Essay on Drug Abuse: Harm and Consequences of Drug Use


Each inhabitant of the planet knows that drugs cause irreparable harm to the body. This is a real poison to humans. Drugs help a person feel a surge of strength, energy, vitality, they cause euphoria and bliss. This suggests that the narcotic has a very strong impact on the person’s mind. In all corners of the planet statistics was collected, which was not comforting. Almost every essay on drug addiction shows that worldwide more than 20% of people use illicit substances. The sharp demand and popularity of the drugs appeared in mid-20th century. Most drugs were distributed in America. It is in this country that the use of marijuana began. Subsequently, this drug started to appear in other countries and continents of the world. Since then cannabis gained the name of the "soft drug". But, as you understand this is not true. Ask the essay writer and get more information about it.

The harm of drugs is known to all without exception, and, despite this, people still continue to use them. Cannabis, cocaine, LSD, heroin, ecstasy, methadone are the most famous and popular drugs worldwide. There are, of course, a lot of other types of drugs, but these are the most common. Narcotic abuse is very detrimental to all the parts and systems of the organism. The liver, brain, kidneys, heart, and the reproductive system are the first to suffer. Doctors established the fact that the average life duration of a drug addict who uses drugs via the intravenous route is 6 - 8 years. The liver of such drug-dependent people cannot bear the strain. In the majority of instances, drug users have a liver disease, cirrhosis precisely. On top, a strong burden is placed on the heart. The harm very much depends on the type of narcotic which is taken, the frequency of its use, in what way it is used, at what age its use began and in what doses such drug substance enters the body. Very often, drug users die in an accident. Of course, this happens in a state of narcotic intoxication. Some, under the influence of drugs end their lives by suicide, some die in the result of an overdose. In the life of a drug addict there is almost no other goal than searching for another dose of a drug.

So why do people start using drugs? We will try to find out the answer in this essay about drugs. A common cause of the beginning of the drug use is a desire to try something new, feel some new experience. Often the reason for the use is the fact that people want to relieve stress and get away from the unexciting everyday life. After receiving the so-called "rush", there comes a sense of apathy, depression, hopelessness. To avoid these depressive states, the person has a desire to use drugs again. With each new dose this desire increases and as a consequence addiction develops. When a person becomes addicted, he/she constantly needs drugs. When there is no next dose, there is a withdrawal syndrome. Depending on how often the drug is used, the state of withdrawal is compounded each time.

In this essay on drugs we would also like to pay attention to such a state, as a withdrawal disease, as very often it is the main reason why drug addicts seek help. In fact, this state of the human body is very scary and dangerous. Because of this, a person may die. You can order a paper about it from our best essay writing service.

A drug addict is constantly pursued by the idea, where to get the next dose of the drug. This desire sharply manifests itself when the effect of the drug on the body ends. This condition is characterized by the nervous trembling, and cold sweat. Often, the state of withdrawal is accompanied by cramps, numbness of limbs, diarrhea, nausea occurs, pain in the joints and muscles appears. In addition, headaches and dizziness begin, insomnia appears. Such unstable manifestations of mental condition can make a person uncontrollably savage, and provoke attacks of aggression. You can buy essay papers about it on our website.

The duration of withdrawal may be from a few days to several months. It depends on the type of the drug used, as well as the vulnerability of the organism. The duration of this condition is also affected by the duration of addiction. As a rule, after the withdrawal syndrome psychosis occurs. Psychosis is dangerous to life, as in the period of psychosis a person may experience hallucinations and clouding of consciousness. Because of this, the addict feels groundless fear and as a result the person commits suicide. Some drugs create the effect of self-suggestion. This means that everything that happens in a person's mind, happens in a real life as he/she thinks. This condition is very dangerous, as any negative thought can cause suicide or violence against others. If you need a research paper rewriter, you can find him/her on our site.

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As a rule, persons that take narcotics have very faint and sick offspring. Children may be born with a range of abnormalities and deformities. Women who use drug preparations are prone to constant miscarriages. In the majority of situations, drug users abandon their born children or the state may forbid them to engage in their education. Our essay editing service will help you create a good paper on this topic.

The consequences of the drug use:

1. Reduction of the immune functions of the body leads to various infectious diseases. Festering all over the body develops, which turns into sores and scars. After intravenous injections with dirty drugs, there is necrosis of muscle tissue. The tendons and bones are affected.

2. Impaired metabolism often results in severe weight loss.

3. Derangement of the inner metabolic processes leads to a calcium deficiency in the organism and the addict loses their teeth.

4. Habitual usage of narcotics results in impotence in men and early menopause in women.

5. Mental disorders and hallucinations lead to violent behavior of a drug dependent and in consequence to unlawful actions.

6. Long-term usage of narcotics results in the damage of the liver (hepatitis A, B, C), kidneys and the respiratory system of the organism.

7. There are diseases of the cardiovascular system.

8. Intellect reduces, and a person degrades as a personality.

The author of the drug addiction essay is particularly worried by the fact that the age of persons that take drugs, decreases with each passing year. According to statistics, students between 12 and 13 years have tried drugs at least once in their life. All over the world people are desperately struggling with drugs. Every year huge batches of banned substances are confiscated, drug distributors get imprisoned. However, all these actions are almost futile. Drugs still exist and the fight with them goes on. You can order homework essay about it on our site.

Such drug addicts who realize that they can not continue to maintain such a lifestyle anymore are concerned about how to quit drugs. For some addicts it seems unreal. But experts convince of the contrary. It is possible to quit drugs, as long as a person sincerely wants it. There are some tips that will help deal with this terrible addiction.

  • It is necessary to find yourself something to do. You can start to learn something new, do sports, get a job. It is necessary to fully take up your day with something, not to have any free time. Very often people become addicts simply because they have nothing to do. If you are interested in doing sports, here is an essay about it:
  • A lot of drug addicts who want to quit its use, turn to religion. Everyone chooses for him/herself, in which religion to believe. The main thing is that this belief helps a person cope with the difficulties and raise morale. To know more about Internet addiction, please read:
  • It is obligatory to set a definite purpose in life. It is actually quite an important point. When an individual has nothing to aspire to, he/she may easily go back to the usage of narcotics. The goal must be global, it has to guide a person most of his/her life. When there is something to strive for, drugs and other addictions fall by the wayside.
  • And, of course, drug addicts can do nothing without professionals. There are special centers that deal with these issues. That's where narcotic users may get professional help and forget about forbidden substances forever. Do not neglect them.

Thus, narcotics are preparations which cause a detrimental impact on psychological and bodily state of the individual. Usage of narcotics leads not just to losing acquaintances and having conflicts with the relatives, this addiction may as well result in troubles with the police and weakening of physical condition. Drug obsession is a horrible ailment which results in bodily and emotional dependence on the narcotic.

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