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Star-writers is a writing service that deals with all types of writing, including editing, proofreading etc. We guarantee you high quality of services with our team of professional writers. Moreover, we hire only native-speaker writers from the United Kingdom and the USA. Each of our writers is a specialist in a certain set of fields. We could easily choose an appropriate writer for you according to the paper you need. Furthermore, you can also order English thesis writing if you are an undergraduate student. We provide special services for the urgent order as well, if you need your paper to be written within 12 or 24 hours. Our support agents work 24/7 so you could contact them in case if you have any questions or some issues to be solved. For example, if you can’t pay through the payment system you usually use, our support agents can provide you with the payment link of an alternative payment system. In addition to low prices, we offer good discounts for our regular and new customers. You just have to contact our support representatives to receive your special discount code. Buy custom essays on any topic and get 20% discount on your next order.

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Our professional English essay writers prepared some helpful pieces of advice so you would be able not to fall prey to some common mistakes.

1) Preparation. It's difficult, but the sooner the better. The earlier you start to think about the topic of the essay, the more time you will have to collect information. It is much easier to search for the information while reflecting about the question you have to discuss. Since we all use the Internet every day you should know how to deal with negative comments. Didn’t you notice that having learned a new word you see it more often in the texts? It is because you focused on a certain type of information disregarding unnecessary one. First of all, you have to start with a draft, because you might know more about the topic you have to study than you think.  This draft is intended to show you the direction. Create your own plan and formulate a set of questions you have to answer. Having made up a plan you will be able to be more specific searching data to answer your questions appropriately. More interesting tips for better writing is listed on this website.

2) The structure of the essay. Written work consists of the following parts:

The title - the title of the essay reflects the main topic of your work.

The introduction - 2-4 short sentences that describe the topic of the essay.

The body - 2-3 paragraphs that fully describe the major aspects of your paper, present all your arguments, evidence and allegations.

The conclusion - 2-4 sentences that summarize all that was written. This part includes a general conclusion concerning the topic of the essay.

3) Fear of “blank sheet of paper”. Even the most professional writers experience fear at the beginning of the work. It is easy to override such fear, you just have to start writing. It does not matter where to start; the most important thing is to write regardless of some orthographical mistakes and punctuation. Remember that you can always make corrections or add something polishing your essay. Your kindness is your power, read more about it on

It would be easy for you to move or replace any part of the text if you use a computer, but if you prefer paper and a pen, leave some space between parts of the text so you could finish them later. Read more about why is it necessary to pay an expert to write essay.

You have to corporate your own plan. As far as we know, any essay can be divided into the introduction, the body (the main part of the essay) and the conclusion. If having written your paper you have these three parts included, you work is done.

4) Types of essays.

1. For and against essay. In this type of essay, you write about the topic that can be described from one hand and from another one. Learn more about all types of English essays on this website. Such essay includes the following parts:   

The introduction.

The body includes your arguments and evidence for and against proposed theory.

The conclusion you express your own opinion concerning the topic, i.e. whether you for or against it.

2. Opinion essays. You express your thoughts on a given topic. You might say that any essay includes your own opinion but in this one you should describe the topic from different angles, consider all the points of view and explain why you chose one or another opinion. Competent and reliable research paper writer services only on our website. This type of essay includes: 

The introduction.

The body that includes all the possible points of view concerning your topic.

The conclusion you summarize above-mentioned and specify your point of view on the proposed topic.

3. Suggesting solutions to problem essays. In this kind of written work, you will be asked to consider any global problem or problems. Your task is to propose solutions. The plan for this type of essay is as follows:

The introduction.

The body. In this part, you specify the problem and propose your own solutions and possible aftermath.   

The conclusion.

If you have any essay to write, just calm down, you should not be afraid of writing. Open Word or wherever you use for writing and start writing your opinion or if you are acquainted with the topic, write all the information you know. Lack of information is not a problem. The internet is fulfilled with data, you just have to get it. Having written your paper, make sure that all three parts described above are included because this is the ground of any paper. Did you wonder what beauty is? The most interesting answer to this question is on

Star-writers is a website where you can find a writer that fits perfectly for you. Quality is one of our major advantage compared to another English essay writing service. Contact our support agents to find out more about services we offer. Good luck!

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