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In addition to affordable essay writing, we also have a blog, which we always update with new interesting essays. We offer you to get acquainted with this one dedicated to the problem of criticism.

We are very vulnerable to criticism because we just can’t stand when others try to convince us that we do something wrong. There are plenty of points of view concerning self-criticism and criticism in general since it might be beneficial for the object of critics and it might literally destroy it. What is the difference between criticism that can inspire and the one that can force one to give up? In this essay, we will try to analyze the essence of criticism, what kinds of criticism exist and how at least to try not to fall prey to those who want to bring our motivation down. If you are looking for the sources of motivation, this essay on sixteen ways to get motivated reveals the secrets for those who can’t handle it themselves.

Let’s clarify the issue concerning criticism at the beginning of our essay. It occupies all the spheres of our life, not just art. This is the work we do, the plans we have, the skills we try to master, the point of view we have. Everything can become an aim for the critics and nobody can avoid that no matter how hard he or she tries. There are people who say everything out loud without hiding the truth or something they consider to be the truth. However, it might be something you need to hear but you don’t want to and something you don’t need to hear since it has nothing to do with you and your occupation. Some simple examples will clarify this statement. People make mistakes and it is most likely the result of lack of knowledge or experience rather than lack of discipline or attention. There are people that are more aware of the question you are about to discover who can help you to avoid certain mistakes on the preliminary stage which is very important since this is the time when the foundations are established.

However, there are people who do not have experience in the field you are interested in, however, they will try to convince you that you do something wrong or won’t succeed at all because they didn’t.  Why people actually do it? Sometimes, it happens deliberately and not on the purpose but the feelings that trigger such critics are always the same. These are envy, anger, self-pity etc. We can't stand others' success and it forces us to make horrible things, from verbal abuse to actual violence. However, there is another trigger that also should be mentioned and it is called underestimation. How many problems people experience due to underestimation of their capabilities. The reasons for being dismissed are various, for example, it might be your age, your sex, your origin, your race, your family etc. By the way, such underestimation or discrimination, if you please, triggered feminist movement appearance in Europe and then all over the world. Read more at Those, who take into account only the above-mentioned features will find even the most ridiculous reasons for criticizing you and the worst thing is that there is nothing you can do. However, there is one thing you can actually control. Your studying at the college will be much easier if you will refer to the custom college papers service we offer.

These types of criticism are devastating for our motivation since they are aimed at the destruction while constructive criticism from experienced people is aimed at helping you. However, there is self-criticism we should also consider since it is very important as well. Most people actually misused self-criticism and self-loathing. These are complete opposite terms that have different goals. Self-criticism is necessary because it helps to keep developing disregarding the results you've already managed to attain. Self-loathing is a form of self-pity that is intended to find the excuses not to do something. People that consider their success critically know that they can do better than this since the way to perfection is far too long. If you don't know what features you should pay attention to, first of all, read our essay on critical thinking to use and develop it for your own good Those, who consider every success to be a victory soon enough will stop growing since they won’t see any reasons for doing it. This is a matter of motivation and we deliberately kill it. There are people who will do it even better than you do so just try to consider every mistake as an inevitable step in your personal evolution which will lead to beneficial results.

The vulnerability is the issue we are about to discuss since this is the only thing that shows the difference between a strong and a weak person. It is impossible to learn easy and fast how to be less vulnerable to critics and it will take quite some time for you to become less perceptive about what people say or think about you. So many interesting people were literally suffocated by the society intended to kill individuality and motivation. This point of view seems to be a little bit dystopian but, as a rule, the source of the pressure and criticism is society and even the closest ones. The influence of society is not limited by our activity and this essay on the influence of society on the individual contains the leverage society use to suppress us. The best piece of advice we can provide in this case is to push as hard as you can and listen to the people whose critics is intended to help you rather than destroy you.

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