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Things no one tells school students but it is important to know about them

Are you good at English, math, natural sciences, biology, chemistry, or other subjects? This is great. Do some subjects cause difficulties? This is okay. In adult life, academic accomplishments often do not play a big role. However, it will be hard if you do not have some basic life skills. There are many things that are better to learn when you are 14-18 years old, but the teachers and parents do not speak about them, for some reason.

At many schools, in many countries, there is no basic psychology course, but it would be great for the students to take it. We are going to try to fix this little flaw and share some truths of life, about which the students are not told usually.

  1. Do not rush to grow up. Admit it, you have had such thoughts as: “When I am 18, I will start doing whatever I want”. We recommend you not to rush and enjoy relatively carefree days. When you grow up, you get more responsibility. You will need to do independently a lot of things that your parents used to take care of: to earn money, to find a place to live, to cook on your own, to deal with law matters, to have time to dedicate to yourself, etc. You cannot do “whatever you want” all the time. So seize the day and when you are 14-22 years old start thinking about self-development. In the future, you will have little time to do this.
  2. A different point of view has the right to exist. Have you ever met a person who thinks in exactly the same way as you and likes the same things? It is banal and obvious but all people are different. Not everything in life is black and white. In the future, you will see it clearly, and for now, just bear it in mind. Unfortunately, few adults speak about this. Opinions, views, tastes of another person may contradict your opinion. However, this is not the reason for a fight or quarrel. Just accept it. Tolerance and patience in adult life are the necessary qualities.
  3. Bad things happen. Modern media and social networks present an image of a successful and prosperous person. On the pages in social networks, we want and try to look happier than we are in true life. However, absolutely everyone has troubles and faces failures. The sooner you realize that this is inevitable, the better. Learn to react to bad things in your life calmly. The most important is to solve them as quickly as possible. It will be easier to cope with every new problem. This is how we gain life experience.
  4. Laugh at yourself. Even if you look silly in some situation, try to turn your mistake into a joke. As a rule, people care for themselves. All the mistakes you make will be forgotten in five minutes. In order to clear the air, laugh at your failures. The more often you tell these stories, the less embarrassing they will seem. It will save you from stress and remove remorse.
  5. Do not be afraid to do something you do not know how to do. Imagine that you are a first-year school student who says: “I do not know the multiplication table that is why I am not going to learn it”. It is silly, is not it? The first time the things may not be as you want. However, with time, you will definitely learn if you make effort. Go ahead and try new. For now, there are the teachers and parents who help you with this. In the future, you will need to cope with everything on your own.
  1. Make your individual interests a priority. Your needs and interests should be the most important, whatever selfish it sounds. You do your assignments first, and only after that help your fellow, right? Use your time wisely. Do not let others use you. The first and most important things are your health, education, and self-realization. Agree that you will not be able to support others if you have financial problems, physical or moral exhaustion. Saying “no” is almost a superhero skill. It is worth mastering it.
  2. If you want to do something well, do it yourself. Rely on yourself when you do something for yourself. No one will think about your well-being instead of you. You cannot rely on your parents in everything. Unfortunately, they do not teach “how to apply for a visa”, “how to manage personal budget”, or “how to cook a meal from nothing” at school or college. If you do not know how to cope with adult everyday issues, ask someone who has more experience. Search for information on the internet and try to do it yourself. However, you should be also able to work in a team when it goes about education or a job.
  3. Let people go without regret. Your entourage changes at every new stage of life. School friends are replaced by college friends, then, you have work-fellows. When your interests change, you have a different social circle. Do not worry when you lose connection with someone. It just happens. It also happens that the best friends from childhood do not stay friends for the entire life. Maybe, there will come a moment when you do not need friends at all.
  4. Nothing is eternal. Do not be categorical saying that your tastes will always stay the same. Remember what you used to like when you were 6-10 years old and compare it with your interests today. In the same way, approximately, your preferences in music, movies, fashion and so on will change in several years. In five years, you will be surprised why you liked some things that interest you today. This is another reason to be more tolerant towards the interests of other people.
  5. The absence of a global goal is not a problem. Do not worry if you do not have a global life goal (for example, “by the time I get to 25, I want to become a great surgeon” or “to have enough money to buy my own apartment”). A lot of people find happiness in simple things: family, home comfort, little joys, hobby, etc. Maybe this is your case as well. Besides, you still have time to try different occupations to understand what you want to dedicate your life to. Just do not stay where you are. Also, your plan can be changed completely every year. If people around judge you for not having particular goals, just explain to them that you are still searching. We are sure that most adults will understand.

Go to adult life slowly. In order to face fewer difficulties later, learn to live independently already today. We are always there for you if you need any help.

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