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It is much easier to communicate with joyful and happy people. Moreover, if you are not in the mood, having spoken with such a person, you can be charged up with the positive energy. However, what about melancholic people that feel nothing but a depression. What is a melancholy after all? As a rule, it is compared with the depression or even considered to be its synonym but sometimes melancholic people might not have depression. These people have high vulnerability and sensibility. In this essay, we would like to discuss the pros and cons of being melancholic. Order college essay editing service of any paper you have to get 20% discount on the next paper!

Melancholic people are very creative. The melancholic people should choose a remote profession or the one that enables them to be alone. For example, such professions are the following: writers, actors, artists, musicians, architects, designers.  Thanks to the fact that melancholic people are thoughtful, they are more eager to analytical thinking and more painstaking that makes them suitable for a long and monotonous work. They have also critical skills developed which allows them to consider one situation from different angles The melancholic people are also very good programmers and philosophers. There are plenty of good examples of melancholic people among famous writers, such as Franz Kafka since his novels and short stories are full of pessimism and depression.

Melancholic people can be happy. There is a slight possibility that such people will never be happy but it is only due to that fact that they can’t implement their potential and ideas. In general, people with such a temperament can be happy. If you are melancholic, you need to use all the benefits of this temperament to fight against its disadvantages.

Liability to reflections. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Such people can spend hours reflecting on themselves trying to reconsider and reevaluate their personal features, skills, and knowledge. The melancholic people are more interested in their own actions, mode of thinking, reasons for making decisions, personal preferences, mechanisms of perception, emotional state, and behavior. They might also have a diary, which they use to write down all the events that happen in their life, and all their thoughts and reflections connected with them.

Multidimensional mind. The mind of melancholic people works as a laser that can drill a hole through the mountain. If they are interested in a certain topic, they will do their best to find out as much as possible about it. They might not be interested in such a great amount of topics like others but they study them thoroughly and they take a part in the conversation only when they are positive that they have something to say on this account.

Modesty. Such people won't interrupt a collocutor in the course of conversation. They can be good listeners since, despite the fact they are very interesting in their own emotions, they are also interested in the ones of others. It is also might be regarded as a disadvantage and there are a couple of reasons for not being modest.


Melancholic people are bad leaders. They don’t have sufficiently developed communication skills and this is not their main goal. Thus, it is difficult for them to single out within a group of people. There actually were examples of melancholic people that were good at leadership but most of such people are very bad at it. It will very difficult to get accustomed to the jobs that are followed by stress and a large amount of work with deadlines. Thus, they are very bad managers, sellers, advertising agents etc.

Pessimism. This is a very serious obstacle on the way to your goal. Despite the fact that such people can motivate themselves to do something, but despite this fact, such a mode of thinking has a certain aftermath. You can’t even imagine how strong self-motivation might be. It can help us to achieve even the most difficult goals

Slowness. People with such a type of temperament are very slow. They prefer more calculated and thoughtful approach rather than making hasty decisions. If you need to do something very fast, don’t ask such people for help. By the way, due to their slowness and lack of physical, they are liable to various inflectional diseases.

Liability to depression and mental illnesses. This is perhaps one of the greatest disadvantages of melancholic people. We’ve already mentioned that only a certain part of melancholic people are disposed to depression nevertheless this is a very serious problem. First of all, due to the fact that such people tell nobody about their problems and keep it to themselves. Such an approach can result in even more serious mental problems than anxiety and depression. However, there are effective ways to deal with depression we would like to share with you. They are intended to deal with the trigger of the depression and make you feel happy again.

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