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The best essay site wants to share with you an essay dedicated to the research in the field of positive thinking.

An amazing formula for happiness is right in front of you only if you want to find it. The only things you need are to support people you really love and take all the opportunities this life offers and display the best qualities you have. This list is referred to as the positive psychology that is based on scientific research intended to find out the best ways for us to be happy. This essay will be dedicated to the basics of positive psychology. If this branch of psychology surprises you, you might be very interested in other branches of psychology that also have an interesting studied object. 

Positive Psychology: Definition and a Brief History

Positive psychology is a branch of psychology that studies positive aspects of the human psyche. While other branches of psychology focus on the diseases and various disorders we can experience, positive psychology is focused on the things that make us happy. Otherwise, people just focus on the misfortunes they face and these thoughts coerce them to apply to various painkillers such as alcohol or drugs. This essay contains all the horrible consequences of drug abuse that might happen to you

The basics of this branch of psychology originate from humanistic psychology and its followers such as Karl Rogers, Abraham Maslow, and Gordon Allport. Their studies gave a birth to this brand new branch of psychological science. The work of Abraham Maslow called “Motivation and personality” was the first one where the term “positive psychology” was used. However, at the beginning of the 20th century, many scientists already discussed this phenomenon. They changed the direction of their studies from diseases to stimulation of positive thinking. 

However, the founder of this branch of psychological study is considered Martin Seligman who later becomes the president of the American Psychological Association. He was the one who elaborated the foundations of positive psychology. He became famous thanks to his attempts to study depression and cure it but also thanks to unusual experiments he conducted. By means of these ones he managed to discover such a term as "learned helplessness". These very experiments predisposed the emergence of such a field of knowledge as positive psychology. There is a special offer for those who need college term paper writing on psychology. Contact our support agents and name the topic you have (it should be connected with psychology) and you will get 18% discount!

Seligman's experiments

In order to study the phenomenon of "helplessness," he used dogs and divided into the following groups:

  1. The dogs of the first group were hit by the electricity but they could avoid it by pushing a special button. Thus, they could control the situation.
  2. The dogs of the second group were also hit by the electricity but there didn’t have an access to the button and thus they couldn’t avoid the hit.
  3. The dogs of the third group were not hit at all.

Then, the dogs of all three groups were placed in a special box with small fences so that they could jump over it. This box was connected to the source of electricity. The dogs of the first and the third group jumped over the fence to avoid the electricity while the second one put up with its destiny and started moaning and lying on the bottom of the box despite increasing of the current intensity. Thus, being unable to change the situation, the dogs of the second group got used to the situation or, in other words, helplessness. Before continue reading this article, we would like to advise you to read this essay on the essence of happiness so that you could clearly understand the rest of the essay.

Today, it is difficult to surprise somebody with the term "learned helplessness" since most of us know about it. However, having mentioned conscious optimist people will be puzzled since they are unlikely to hear about this term before. What does it mean?

When the experiment with the dogs succeeded, he decided to prove his theory using human volunteers but by means of more humane methods. According to the results of the previous experiment, he discovered that an individual can influence the way he or she thinks and behaves modifying them. Therefore, he understood that an individual can override any difficulty even if they occur regularly. This phenomenon was named “conscious optimist”.

Martin Seligman, as the founder of positive psychology, is positive that a man is not a victim of circumstances, but the creator of his own destiny. Thus, this approach is useful both for treatment of such problems like depression and for the strengthening of psychological resistance. Did you know that malnutrition might also be the trigger of depression? This essay contains the consequences of malnutrition and a couple of tips to fix this problem

Despite the fact, that positive psychology was already discussed in the previous century acquiring plenty of followers, this phenomenon had no theoretical and practical basis which didn't allow scientist to refer it to the full-fledged branch of psychological science.

Today, thanks to Dr. Seligman and his followers, positive psychology acquired its own structure and practical tools and its conclusions were proven by means of multiple theoretical types of research and experiments. There are plenty of contemporary followers of positive psychology such as John Heidt, Daniel Gilbert, Albert Bandura, Charles Snyder, Mihai Csikszentmihalyi, Ed Ender etc.

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