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Buy essays for a cheap price or visit our blog where our writers post their free essays on various interesting topics. This one, for example, is dedicated to provocation and its consequences.

Wherever you are: at home, walking the street or being crowded by people you are at risk to get involved in a confrontation, especially if you are communicating with people via the internet. Most people we encounter do their best to provoke us, makes us feel angry and irritated and they actually succeed. There are plenty of side effects of such a provocation. For example, you might fall prey to uncontrollable anger and it will destroy your relationships with others. Unfortunately, this is the how relationships within our society work. Our behavior is a result of another action or behavior. However, most people are interested in peaceful conflict resolutions and this essay will be dedicated to the provocation itself, its triggers and how to fight it. Take a pause; order editing of your college papers on our website. We will prove to you that a paper checked even five times contains some small mistakes that only our online paper editors can detect.

As a matter of fact, provocation, in general, is considered an action dedicated to triggering a certain reaction or action (mostly negative one) of another person. People, who use various psychological tricks to provoke other people are called provocateurs.  Usually, there are expecting that the object of provocation will lose control over him/herself including emotions and actions/ Thus, it will be much easier to control a person that can’t control his/her emotional state.

Even the most psychologically sustainable people can fall prey to provocation let alone those who are more emotionally vulnerable. However, there are several effective ways to avoid its influence and stay calm whatever the measures were taken by the provocateur so that he or she could never attain his/her goal which is to make you lose control and make you do whatever he/she wants.

First of all, there are two simple steps to be taken in order to be less vulnerable to various provocations. First one is to understand your weaknesses since we all have ones and if your enemy knows about them, he/she will definitely use them against you. The second one is to elaborate a strategy on how to behave when you feel like you are about to lose control. However, you should also analyze the provocateur to understand what tricks he/she uses and what does he/she wants.

  1. Everyone has a certain weakness that will become an aim of provocation since the provocateur will rely on this weakness as on a leverage against you. Despite that fact that the influence of provocation is mostly destructive we can still benefit from it. We can use provocation as a guideline of our weaknesses which means that you will become more aware of the things that make you angry or irritated. Such an analysis will help you to strengthen your defense against provocations and other triggers. Moreover, it will allow you to see the situation clearly without regarding other factors that may influence your opinion like emotions, for example. It is difficult to be an honorable man these days since most people are more likely to control you rather than tell you the truth. Read our essay on the honorable man and its role in the modern society
  2. Then, you need to pay attention to your own feelings being triggered. People usually feel puzzled, irritated, angry and even misunderstood. In order not to let these feelings take control over you, pay attention to the origin of the provocation or its triggers. It will help you to understand what do you actually feel and calm down. Since provocateur waits for you to lose control. Don't let them get what they want from you by means of your weaknesses.

Additionally, you need to pay attention to the degree of influence of your emotions. If you feel like you are embraced by misunderstanding and anger, you are likely to face a provocation. Sometimes, during the conversation, people don't actually understand the aim of communication and they can easily be controlled by the collocutor. When you know what the goals of conversation are, it is much harder to provoke you. Thus, you will be able to avoid any confrontation with the collocutor and in turn, avoid emotional stress and anxiety.

  1. The next step will be to identify the type of the provocateur you faced. In general, there are several groups of provocateurs we can single out. There are the following: amateurs, controllers, and strategists.
  1. The amateurs usually observe the on-going conversations of others. These people are vulnerable to their own emotions and they are unlikely to be able to control them. If this type of provocateur will feel that the point of view of another collocutor differs from his own one, he or she will tell another person about it clearly and rather aggressively regardless of the possible consequences. Moreover, the provocateur of this type may also start crying or ignoring the collocutor besides abusive behavior. In case of this type of provocateur, it is better to avoid any confrontation since this is exactly what these people need. It works like a pendulum. As long as you keep it moving, it works but once you stop reacting, all the oscillations start fading and the provocateur stops pushing on.
  2. The controllers are more complex and inventive type of provocateurs, especially when it comes to various kinds of manipulations. They might be distinguished according to the approaches used. If in the course of the conversation a collocutor feels whatever they want to feel, the conversation is successful. These people are eager to control others by means of their emotions. Thus, if you want to avoid provocation, you need to be as neutral as possible keeping the same tone of voice throughout the conversation without losing control since such a provocateur will use it. If you do not react on their aggression and manipulations, they won't be able to provoke you. There are things we usually do to let others control us. This essay is dedicated to revealing these things so that you could avoid them in the course of conversation.
  3. The strategists use manipulation to attain their personal goals. These people will take all the possible measures to get what they want. They will gossip about you saying something that has something to do with the truth. If you faced such a provocateur, you need to understand what goals he or she persuades. It will be difficult to deal with such a person but all you need to do is not to play his or her own game. Once he or she realizes that you stay away from their manipulation, they will give up trying to provoke you. Usually, religion applies to this type of provocation since they want to attain certain goals elaborating the most effective strategies of influence. Our essay on the essence of religion will reveal a couple of secrets you didn’t know about

Thus, if you don't want to be provoked to get involved in the conflict you need to follow this simple list of steps. First of all, try to determine your emotional state and the one of your collocutor. Then, analyzing its behavior, define what kind of provocateur he or she is. Having found out about their intentions and goals, you will be able to avoid any confrontations easily. There is no need to get involved in the conflict without any reason. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you do your best to avoid conflicts. This is a behavior of a wise person. Don’t forget that honesty is the strongest weapon against people who want to manipulate you. If you will be completely honest with them, they won’t be able to resist.

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