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Our professional paper editor just added a new essay to our blog. This essay is dedicated to propagated myths about the educational system you need to know about.

Why people always complain about the quality of education? Old-fashioned approaches promote a deliberate killing of creativity and propagation of unnecessary knowledge. This is not even the half of the list we can come up with having considered this question more carefully. However, new approaches to education are also criticized and instead of providing at least of a couple of ways how to solve these problem people come up with the solutions that only aggravate the problem. Thus, there are plenty of myths formed in our minds due to such unjust attitude towards education systems. In this essay, we will list ten most widespread myths about education.

Myth №1. Facts hinder understanding

People’s discontent concerning the fact that pupils’ minds are clouded by unnecessary facts continues growing. An alternative solution is to provide skills training rather than to force pupils to study a large amount of information. For example, an ability to analyze information. However, let's mentioned that it is impossible to master analysis of information using simple examples in different fields of knowledge avoiding learning factual information. Analysis of information is present in economics, algebra, and literature but the way it is implemented differs with regard to the field of knowledge chosen. People truly believe that such skills like critical thinking are disregarded. However, you can simply check it having read our essay on critical thinking skills and the ways of their development

Myth №2. You just need to know where to get the information you need

Most people are concerned that all the information they might need they can found on the internet and therefore there is no need to learn something at all. However, this statement is far from being logic. Sometimes the problems we face require more deep analysis than a simple search on the internet. We can use the internet having understood in which direction we should move since as a rule, there are plenty of unreliable sources of information on the internet and even Wikipedia can't be trusted.  The internet is just a tool we can use, not a solution. 

Myth №3. A teacher plays an insignificant role in the progress of the pupils  

Certain scientists support the idea about the insignificant role of the teacher in the life of his or her pupils emphasizing the only goal the teacher should attain is to teach pupils how to love studying, make it more interesting and diverse. At the universities, the students got used to so-called self-education since most of the educational process is carried out at home by means of special literature and internet. However, it is a good way to teach young people how to be self-reliant but sometimes mentor play way more important role that we can imagine since this is a person who guides you. It is up to you to study the subject or don't but this very person should show you the most interesting ways to do it to encourage your motivation. Sometimes, our motivation vanishes and nothing can fix this. However, it seems so because you’ve never used really effective ways to get your motivation back. We found an essay for you that contains these ones.

Myth №4. XXI century changes everything

The XXI century resulted in great changes in the field of education. There were plenty of events to blame but the most significant one is an appearance of various gadgets and revolutionary discoveries in the world of technologies and most people were convinced that it will completely change traditional approaches to education but it is also a myth that we are about to bust. Indeed, gadgets brought a lot of advantageous changes to the common approaches to education but it a tool we can use to facilitate our studying. There is no easy way and as soon as people understand that only hardworking can help one to attain the desired goals, the working and studying will be much more enjoyable and fruitful

Myth №5. Experience is more important than knowledge

In the recent years, people are more eager to be engaged in practical activity rather than theoretical, i.e. they rely on experience more than on actual knowledge. It is almost impossible to master certain skills without having a sufficient amount of theoretical information since multiple mistakes are inevitable. These ones will help you to develop this skill but this number can be decreased by means of careful analysis and preparation.

Myth №6. Everything depends on the teacher

Unfortunately, most of the parents blame teachers for their children failures. Indeed, teachers are responsible for the successful on-going educational process but there are certain situations teacher can't control. It is a duty of the teacher to show the pupils how to study properly, what to study and encourage their interest but if they disregard all the piece of advice provided and give up studying, the parents are to blame. It is their duty to make sure their children do all the homework properly and they attend classes regularly. Moreover, the authority of the parents is much stronger than teachers' one and a child is more eager to listen to his/her parents rather than a stranger. Sometimes, teachers really disregard their duties but usually, parents do not pay much attention to the way their children study and it leads to horrible consequences. By the way, future students can order editing of college admission essay to be sure that your candidacy will be well-evaluated and accepted.

Myth №7. Size does not matter

Is there a difference between working with the group that comprises forty pupils and with the one that comprises twenty ones? The difference is actually huge. Despite the fact that the same approaches and literature are used, it is much easier to work with smaller groups, it is much easier to involve them to the discussion and it is much more difficult to check whether the pupils are ready when the group is so huge. The teacher is able to evaluate knowledge and personal qualities of each pupil more accurately and customize the process of studying with regard to their preferences and capabilities.

Myth №8. Opportunities

There is a tendency today to send children to the private schools rather than public once since parents are positive that private schools can provide a higher level of education compared with public schools, especially in the USA. However, as a matter of fact, the quality of education in private and public schools is almost equal. Private schools just provide other benefits that have nothing to do with the educational process. For example, the teachers in private schools pay special attention to the discipline of each student, new buildings, and special facilities for the convenience of the pupils comparing with public school. As you can see, there is no need to spend so much money if you want your child to be a well-educated person.

Myth №9. Smart teacher

What qualities should a perfect teacher possess? This is a question all the parents consider. If you think that knowledge is a key factor in this case you are completely wrong. Today, the teachers should possess more than 100 different skills, besides being the source of knowledge including certain psychological skills in order to inspire and motivate the pupils to study well. It is impossible to make the educational process effective without these skills. First of all, any teacher should be persuasive. Otherwise, children won’t listen to him/her and will disregard everything said during the classes and it is very dangerous since they can miss something important. This essay on how to be a highly persuasive speaker will help you to become one and to understand whether the teacher of your child is persuasive.

Myth №10. Innovations

Today, the understanding of traditional approaches to education changes completely. Most people are concerned that the educational system should accept all the changes that we all experience but they forget how complex mechanisms of education are. Traditional approaches are already proven theoretically and experimentally, but what about new approaches. If one wants to elaborate truly effective approach to working with children, it is important to experiment and modify the approach with regard to the received information since one approach might work perfectly at one school and completely fail at another one. It depends on the various features that should be taken into account. 

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