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The team that is engaged in the grammar proof reading in your papers wants to share with you the latest update on our blog dedicated to energy absorbers.

People, in general, are very enduring but it is also limited. Usually, by the noon, people already feel exhausted and tired and squeezed like a lemon. As the result, you can’t work effectively throughout the day with the same intensity doing the same amount of work with the same speed. Moreover, due to the exhaustion, both the body and the brain works with less productivity and our ability to think, to communicate and to work drops sharply.

The reasons are simple. Usually, it is lack of sleep, too much work to do, personal problems etc. However, sometimes we don't even realize that we waste our energy due to the certain activities we got used to. This essay is dedicated to these absorbers of our energy which might seem obvious but still, they do no good for you. 

Sleeping too much

Most of the problems with exhaustion are connected with the lack of sleep but unfortunately, a couple of extra hours can cause the same effect since in general, we need eight hours of sleep. When you continue lying on the bed in the morning you waste your energy even faster than at work. While you are reading our essay, we will quickly do your essay strictly following all your instructions and requirements not to disappoint you.

Missed breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important rituals of the day. It grants energy and strength to work effectively throughout the day. Unfortunately, due to some reasons, for example, woke up late or didn’t cook anything yesterday, do not eat in the morning. It might result in quick exhaustion and thus decreased productivity at work or at school/university. We have perfect breakfast meals just for you so that you could feel charged up the whole day

Mail and mobile phone

We always check our mail and mobile phones in order to make sure that so messages or calls left unanswered. This is also a waste of energy and we don’t even realize that. It is an emotional exhaustion since we are waiting for something and this feeling literally absorbs energy.

Social networks

This is probably one of the strongest absorbers of time and energy which we face literally every day. What you should know in order to avoid their influence:  

  • The page in the social networks is not a representation of the owner. This is just a small piece of information about the owner of the page.
  • Other pages might get you depressed since all the users of social networks do their best to show how unique and bright their life is. However, as a rule, they live in exactly the same way as you do.
  • People are very dependable from the appreciation of others. It is not a surprise that social networks are the best way to please your ego by means of likes and commentaries.
  • Most of the time we spend on social networks missing the most interesting and beautiful events and phenomena in our lives without even knowing that life flows beside them without giving a sign. More people consider the social networks to be a serious threat and in order to prove this theory, we are about to reveal ten social network threats that will show you why we all should spend less time there.

Give up doing sport being tired

Our body and mind get used to the amount of energy we spend every day. However, when we are engaged in the extra exercises we can increase this amount artificially. It is better to spend an evening at the gym and sleep well, rather than doing nothing at home. As a matter of fact, people that do a lot in the course of the day, sleep better than those who did nothing. Since, in this case, you do not use your energy at all.

Alcohol abuse

As a rule, alcohol numbs our mind. Under the influence of alcohol, people spend much more energy since our body spend it trying to pull your mind together and heal the damaged nerve cells which were destroyed by the alcohol. People that drink too much are likely to get tired much quicker than those who do not. Alcohol has even more devastating effect on if you are a teen. This essay should open your eyes to a problem of underage drinking and its consequences  


Being in the traffic jam or in the line at the magazine you noticed that you feel irritated due to the fact that you have to wait and the way the stuff works. This just one of the multiple reasons for being stressful. Regardless of the origins, stress takes a lot of our energy.


As a member of society, you should understand that we need people to feel secure, we feel great. This is the influence of society and we can’t live without it. Isolated people are not charged by the energy of others and thus, feel much more exhausted than those who are engaged in communication.

Anxiety and overthinking

Our tendency to think too much always do no good for us. It also absorbs our energy even without doing any physical activity. However, it is scientifically proven that mental activity is much more exhausting than a physical one. What to do when you feel anxiety? This is a question we would like to answer so that you could save your energy and invest it in more profitable activities.


Without schedule of the day, people spend much time trying to recall what they should do next. It also takes energy since as was mentioned before, mental activity is one of the most energy consumptive types of work. That’s why it is better to plan your work beforehand in order not to waste your time throughout the day.


The lie is also one of the emotional types of exhaustion. Regardless of the intentioned whether they are good or wrong, when we lie we are most likely to feel guilty for our deeds and this burden over our shoulders does not let us go. Our mind is piled up by the thoughts about the lies we said deliberately or being forced.  Do not let this burden to absorb your energy.

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