Discrimination Essay: Equality Is A Myth


Discrimination essay

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The discrimination was born hundreds of years ago and you might think that it is unreasonable for our modern society that we are smart enough to exclude prejudice thoughts from our mind but, unfortunately, for now, representatives of other races are hunted. A race is not the only target for discrimination. Remember the first and the bloodiest events caused by religious discrimination. The best essay defining the notion justice is on As far as you might have understood, these events were called crusades. Thousands of people died because their religious beliefs were opposed to the others. They called these people "heretics" and brutally killed them. This is one of the most bright and even horrible representatives of discrimination. However, there are a lot of good examples of bias attitude towards other races or representatives of other religions throughout the history. All our well-developed society with the morality and humanity in the first place remains a myth while such prejudice and violent people will walk among us. This is another side of equality promoted by our governments and don't think that there is nothing you can do about it. If each person manages to get rid of such point of view, this world will become safer for representatives of other races and religious beliefs. The best essay and thesis writers services only on star-writers.

In this racism and discrimination essay, we will describe the current situation in the world, define all the types of discriminations and propose our ways of solutions.

Types of discrimination

Discrimination as a legal phenomenon is characterized by multiple varieties appeared in various groups of labor relations. Besides common types of discrimination like religious or racial ones, there are such types that even difficult to identify like discrimination. It is necessary to consider those who are deprived of their rights. Best college assignments help online for those who don’t have extra time to write papers. There is no list of discrimination arguments thus the number of people suffering from different types of discriminations is always increasing. In this prejudice and discrimination essay we will show you such types of discrimination you didn’t even know about. There are following discrimination backgrounds:

1) Sex (for women includes pregnancy and the birth of a child);

2) Marital status, including the following types of civil status:

- Single

- Married

- Living together

- Divorced

- Being a widow or widower

3)  Religious beliefs;

4) Atheistic worldview;

5) Skin color;

6) Race;

7) Ethnic or national origin including nationality or citizenship;

8)  Difficult health conditions, disability and decreasing of productivity:

- Physical disability;

- General disease;

- Mental illness (10 Most Horrifying Mental Illnesses);

- Intellectual and psychological failures;

- Other irregularities of physical and psychological functioning of organism;

- The use of a guide dog, a wheelchair and other auxiliaries for the disabled;

- Infection of the body;

9) Age;

10) Political views;

11) Unemployment, including the status of the unemployed person;

12) Wealth and financial situation in the family in general;

13) Sexual orientation including heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual orientations.

First of all, we should define the notion discrimination itself to understand its meaning. The notion “discrimination” means deprivation of certain writes, prejudice attitude to the people with regard to their race, sex or other features. Professional essays and homework help only on our website. Usually, such actions are restricted by the law and provided by the government. Since discrimination harmfully affects economics, politics, social relationships, we all should exclude it from our life in the first place. As was mentioned above, almost any feature like sex, race, marital status and even outlook can become a target for prejudice opinion. Our service provides qualified help with academic writing for students and pupils with lack of time.

Racial discrimination is any limitation based on a race, a color, a national or an ethical feature of an individual in political, economic, cultural, social or other branches of life. In the countries where these laws are officially promoted, any violations of these rules are restricted and severely punished. Despite all the measures provided by the European Union racial discrimination still, takes place in almost all the European Countries. The most qualified thesis writing services company always delivers the paper on time. You might have seen like employers preferred employees with white skin rather than with black one. Since stereotypes control this world it is very difficult to find a job, hire a flat etc. for those who represent other nationalities. The judicial system is not perfect as well. If the major part of jurors prefers racist ideology, accused person of another race won't benefit from that. If you are ready to pay someone to write my paper online, follow the link ad place your order. Discrimination also influences amount of salary. For example, a certain individual of a group of people can be paid less for the same amount work. It is divided into following groups: men earn more than women and white people earn more comparing with black people. There is also a stereotype that separates all the profession into female and male ones. Definitely, there are some professions that women are just not able to handle with but mostly, women are capable to do any work. High quality writing help and essay service only on star-writers.

Social pressure was also a good source of discrimination. For example, if a woman is single in thirty, it means that she is so-called damaged. People start asking question. Why is she alone? On the other hand, if a twenty-one-year girl gave a birth to a child, it means that she has no moral principles since it is too young age to have a child. Modern tendency of young couples living together without marriage wasn’t very appreciated by the society.  Since sexual relationships without marriage are restricted. However, in the modern society, it is a widespread practice. Our service is able to make you an essay within an hour.

Sex discrimination also places a leading position for today. You are more likely to be hired if you are a man even if your skills are higher than ones of your male opponent. First of all, it is connected with pregnancy. Usually, young girls apply to a job without regard to the future. If she is young, she will get married, born a child and take a paid parental leave. It is very unprofitable for the employers and thus men are preferable in this case. Only our service can write your college essay quickly and with the highest quality of writing. Let alone obvious underestimation towards women. Nevertheless, average woman is smarter and more capable than average man. Think about it twice hiring somebody. However, there are several exceptions that are not considered to be a discrimination. For example, women can't apply to heavy industry positions since it is very harmful to the future posterity. We will type your essay online and you will be very satisfied by the result.

Age discrimination. Applying for the job, young people experience prejudice towards their candidacies explained by lack of experience. The employers usually underestimate inexperienced graduate students since they don't have appropriate skills to do the work. As the result, all the positions are occupied by old-fashioned and narrow-minded people. Sometimes fresh view is much better than all experience. Looking for the best custom writing service to write you an essay online? Follow the link.

One of the most serious problems is employment of disabled people. According to the official survey, 70% of disabled people are unemployed but as a rule, the real situation is much worse. A government must provide physically disabled people with favorable working conditions, for example, they can decrease the number of working hours or provide special facilities to facilitate working conditions. It would be better for you to pay an expert to do your assignment quickly and professionally. In the developed countries disabled people are able to live normal lives because of multiple appliances intended to help people with various health conditions. Such measures are necessary to pay attention of people to the problems of disabled people, to get rid of stereotypes and prejudice towards such people, to protect their rights and dignity, to show people that it is crucial for all of us because each member of our family can fell prey of such disability and force our government to provide financial support for these people. Our service will easily do your essay urgently within the stated deadline.

Sexual orientation. Differences of sexual orientation can cause horrible and even violent consequences. Greeks thought that love is united and can be applied to the relationships between a mother and a son, a man and a woman, between a man and a man and between a woman and a woman. The list of top 10 Ancient Greek Philosophers who changed the world is on this website.  The opposite sexual preferences can result in violent actions towards representatives of homosexual orientation and sometimes aftermath can be even lethal. Indeed, there are a lot of places where people of the same orientation can gather without fear. However, sexual educations in schools should be restricted since child mindset can’t understand this information appropriately and it can influence his/her choice.

Religious discrimination. Many people experienced bias attitude being a part of a certain religious group. These people are usually deprived of their civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights. They are also limited in education and healthcare. In the most severe cases, some of them can be imprisoned or even punished for their religious beliefs. The best essay on types of religion might be interesting for you The United Nations tries to fight it by all means. First of all, they created corresponding laws and legislation and try to tackle of the conflicts based on some religious background. In general, they are intended to allow each individual has its own beliefs without being haunted. The history of United Nations Foundation might seem very interesting for you.

Discrimination of women rights. Since the ancient times, women were disregarded and deprived of their rights on cultural and political level. The education was considered to be unnecessary for women. Usually, they had no rights to choose a groom, it was up to father. In general, women were not a valuable part of society as it must be. Even today with all the progress we have, in certain countries women are still hunted and disregarded. The protectors of human rights all over the world try to exclude such disrespectful behavior towards women. In certain countries women were provided with all the rights to make here equal member of society but still there are countries where this company was far from being successful. For example, in Sudan public rapes are used as means of intimidation and victims of these crimes can’t be appropriately protected. These horrible measure might see terrifying for the modern woman but in some countries like Sudan it is normal. Such action trigged creation of modern movement called feminism.

In this discrimination against women essay we will try to define the strongest modern movement intended to protect women rights. Feminism is a phenomenon that can be considered from at least two sides. First of all, it is a political movement connected with the struggle of women for equality. This movement is usually associated with classical feminism, in particular the movement of suffragettes that were intended to provide women all over the world with the right to vote. Today, it is not a problem, but at the beginning of the 20th century women didn’t have right to vote. Secondly, feminism is an intellectual movement, in fact, a branch of philosophy, which differs much from classical political feminism.

The term "feminism" appeared in the early XIX century. The journalist used it as a characteristic peculiar for women. By the end of the nineteenth century, in the context of the suffragist movement, the word "feminist" was used as a name for members of this movement. Thus, by the beginning of the 20th century, the meaning of the term was fundamentally changed. Today, we clearly understand that term “feminist” means fighter for women rights.

The Ideas close to the original feminism have been was found in the Western culture since Antiquity. In the fifth “Letter” of Plato, for example, he states that there are no obstacles for the woman to be the governor. If a woman is intelligent and talented, she should have the same rights as the most intelligent and talented men. The elements of feminism can be found in the Middle Ages, and in the Renaissance as well.

The first feminist is usually called the Englishwoman Mary Wollstonecraft, who lived at the end of the XVIII century. In the treatise "Protecting the rights of women" she raises issues related to the fate of women. The main slogan of Wollstonecraft, which caused the scandal, is that a woman can independently control her own destiny. This was the first step for the movement that managed to change the destiny of millions of women.

Unfortunately, the list of discriminations is not yet finished. The common sense of discrimination is based on something given by birth but usually, it touches all the aspects of our lives. For example, with regard to some financial difficulties, parents can't afford to buy expensive clothes and for the child, it would be almost impossible to avoid jokes from the classmates. An extraordinary style can also become a trigger to bias attitude. We all have different taste in clothes and resources. It is impossible to build developed society when people can’t stand some one’s absence of taste or even lack of money.

Conflicts between people who eat meat and vegetarians also take place.  So called activists always try to protect their mythical rights and convince people that their way of life is righteous. What means to be a true vegetarian? More information is on this website. Vegetarians usually protect animals’ rights arguing about their suffering on the slaughter-houses. Those who prefer meat, in turn, states that this is the natural order of things. We are hunters and they are prey. These are two absolutely different points of view and it is hard to say whether right or wrong but disrespectful attitude is not a solution to this problem. Develop your critical thinking with the manual created by our writers

As we stated in our essay on racial discrimination, it exists in all the forms in our so-called well-developed society. As was said, discrimination is always deprivation. Bias opinions towards your nationality, color of your skin, your religious beliefs, your sex or even clothing disables you to get what you deserve. You might have even experienced certain kind of discrimination at work, at home or just on the street. Unfortunately, for some people, such simple features can be call to action. Conflicts based on some religious or sexual background happen every day. Things that seem to be inappropriate for others can be a trigger for violent action. Learn more about characteristics of a true leader in one of the best essays about leadership. There is no need to tell that we can move forward and develop our mindset without getting rid of it. These actions, in turn, can negatively affect economic, cultural, social, educational etc. levels. People can no longer live in fear for their lives and the ones of their children. All branches of our life are corrupted with this disease and we must fight it by all means. It will be much difficult for you to achieve your goals if you are a woman, an African American, or representative of some religious or sexual minorities. First of all, you should change your mindset. This is the first rule of self-development, if you want to change the world you should become better in the first place.  The most interesting facts about Bradbury’s “451 Fahrenheit” are on Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to change people but there no need to do it. Tell them about your point of view without any pressure and maybe you will manage to free his/her soul from prejudice attitude. If you changed at least one person, this is the great step for the whole society. Only our character, our abilities, and skills should be the major criteria but not the color of our skin or sexual orientation. Change yourself and the world will follow.

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