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Did you have the situation, when you needed to lie, because if you said the truth, it could create a lot of problems for people? But it is always possible to find the needed words and even if the reaction of the people will not be as you wanted to get, it is better is you are the honest person. The detailed information you can find in the honesty is the best policy essay. Also, the honesty is the best way to solve the problem and because of it you should not lie. It is better to say the truth and solve the issue, than to lie and after that do not know what to do with the consequences. If you need to see the examples of the different essays, you can easily do it on our site.

Here you can see the steps, which will help you to overcome the lie in your life. You can think, that it is very difficult, but it is in this way only from the very beginning. Later, you will see, that you cannot lie and say always the truth. You will be free and it will give you a lot of positive emotions.

1) The relationships with different people

It is required to remember, that the honesty is the main factor in the relationships between people. It does not matter where exactly you are: at your work place, at school or at university, if you are playing or working, you should be honest, because all people value the honest people. You can say, that it is very difficult, but if you try, you will see, that the life will be changed a lot.

2) If you are not honest, you cannot have friends

If you always lie to your friends, you will destroy the friendship and it will be impossible to change. Even if they do not notice, that you lied to them from the very beginning, you will see, that it will be shown later. It is very difficult for people to remember everything that they lied, because of it, you can have a lot of problems. Here you can see a few examples of the lie between friends:

a) The behavior

Just imagine, that you do not like some people, but you cannot show your real attitude to them, because, for example, you can get the better job with their help or they can give you some money or just help you in the other way. But it is better just to respect these people and not to lie to them or try to be the best friends.

b) Like what the other people did for you

For example, your friend prepared the cake and you should try it. Really, you do not like the cake, but you can lie, that it is very delicious. Do you think, that you are right, because it is your friend? No, you are completely wrong. Just because of the fact, that you are friends, you should not lie. It is better to explain what happened and find the solution together. Here, in the essay on foreign policy it is possible to find all needed information. Our professional writers can help you with any essay you wish to have.

3) Understand the reason of it

Sometimes, people can lie, because they do not want to have the conflict or just do not want what they should say. Some of them just are very shy to say the truth. Because of it, you should firstly think a lot and only after that to say something.

4) You should be honest with yourself

This advice can be strange for you, because at this moment we are speaking about how to be honest with the other people, but it is impossible if you are not honest with yourself. If you had a lot of promises to yourself, you cannot be honest with the other people. You should find your weak sides and be ready to take the responsibilities for the consequences, which you have created. There is no need to compare yourself with the other people. We should understand that all people are different and because of this fact, there are a lot of interesting people. Just imagine, if all people are the same, it will not be very interesting to live in this world. All people are different and sometimes, we can think, that they are better than we. But in this way, the only solution is to develop your positive skills and become better every day.

5) The honesty is connected with the kindness

If you are honest, it means, that you are very kind person, because you can tell other people the truth, when the other ones cannot do it. Because of this fact, you are doing the good job. If you check the advices from the public policy essay, you will get more detailed information and also a lot of examples. For example, even if you need to get the essay on some complicated theme, like essays on the cold war, our writers have all needed materials for it.

6) Find the answer to three questions

If you do not know what to do, ask yourself just three simple questions:

a) Is it the truth?

b) Is it very important?

c) Is it good?

If the answer to these questions is positive, you can say about it to the other people. It is very important to understand, that the truth should have the correct motivation.

7) Choose the correct time and place

If you wish to say the person something, that is not very good, it is recommended to do when you are alone. Do not do it in the group of people, even if they are your friends. People accept the truth better when you are alone and you have the private conversation. If you wish to write the email or say it via the phone, the contact will not be in the way as it can be when you are alone. Is honesty the best policy essay needed to be checked? The answer will be: “Yes”, because our writers provide you with the best essay in the world.

8) Give the advices

If you wish to give the advices to the other people, they should be constructive and you should always explain your own point of view and support it via the different examples. Even if you need to say about something bad, you can tell about something good too. You should see the situation from all sides.

9) Say everything correct

All people accept the things in the different ways. Because of it, you should be sure, that the other person understood you in the right way. It is required to avoid any emotions and to say about the only facts.

10) Do not be rude

It is important to be polite and not to be rude. It does not matter what exactly you want to say and to which people, you should always be polite and correct. Because of it, the other people will be able to understand you in the correct way.

To sum up, you can see, that the truth is always very important and even if it is very difficult to say the truth, you should do it. It will change your life and the relationships with the people.

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