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Besides professional copyediting and proofreading services, we also have very good writers and this essay on Orwell’s 1984 is the best evidence of it.

Reading is probably one of the greatest activities we have and our writers want to share with you their favorite books so that you could start reading it without hesitation. Today's essay will be dedicated to one of the most prominent representatives in the world literature. This is a dystopian novel written by George Orwell and it is called 1984. As well as Brave New World and 451 Fahrenheit, this is the novel that represents an alternative reality. However, it is difficult to compare Bradbury's with these ones, however, the idea is one; the government controls people and want they obey their will. This essay will highlight the plot of this novel and a couple of statements we consider should be read in addition to the plot. George Orwell was a very interesting man since he was a social democrat, that's why he so vividly criticized totalitarian regime and moreover, he worked on BBC radio and the news about his death was just shocking for the entire team. They even called him Orwell without using his real name. The details you may find in the biography of George Orwell, the one who gave a birth to one of the best dystopian novels in the world.

The main character, Wilson Smith lives in London, but this one is located in the imaginary country called Oceania and it wages a war against other countries. The main character works in one of the four departments that carry out the governmental will. In the department of truth, where he works they deal with the fake stories. The author deliberately makes such a comparison and this is also a satire about the Totalitarian government. However, Wilson never feels to be a part of this society and once he becomes a thought criminal everything is changed. He buys a notebook where he writes about his feelings and events, which is strictly forbidden. It seems that he is all alone in this fight against the governmental tyranny but soon he meets Julia. The girl who also was a rebellion type. He knew that all the women are subjected to the influence of the government most of all, that’s why there are no relationships, even sexual ones without being married. Moreover, sexual relationships are allowed only with one single purpose; it is to make children that will soon become a part of the army to protect the country. During this month, you have an opportunity to buy essay cheap from at a huge discount. We want you to get your paper done perfectly well from the very beginning of the academic year. Make sure to tell your friends about it.

When he meets her again he sneakily gives him a note which states that she loves him. He didn't even believe that since he thought that she is a though police and she wants to disclose him. However, having had a conversation, he understands that she is different. They meet in an apartment, which Wilson rents almost every week and they are happy with that. Unfortunately, their happiness does not last long and they are caught by the thought police. During the month Wilson is tortured by the member of the party who tells him the truth; there are no rebellions, there is no resistance, the ones who are engaged in thought crimes will be caught and cleansed, as well as Wilson will. The last trial the main character is going to pass is the torture by the thing he fears the most and he fails. He discloses all the sins they did and ask them to do the same with the Julia. He gives up. By the way, did you know that reading is beneficial for our brain and it improves such features like creativity, imagination, and memory? There is an essay written by our team dedicated to the benefits of reading and if you don't know about them, we recommend you to follow the link and read it at

Most people might find this boos terrifying or even much exaggerated. Indeed, Totalitarian government possesses certain features that the government of Oceania does. However, do they are exaggerated at all? There are plenty of examples throughout the history like the people who have a hostile attitude towards their government (which is a Totalitarian one) had been taken to prison or kicked away from the county. Didn't those who supported such government disclose their neighbors for "thought crimes" and they were taken to the custody? Such things really happened and people were judged just people they said something wrong or didn’t support the views their government did. There another book dedicated to the alternative universes that you should read. This is 451 Fahrenheit written by one of the most prominent American writer of the twentieth century Ray Bradbury. This novel has almost nothing to do with 1984 except one detail. The government is intended to control people by all possible means and try to use their ignorance as the leverage of control. We have an essay dedicated to all the important details and interesting facts of this novel

Orwell's message is a warning to all the people that such things can really happen if people continue supporting Totalitarian government. The author himself was the supporter of the social democracy which provides more freedoms for people. Likely, today, Totalitarian regime is almost extinguished and new generations are unlikely to remember how it was. We should be aware of all the methods of governmental control to be able to resist them. People who know nothing about it are much easier to control. However, if you just want to relax and spend some time reading an interesting novel, this one is very interesting. If you need additional information about Totalitarian Regime since you don’t know all the features of this one, you need to follow the link. We offer you a very interesting historical source of information that contains articles you need.

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