12 Tips How To Check Paper For Plagiarism


Plagiarism is the copying of the phrases and texts of the other people without any references and when you say that it is your own paper. With the development of the Internet, the huge amount of information is available nowadays for all people, but the plagiarism is now possible just when you copy and paste the information from the different resources.

If you wish to find it, you need to have a lot of patience and to be very attentive. After reading this article you will learn how to use the available online resources to check the materials for plagiarism. We have collected all needed advices for you, but if you have any difficulties, you can place the order on our site and we will do our best to help you.

Find the plagiarism with the help of the online resources

1. Use online services, which do not need registration

You can find in Google search such service as plagiarism checker and there are free tables, where you can insert the text and after that to check it. After that you need to press the button “Check” and you will see if there is the plagiarism in the text. You can even see some words or the whole phrases, which were copied from the other resources.

  • If you wish to convert PDF in Word or text format, it is also possible to do. If, for example, you are given the text in PDF format, it could be the text with the plagiarism, because everything, that is in PDF format is recognized as an image, when you scan it.

  • Some programs have the special function, where you can compare the text. It gives you the opportunity to see the parts of the copied information, but not only to see, that the text was copied.

  • Free services, that can help you to find the plagiarism

  1. Copyscape

  2. Plagiarisma

  3. Small SEO Tools

  4. Plagscan

2. Google will help you

If you do not want to use any online tools, you can find the solution of the problem in Google. For example, you should take some phrases from the text, which are not very famous, or, for example, are very difficult for understanding and just to type them in the address line. After that, you will see this phrase in Google and if you see the whole part of the essay, which is like in your text, it means that you see the plagiarism. But you should be warned, that if you are looking for plagiarism on some private forums or sites, there can be shown less plagiarism, then it is in the real time.

3. If you wish to check the huge texts for the plagiarism constantly, it is recommended to sign up for some service

A lot of services, for example Turnitin become more and more popular among the professors and teachers. Yes, you need to pay for this service, but it does not matter for the teachers, that want to overcome the plagiarism. The students and pupils should understand, that every their work will be checked for plagiarism and it will be impossible just to copy the whole text and to say, that they wrote it.

4. Check the time of the plagiarism

A lot of teachers had the difficulties, when they had 2 the same works and they did not know which one is the original. If you check the time of the plagiarism in different online services, it will be easier for you to find the truth.

5. Find too complicated sentences

If you see too complicated phrases, it is better to check this work for the plagiarism. There are a lot of situations, when pupils wrote their own paper in the simply words, but copied a lot of phrases of famous people, for example, and the style of the writing was different. You will be able to see it from the first sight.

6. Find the text, which is not connected with the theme

If you are a teacher and you see, that there are some phrases or even the whole paragraphs, which are not connected with the theme, it could be the plagiarism, because it is very difficult to find the information for exactly the theme, which is needed and to get the readable text. Also, it is recommended for the teachers to create some unusual topics for the students. It will be more difficult for them to copy the information from some resources and more interesting to write something new.

7. The point of view

If you see, that your student suddenly has changed the point of view in the text, it could be the plagiarism. It is needed to check the whole paper, because it is strange, if the person had one point of view and suddenly changed it to the other one.

8. Check the format

If you see, that the paper has different colors, fonts, punctuation and formats, it can mean only one thing - it is the plagiarism. But also, there can be a lot of accidents, when the students do not care about the format of their papers.

9. Check the details

The text is like the photo, which was not changed with the time. If you see in the text the details, which are connected with the last year (for example, the name of President) it means, that the text can have the plagiarism and it should be checked.

10. Feel it

If you are reading the article, and you have the strong feeling, that something is wrong, or you just read this information before, it should be checked for the plagiarism.

11. Improving paper

When you know, that the person can write the essay and make some mistakes, use the common phrases, but suddenly, he/she has the essay, without mistakes and there are a lot of interesting information with the citations, you should check that paper for the plagiarism.

12. Compare the level of the lexicology

All people use their own style and they use the different structure of the texts. If you see, that the texts consist of the different parts, which are not connected with each other very good, then you should check it for plagiarism.

To sum up, it is not very difficult to find the plagiarism. Nowadays, there are a lot of resources which will help you to do it. You just need to have a lot of patience and time. But if you do not wish to spend your time on it, you can place the order on our site and you can be sure, that we will be glad to help you.

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