Britain and British Empire. In official situation the term was firstly used by Bernard Baruch on 16th of April 1946 in his speech for members of House of Representatives of South Carolina.

Fulton speech, or beginning of Cold War

On the 5th of March 1946 Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister, delivered his well-known “Iron Curtain” speech in Westminster college 2. For that time he acted like a private person. He described the USSR and communism to be a growing threat for the rest of the world and demanded consolidation of all English speaking countries in opposing the “red danger”. The idea of making a military union of Anglo-Saxon countries was read. There were several reasons for such thoughts. In February of 1945 the conference in Yalta took place, where the leaders (W. Churchill, F. Roosevelt and J. Stalin) of antihitlerite nations met and divided the world into spheres of influence. After that USSR began setting up pro-communist governments in several countries of Europe (Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Eastern Germany etc.) Developing a government in Poland for counterbalancing already existing emigrant government of Poland in London made the ruling top of Britain consider USSR as thread. Besides that, USSR began laying territorial claims to Turkey and demander changing the status of Black Sea straits, including acceptance of USSR’s right to build a navy base in Dardanelles. In 1946 Greek pro-communist rebels began rioting. They were supported by Albania, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria, but they failed in 1949. In London conference of foreign Ministers the Soviet one demanded the control on Libya for setting up soviet presence on Mediterranean shore. In opinion of US Ex-President Ronald Reagan the Fulton speech brought us the world we have got right now.

At the edge of nuclear war

So, the war was practically declared. In the USA headquarters the plan of future war was developed. It was called “Operation Dropshot”. According to it, in 1957 about 300 atomic bombs were supposed to be dropped on USSR territory, on 100 cities. The USSR would be occupied and divided into 4 parts. The plan was not brought to life because the USSR already had enough atomic bombs for an adequate answer. In 1961 the most intense period of the cold war took place. It is called Caribbean Crisis. The beginning of this crisis was the deployment of about one hundred ballistic missiles in the European countries by the USA. The missiles were able to reach Moscow and main industrial centers of USSR. Former soviet N. Khrushchev decided to place own rocket on communistic Cuba, close at hand to USA territory. According to Wikipedia, the operation was canned “Anadyr”. The crisis began on 14th of October 1962 when American spy plane U-2 during one of regular flights discovered soviet ballistic missiles near the village of San Cristóbal. According to the decision of former President of the USA J. Kennedy the secret executive committee was developed. It was aimed to find possible ways of solving the problem. However, on the 22nd of October Kennedy revealed the secret on television and told that there were several missiles on Cuba. The blockade of Cuba began. On the 25th of October the photos of missiles were shown during session in UN Security Council. In spite of advices about bombing Cuba, Kennedy decided to meet Khrushchev and suggest a peaceful solution. The USA decided to set off the blockade from Cuba and not declaring war to it, and USSR dismounted all missiles. The Caribbean crisis lasted for only for 13 days, but it shown how near was the world to nuclear Apocalypse. As we can see, everybody was afraid of open war, there were several wars that included URRS and USA influence. Three of them are the most significant: Korean War, Vietnam War and Afghanistan War. 

The possible end of the war

The official end of the cold war is considered to be in 1991 after break up of Soviet Union. However, an improvement of relations began several years before that by accident. In 1982 ten-year-old girl Samantha Smith looked at the Time magazine, where the article about new USSR leader Y. Andropov was published. The article explained why the new leader is more dangerous for the USA. Samantha asked her mother why everybody was so afraid of him and why there was not any possibility to write him a letter and ask if he was to start a war. Mother jokingly told her to write a letter by herself. The girl followed the advice and wrote to Andropov. Soon she got an answer from him. The letter was published in Pravda and in became worldwide known.  She was invited to visit USSR and see that nobody there wanted war with USA. Later she visited the country and pioneer camp Artek and wrote a book about that. Her photos and citations from her book flew round the planet. Samantha was a good example of people’s kindness and if you are interested in her full story, you can find more on her website.

Heritage of the war

No matter how cold the conflict was, it was war with tolls and destruction. Many countries were not able to set up relations for years and the modern society still feels the results of the conflict. Post-war Germany became a great symbol of the war. It was divided literally into Soviet Eastern and Capitalist Western parts. In Berlin the huge wall was set up. Germany was able to unify only in 1990. Korean peninsula is still got two separate countries, Northern and Southern Koreas, which has not declared peace yet. The arms race absorbed many resources from all sides and it was blocking the economical development. Maybe, the only positive moment was quick conquering of outer space. Only now it begins developing new modern approaches and quitting old technologies.

In order to write a significant essay among numerous essays on cold war, look at the problem from different sides. Good cold war essays contain materials, documents and memories of the eyewitnesses. For any essay cold war is a huge topic full of materials and data, however, if you cannot write any, we can help you.

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