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Blogging is the core of any successful content marketing campaign. 81% of B2B companies use blog for content marketing purposes. Creating relevant, informative and engaging articles is the proven way to generate traffic to your website, grow online visibility and strengthen brand reputation.

Collaborating with experienced copywriters and content marketers will help you achieve positive results even faster. Content creators of Star Writers will gladly assist you with the creation of entertaining and informative posts that speaks to the wants and needs of your target audience. Strengthen your web presence, get more visitors and subscribers, and achieve your commercial goals, effortlessly.

Why outsource blogging to professionals?

You know your potential customers like nobody else. Yet, to make your company’s blog successful, you need to work with someone who can choose the right words to speak to your prospects. Entrust your blogging tasks to us, and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Excellent quality of writing

    Low-quality, superficial blog posts no longer work. You need well-researched and perfectly written articles to engage and convert visitors. Our professionals have the right qualifications and experience to author strong blog articles that your readers and search engines will love.

  • More time for your top priority business activities

    Blogging itself is a time-consuming task, especially when you have to learn from scratch. Taking time from the operational aspects of running a business might be not good for other processes. Hire our blog makers who know their way around creative blogging, and fully concentrate on running the business.

  • Benefit from blogging expertise

    A successful blog is much more than choosing a topic and writing your opinion on something. There are so many subtleties to consider – the audience, tone of voice, SEO and keywords, let alone the fact that copywriting trends evolve every year. Our experts stay abreast of the working blogging techniques, and can push your blog ahead of the competition.

  • Cheaper than an in-house copywriter

    When collaborating with a copywriting agency, you only pay for the number of words whenever you need a fresh blog entry. No need to spend money on hiring and onboarding a new staff member. Place your order with us, and receive your quality piece ready for posting.

  • Assistance with content plan development

    Don’t have a detailed content plan and strategy yet? Not sure about the topics, types of blog posts, and frequency of posting? Don’t worry. Our in-house marketer will help you develop the content plan which works better for your current business needs.

  • SEO-friendly writing

    If you don’t optimize for search engines, you are invisible in the web. The writers of our team optimize each copy for search engines. We pick the relevant keyword, place them in text effectively, create original images and incorporate other SEO trends to boost the visibility of your blog.

Why buy blog posts: benefits of business blogging

According to the statistics, over 60% of customers in the US made a purchase based on a recommendation in a blog. Creating and maintaining a high-quality blog provides multiple benefits to your company. In particular, here’s how a strong blog can help your business succeed:

  • To help your site rank higher in search engines, you need to update it regularly with fresh, relevant content. A blog serves this purpose perfectly. Quality and relevant content uploaded regularly influences your position in search and the number of visitors accordingly.

  • By sharing informative posts on the topics your potential customers have an interest in, you establish the reputation of a trusted source of information. And people are more willing to buy from the brands they trust.

  • Your landing page is all about selling the product or service. Other pages of the website serve the promotional purpose as well. Thus, the blog is probably the only place when you can take care of your clients by delivering them valuable information and insights.

  • When you regularly share content which entertains, solves problems, informs or brings value in any other way, people tend to be returning for more. Hence, website traffic will grow. Moreover, loyal readers will be more receptive to the product you offer.

  • People are rarely willing to purchase the product or service they hear about for the first time. However, when they see a helpful blog, they might go to your main page to learn more about the brand and the product/service.

To achieve all the above goals and generate more traffic and leads, you need to blog consistently and ignite interest. Our blog post makers never run out of ideas and always keep their creative juices flowing. Contact us to discuss how exactly we can help achieve your business goals through blogging.

Why Star Writers?

Our company has been providing copywriting, online marketing and blogging services to businesses and individuals for over 9 years. We’ve set up blogs from scratch across different niches or reorganized the blogging process that didn’t work. Here’s what allows us to develop outstanding blogs and deliver consistently great results.

Authentic, original writing

Your brand is unique, and so should be its voice in your blog. Our specialists author 100% original content – plagiarism is excluded. We present the conventional topics under the new, fresh angle. And we write each post sticking to the tone of voice and writing style, which makes your blog not only perfectly optimized for SEO, but also genuinely original.

Adherence with all your requirements

Do you have a clear vision and expectations from your blog? Do you have a detailed content plan, a developed writing style? Our detail-driven, savvy writer will develop the copy that meets or exceeds your expectations. We believe in the efficiency of the collaborative approach to content writing, so you’ll have an opportunity to talk to your writer anytime. We also provide two weeks of unlimited revisions after the delivery of written content.

Success backed by research and industry awareness

We employ copywriters specializing in multiple niches: information technology, lifestyle, travel, retail, education and more. Your writer will conduct in-depth research before getting down to write, ensuring the high quality and informative value of each piece. We know the right words to speak to the most demanding and educated prospects, as well as the general audience.

Analytical approach to writing

At Star Writers, we don’t just write blog articles. Unlike many low-end content mills, we start the writing process by analyzing what’s trending in your industry and which topics will spark interest in your target customers. We develop catchy headings, incorporate keywords, create unique images and graphics, and measure success. The combination of creative, vivid writing and thorough analysis of what works in your field helps us create content that works.

Qualified and experienced authors

Our blog writers have university degrees and years of expertise in copywriting, advertising or content marketing. We handpick writers who not only comply with our qualifications requirements, but also share our commitment to excellence. Solid educational background and awareness of the freshest trends in content marketing enable us to develop strong posts.

Timely content delivery

To keep the audience engaged, you need to post fresh articles regularly according to your content plan. Our company guarantees the content delivery according to the deadline you’ve chosen. Say no to uncertainty – with us, you know for sure when the next blog post will be delivered. If we don’t deliver the order on time, we’ll return your money back.

A clear system of blog content pricing

Looking for the optimal balance between price and quality? You’re in the right place. We’ve optimized our internal processes to keep the fees affordable while maintaining high quality of writing. The pricing system is transparent – you know in advance how much the blog article will cost you. No hidden fees applied. Moreover, you pay for the number of words only. SEO optimization, research and images are added to your order without extra pay.

First time with us? Take advantage of our welcoming 20% discount and enjoy our level of quality and customer service.

Our process

Creating a blog is much more than just picking a topic and writing a text. Here’s how we approach content writing at Star Writers:

  • Discussing your expectations

    to understand your company, target audience, and commercial goals you’d like to receive from the blog

  • Analysis of trends and competition

    – we use software and apply content marketing knowledge to identify which content drives maximum engagement with your target audience

  • Creating catchy headings

    and subheadings to entice the readers to click in search results and pay attention to the post

  • Optimizing for SEO

    – we write for humans first, yet optimize each post to help your website rank higher in search results

  • Editor’s service

    – our staff PhD editor checks each post for tone, style, grammar, and punctuation

  • Revisions until you’re satisfied

    – creating a quality post might require several rounds of editing. We’ll make all necessary changes free of charge

Struggle to choose the appropriate blog post type?

There’s a variety of blog posts you can share with an audience to grow brand awareness and engage the occasional visitors. You can publish the entertaining blog posts, quizzes, videos, news, infographics, how-to’s, cheat sheets, and many more. However, choosing the blog posts you should focus on will depend on your industry, company type, and many other factors.

Not sure which post types will work for you? Hire our blog writers. We will assist with content plan development and focus on the most effective type of content.

Let our expertise serve your business goals

Want a business blog that entertains, attracts more and more visitors and converts? Looking to make the most out of blogging? We offer full-cycle copywriting services, from creating a content plan and choosing topics to delivering a publication-ready blog article. Our mission is to deliver quality content that brings value and exceeds expectations.

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