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Among other benefits, we have cheap proofreading service and interesting blog that is updated almost every day. This new essay is dedicated to the irrational fears.

The fear is probably one of the strongest things that can influence our behavior and thinking and modify it. All the people are subjected to fear even the bravest ones. It is difficult to imagine a person who fears nothing. Even the bravest ones fear something. If you don’t believe, just read this essay dedicated to the question of bravery. Still, there are plenty of methods to overcome your fear and most of them actually work. However, today, our essay will be dedicated to the problem itself rather than on the cure. We would like to single out the most ridiculous fears people experience every day. This is an interesting topic since even clearly realizing that there is nothing to be afraid, people can't shake this feeling. Any fear, in general, can appear due to psychological trauma caused by certain events mostly in the childhood. However, sometimes we acquire new fears in the adulthood. So, let's take a close look at the fears that we consider to be ridiculous. Looking for smart essay editor online? We have one for you.

1. Lack of confidence

We regard this problem as a fear since usually, people experience it when they don't have enough courage to do something. Why is it ridiculous? Since most people's problems were exaggerated and have nothing to do with the reality. It takes place almost everywhere including love, work, hobbies etc. There are plenty of examples to provide. Unconfident people experience discomfort in meeting new people especially if this is a matter of affection or even love. Such people can find millions of excuses not to speak while they need only one to do it. There is nothing to lose. It is painful to be denied but you will never know until you try. Let’s be honest, it is better to get a refusal than thinking about the slight possibility of success. People usually unable to show what they are made of since they don’t have enough guts to resist this pressure. However, usually, the reasons for being afraid are ridiculous because it is impossible to know something for sure. These ways to boost your confidence should help you to deal with this fear.

2. Fear of being misunderstood

This one is mostly connected with the art but also connected to the communication in the society. Most really talented people give up trying convincing themselves that people won't appreciate their efforts. However, considering this problem closely, we can say for sure that most of the greatest artists of all times disregarded such factor as appreciation since it is impossible to please everybody. This is the only thing to remember if you want to do whatever you are up to.  People are far too concerned about what other people think and until we realize that it does not matter, we will carefully select what to say and what to think. If you want to have good relationships with other people without being afraid of misunderstanding, just be honest, people like it

3. Fear of changes

This is one of the most widespread types of fear because our life is a dynamic sequence of events and it is impossible to avoid it no matter how hard you try. However, due to this fear we can miss opportunities we should seize and this is probably the most dangerous impact of this fear. People work for the whole life at work they don't like, meet with people they hate and marry people they are unhappy with. This is the truth we should accept and fight with since, otherwise, life would be wasted. What are the reasons for being afraid of changes? Nobody wants to make mistakes since they don't want to be misunderstood and judged by others. As well as changes, mistakes are also an inevitable part of the progress. Nobody is perfect. Having tried the taste of changes and how diverse life can be, you will stop fear facing changes. We have the best research paper rewriter waiting for you to place the order.

4. Fear of darkness

As a rule, children experience this fear, however, adults as well can avoid dark places if they didn't deal with this problem in the childhood. The essence of this fear is simple. People feel uncomfortable being in the darkness. Some people start seeing strange and even fearful silhouettes, some people feel they are watched and a stranger looks at them behind that corner. This fear has no rational basis since even the ones that experience this fear clearly know that there is nobody there in the darkness but still they can't help being afraid. This fear does not have a serious impact on our life but still, it causes certain inconveniences. The most effective ways to get rid of this fear is to convince your mind that there is nothing to be afraid of in the shadows. Sometimes, we need just to consider the situation critically and analyze the origins of our fear to get rid of it

5. Fear of clowns

Honestly, there is something terrifying in the way clowns look but most people fear literally faint seeing clowns. However, this one we also refer to irrational fears since clowns is just people dressed in bright colors for entertainment. If you walk the street all alone and you see the clown with a chainsaw in his hands, the fear is obvious. Otherwise, it is just a play of your imagination.

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