Fascinating Facts to Back Up Your Essay on Evolution


Evolution vs creationism essay is such a fascinating topic. There has never been that much controversy and debates as about creation versus evolution essay. If you choose to write an essay on evolution of man, you are guaranteed to make some amazing discoveries that you knew nothing about. However, if you want your theory of evolution essay make sense and sound intelligent, you will need to spend a sufficient amount of time researching the matter. Luckily, you can always find some useful ideas, even about evolution essays, in the popular topics section of our blog. But if these ideas are unable to help you with composition, you can rely on Star-Writers to compose a human evolution essay that will captivate your readers. You can order it or any other academic paper through our online form.

What Is So Special about Evolution vs. Creation?

It would be surprising if you could live to this age and never hear about the matter. Surely, you must have witnessed some arguments or even been a part of one, where people disagreed about the origins of life on our planet. There are a lot of scientific evidence that support the evolution, however there are even more people who claim it to be not true. Today we are not going to figure out where the life on the Earth came from, but only to sum up some fascinating facts about evolution, which you could subsequently use in your essay. We chose to present the points supporting the theory of evolution not because we dislike the idea of creationism, but simply because the latter offers only one argument, which is — the Bible says so. Therefore, there are more arguments to speculate about in your essay if you choose to defend the evolution. If you want to see some samples of essays to get some creative inspiration, you are welcome to do so for free on our blog.

Evolution and Creation: What Is the Difference?

First of all, before you can make any successful arguments, you need to understand some basics of evolutionism and creationism, and the differences between them.

The controversy about creation and evolution, also called the debate on the origins of life, it is an everlasting dispute between the defenders and the opponents of evolution. It occurs on all levels of social life, such as political, theological and cultural.

The people, who believe that the life on the Earth evolved from primitive, single-celled organisms, rely on the theory created in 1859 by Charles Darwin and the subsequent scientific data, which proves that the age of our planet is about 4.5 billion years.

The opponents of the scientific theory, also called creationists, claim that the Bible’s Book of Genesis presents the actual real facts about the history if creation. They believe that the Earth was created the way it is now about 6,000 years ago.

As you see, the debate between the evolutionists and creationists is not about existence or non-existence of God, as many people falsely think. It is about how human beings came into existence. It is such a vast subject, and unfortunately we are not able to bring it all in this article, however you can learn a lot and get some amazing insights if you watch world famous online debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. If you want to compose a winning argumentative essay about origins of life, then this video is a must-watch for you. Besides, it is very informative and a lot of fun. Nevertheless, remember that Star-Writers can also assist you in writing such essay for a very friendly price.

Points on Evolution for Your Essay

To compose a strong essay, you need to have good arguments supported by a sufficient amount of scientific data or real life examples. In this list, we have collected a few points that could convince your readers in taking the side of evolution.

  • If human beings evolved from monkeys, there would be no monkeys on the planet. This nonsense argument is one of the most widely used by the defenders of creation theory, thus we could not leave it without our attention. First of all, humans did not evolve from monkeys. In fact, humans and monkeys had one common ancestor very long time ago. It means that the once existing species separated into two branches one of which eventually became humans and other turned into monkeys. Once, even tigers and dogs had a common ancestor, but it is ridiculous to say that dogs evolved from tigers. You can use this point in your Star-Writers essay, or just keep it in mind for the future, when some uneducated person decides to argue evolution;
  • Fossils. There are people, who say that we have not witnessed evolution, therefore it is not true; who say that we cannot know for sure because there is no way to prove it. But this is just simple ordinary ignorance. Evolution unlike creationism is not a theory, it is science and every point is possible to support by scientific evidence, which you can actually hold in your hands or look at under a microscope. And fossils are one of such evidence. Evolution states that every descending layer of rock will contain progressively simpler life forms. And this is what actually happens when you look at the layers and layers of rock that gathered on the Earth in the billions of years;
  • DNA. The existence of DNA is another powerful argument for evolution. All humans have almost identical DNA, which is also quiet similar to our old relatives chimpanzee and gorillas;
  • Bacteria resistant to antibiotics. If you have ever been ill, your doctor might have prescribed you to switch from one type of antibiotic to another, because bacteria evolve drastically fast and adapt to new antibiotics. This is the kind of evolution that happens within your own body and happens very quickly. This is what evolution predicted and unfortunately it is hard to deny the threat that constantly evolving bacteria put upon human civilization;

Edit Before Submitting

The science of evolution is fascinating and while you prepare your essay, it might become your new area of interest. You can find a lot of captivating and powerful arguments for your essay, however don’t forget to edit your paper thoroughly before submitting it. Good editing requires good knowledge of grammar, careful approach and close attention to details. Our expert editors possess all those qualities and more. Anyone can afford our professional editing services and make their paper flawless and well organized.

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