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Thinking takes the top place in the hierarchy of cognitive processes. If senses use properties of objects of the surrounding world, percept images using the complete objects, thinking is necessary for us when this information is not enough, and we have to analyze information or to single out its essential properties. Therefore, thinking is defined as a cognitive activity, which consists of the reflecting of the connections and relationships between the objects of the surrounding reality and their essential properties. Almost forgot to tell you that if you need good and cheap proofreading, it is time to place an order. This week we have a special discount for proofreading. Order grammar proofreading online today to get your discount.

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In fact, people consider thinking their own distinctive feature, and therefore it is usually added to its definition something that is peculiar for the process of thinking. This process is associated with the singling out of some essential properties, which allow to group objects into categories, to be distracted from certain objects, and a process, which has certain tools like speech allowing to perform certain cognitive operations. Moreover, thinking is studied not only by psychology but many other sciences, for example, philosophy, which tries to find out whether thinking predisposes cognition; what is the truth; what was the first: thinking or reality; Every visitor of our website can get the best essay help online and at a low cost. This is a unique opportunity for you not to do your homework.

However, psychology is the science, which tries to study the principles of thinking since it is peculiar to human beings. Unlike logic, it does not try to consider it from the point of correctness, but it tries to find out what really happens in our minds when we think about something and what resources are used. Therefore, there is another notion for this phenomenon since it is rather difficult to study generalized and mediated reflection of the connections and relations and so on. Psychology studies thinking as the process of problems solution or, in other words, attaining certain goals set in certain circumstances while direct achieving of this goal is impossible. The experience is on the issue of the day, as you might have noticed and we offer you to read an additional essay dedicated to this topic

Traditionally, in psychology, there is a difference between human thinking and the so-called logical behavior of animals, although, in fact, the logical behavior of animals is a source of the development of human thinking. If we consider logical thinking, we will see that there are situations when a certain animal is unable to attain its goal, that is, to get food. For example, there is an apple hanging on the ceiling and a monkey cannot reach it, or a banana lying outside the cage, and the paw is too small to reach it. The task, in this case, consists of two steps: an animal is forced to make or find a tool that will reach a banana or take off an apple. The first step is to come up with a tool that will help to get the necessary object, which becomes independent since when this animal solves such a problem by making a decision immediately. We are around-the-clock admission essay service that delivers the papers without any delays and further issues for the customers. When we take this preliminary step separately or when we try to apply a certain tool to an object, we discover such properties of these objects that are unavailable for our perception, something that our ears do not hear and eyes do not see but these properties are necessary to solve this problem. As soon as we find these hidden properties and realize its relation to the solution of the problem, and use the cognitive tools to memorize this knowledge and our cognitive activity becomes mediate. Why do people never forgive each other from the psychological point of view? There is a simple answer. Check this essay at

Naturally, human thinking is very diverse; we can single out certain features to divide thinking into certain types. The most common one is when we have a certain task and the way to perceive information, in other words, we can see an object right in front of our eyes, or it can be described and we can only imagine it without knowing for sure what the features of this object are. Thus, our brain creates an image of it in our mind on the basis of the information received.

Thus, three types of thinking is singled out, which are also three stages of its development: visually active thinking that predisposes certain planning and corresponding actions, visually imaginary, which predisposes planning without doing anything, it means that you can solve the problem without doing anything and verbally logical thinking, which is connected with the speech as the universal tool of cognitive activity. The students usually wonder where to buy argumentative essay online? The best essays written are right here for you to take. Order now!

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Additionally, we can divide thinking into the types of psyche of an individual that uses it: on the one hand, intuitive thinking, which predisposes the unwilling or unconscious solution of the problem, or in other words, we know the answers without making any efforts to find them, on the other hand, analytical thinking, which, in turn, refer to consciousness when we carefully plan each step trying to solve a certain problem. Usually, intuitive one is a huge experience of an individual, which allows him or her to find the way out without thinking too much. The question our writers are very concerned is the one about honesty and whether it is the best policy after all. Their opinion is described in this article

One can single out theoretical and practical thinking. This is the classification of the Russian psychologist. Theoretical thinking is associated with the hypotheses, the elaboration of theories, and the development of a strategy to solve specific problems. Practical thinking is associated with solving specific problems always in real time and always with immediate actions. A typical example is the mindset of people who are responsible for a small or a large group of people. Such a person, a leader, acts immediately when the problem arises. Moreover, he or she is running out of time and if he or she fails to make a decision, the battle will be lost. Unlike practical thinking, theoretical one predisposes long reflections concerning a certain subject. Tell your friends about affordable essay writing at to get bonuses for your personal account on our website. Hurry up!

Finally, one can distinguish creative thinking and critical thinking. In fact, there are still plenty of debates concerning creativity in psychology. The creative thinking also requires to be developed and these methods of creativity development will help you or your friends become more resourceful and inventive. On the one hand, it is assumed that thinking, in general, is only necessary when the problem is not solved and, as a result, something is created. William James defines it as the ability to find the correct direction in the ocean of new information and experience. Thus, according to this definition, every thinking is creative. When it comes to the classifications like this one when creative thinking and reproducing one are single out, there is only one question arise: whether it is thinking after all? However, if we single out the mode of thinking based on creating something new and the one based on experience and knowledge we already have, such a classification is possible. The best papers editing services online at are available for everyone. We appreciate every customer we have.

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In fact, one of the most well-known activity is responsible for the distinguishing of creative and critical thinking. This is brainstorming, when people are divided into two groups, one of which is busy elaborating new solutions to the problems connected with a certain invention, manufacturing, or any other tasks, while the second group checks whether all the solutions the first group came up with during the first phase are logical and applicable. Why is that? The critical thinking skills won’t be of use to you without being developed. We offer you to get acquainted with an essay dedicated to the critical thinking development to be able to use it so-called cognitive tool. Because the creative and critical thinking are appeared to have different obstacles. First of all our internal censorship and stereotypical thinking are the first obstacles for the creative thinking since we usually try to refer to our knowledge and experience instead of trying to find something that has nothing to do with our experience. You need to get rid of stereotypical thinking while it is not too late. People can’t create something new under the influence of other people’s opinions and you need to understand that.

The psychologist Edward de Bono even describes a special so-called unconventional thinking or the ability to think in the vicinity of something, to highlight something that contradicts our experience but very important for the problem solution. For example, we have a choice and our life depends on it. Somebody asks us to pick one of the stones hidden in his hands. However, you've already known that all the stones are of the same color and you have no chance to win. What you will do? You can pick one to see what will happen or try to elaborate an effective solution of the problem instead of falling prey to your destiny. Thus, there is a very serious question we tend to answer: what is more important: knowledge or experience? In this essay, you will find the answer you are looking for.

Another thing that fundamentally serves as a serious obstacle for creative thinking is an excess of motivation. When we really want to find the best solution very quick, we are unlikely to succeed. In the psychology of motivation, this law of the average motivation has long been described and the more difficult the task is, the less our desire to do this task should be. Our critical thinking is usually ineffective due to our inability to accept the fact that sometimes we can make a mistake. Thus, people are too concerned about being misunderstood or mistaken and their self-esteem and confidence drop sharply. We are afraid of sharing our ideas. Thus, we need to separate these two types of thinking. However, we might be able to apply both these types when we try to elaborate new ideas both using our experience and knowledge and evaluating the solutions we came up with. There is a new essay on our blog dedicated to the culturological of every individual and we recommend you to read it as well

In fact, if we consider scientific thinking, we can distinguish at least four stages according to the psychologist Graham Wallace. When he analyzed how scientists invent or discover something, and poets and writers create their works, he noted that there are always four stages of this process: the stage of preparation when one is busy trying to find the necessary information; a stage of preparation, when one forgets about what he or she was doing, but, apparently, the process continues, just outside of his or her consciousness; finally, the stage of Eureka, when the solution or invention or discovery is created; the last stage is based on the testing and evaluation of a discovery or an invention. Now we see that both types of thinking are engaged in the same process. is the place where you can buy a good college essay without paying an additional fee. We have the lowest prices on the internet. 

In general, there are other classifications of thinking related to how it corresponds to reality or to our experiences and emotions. In clinical psychology, realistic thinking and autistic thinking are distinguished. Although a person, who is fallen in love displays the features of autistic thinking very often. However, in order to examine and research or cognitive processes, these classifications will be enough. is best college application essay writing service on the internet. In order to make sure of it, you just need to order your paper on our website and rely on us. We won’t fail you.

Thus, it is impossible to say for sure whether a certain type of thinking is particular to you or to any individual since we apply to them when the situation requires certain features of a certain type of thinking. However, a certain type of thinking might be peculiar to you more than other ones. It is very important to know which one is more particular to you since you will be able to elaborate your personal strategy to solve a certain problem with regard to the type of thinking, which is more suitable for you. If you are satisfied with this essay, you are welcome to buy essays cheap at with a huge discount we will provide you via online chat. Contact us to find out more about this offer.

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