7 Writing Troubles that Online Essay Editor Can Fix


People use online essay editor when they think they have some problems in their writing. There are also those who believe their papers to be good enough and don’t use any essay editor online. As a result, the latter group of people fails to achieve certain goals with their writing. They skip using help of online essay editor not because they are so good at grammar and language, but simply because they are not aware of the array of errors their paper might have. Simple ignorance keeps them away from placing an order for professional online essay editor services. Today we will battle that ignorance by telling you about some major writing troubles that our essay editor online can fix. Star-Writers are leaders among online essay editor services. You can trust our editors and proofreaders to bring your writing to the new level.

Writing Mistakes that Everybody Makes

Everybody makes mistakes; even the best professional writers can occasionally oversee some grammatical or spelling errors in their writing. In addition, it is very hard to spot mistakes in your own writing, because after you looked at it so many times, your mind perceives it as it is and becomes unable to recognize writing mistakes anymore. Therefore it is crucial to get outsiders eye to revise your writing, especially if it is something so important like an essay or dissertation. Sometimes you may rely on your friend or relative to read your paper. Other times you may use an online grammar and spelling checkers. However, none of those options can ensure you the flawless, well organized paper. It is not because your friend is illiterate or online grammar check is bad. The problem with online machines is that they are only machines; they are unable to interpret the context and choose the right word and proper spelling. And your friend, who maybe has an A grade in English class, nonetheless is a not professional editor, he or she doesn’t know what problems to look for and what kind of editing strategy to apply.

All these issues can be resolved if you ask Star-Writers for their expertly assistance. Our company covers all types of writing services, such as revision, writing and rewriting, editing and proofreading. If you care about the positive results of your writing, then our company is the perfect place for you. And to help you to make the right decision, we will tell you all about the 7 types of writing troubles that you may encounter and the way Star-Writers can fix them.

  1. Typos. Typos are silly mistakes caused by our lack of attention and constant distractions we are bound to experience in the modern world with its mobile phones and social networks. Star-Writers know how typos can seep into your writing and stay unnoticed even by spell-checkers. There are two kinds of typos, those that don’t look like a real word, and as a rule your word processor would underline them, and those that are spelled like some other word, subsequently your computer will not see it as a mistake. For example, in a rush it is so easy to write thought, instead of tough or through. These words have completely different meaning, even though each one spelled correctly and the best online spell-checkers will not underline them as errors. This is a situation where the help of our professional editor with sharp eye would be invaluable to you;

  2. Structure. In academic writing, structure is the king. Your ideas might be not so original, but if your paper is properly structured and free of grammar mistakes, then you can expect good grades and praise. All academic papers have certain strict requirements concerning the way they are structured. For example, each paragraph of an essay has its own purpose and must-have elements, such as topic sentence and supporting ideas. You can read some of our free samples of essays to see the proper structure and try to identify topic sentences. Star-Writers have a lot of experience in writing and editing academic papers, they know everything about proper way to structure your paper and will gladly help you to identify those structural elements and polish them to perfection;

  3. Grammar. When we think about editing, we think about grammar. Proper grammar is indeed a crucial element of any good writing, be it an academic paper or a business agreement. Correct grammar can save us from many uncomfortable misunderstandings. Each writer has his own set of particular mistakes he or she tends to make. Some people forget about subject verb agreement, others often misplace their adverbs. Whichever your common grammar errors are, Star-Writers will be able to fix them for a very moderate price;

  4. Style. Another main feature of academic writing is style or also called academic register. It is the language you use, the word choices and grammar constructions that are characteristic for academic papers. When you write an essay, you cannot use the same type of narrative as you do when chatting with your friends. However, not everyone has the necessary skills to feel this distinction between a daily and formal language. You are welcome to send your paper to our editors and they will rewriteyour words and sentences that would meet all standards of academic style;

  5. Formatting. An academic paper must always be properly organized and formatted in accordance with certain college requirements. It is not so difficult when you need to format a short essay, however, it is completely different matter with dissertation or research paper. Dissertation has a very complicated structure and must be organized strictly following certain guidelines. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to organize reference list, bibliography and other parts of dissertation. Nevertheless, Star-Writers can help you to save that precious time by doing the time-consuming and daunting task for you;

  6. Punctuation. There are some people who get hot flashes just from one thought about punctuation. If you and punctuation are not the best friends, our editors can reduce that tension and take care of your essay’s commas, semicolons and dashes. Moreover, if you order our editing services, you will be able to learn from your own mistakes. This is how it works — after editing is done, you will receive your text document with track changes function on, so you will have a chance to see what was changed and thus improve your grammar knowledge;

  7. Spelling. Spelling can be a tricky matter, because sometimes it is impossible to spot if the word was spelled in the wrong way. For example, homophones can cause a lot of such confusions. In this case, online mechanical spelling checkers will be helpless, because they don’t understand the meaning your text. Only professional human editor can analyze the context and spot the misspelled word.

As you see, editing and proofreading involves so much more than just placing missed commas and fixing typos. It is a complicated and complex process that can be performed only by professionals with necessary experience, special skills and close attention to details. If you need such professional, you can find one in Star-Writers. And if you register on our web site right now, you will be able to receive a fabulous discount up to 20 % for your first order. Moreover, on our blog you can find a lot of helpful tips about writing, as well as amazing articles about some popular topics, which you can use as inspiration for your essays.

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