What Is Justice Essay: What Is Wrong Or What Is Right?


What is justice essay

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Criminal justice system essay on how justice system influence our life.

1. Philosophical point of view on justice

Justice is a form of activity, consisting in examining and resolving the cases by the court referred to its competence - criminal offenses, civil disputes, etc. The execution of the court is carried out in the order established by law. But this is the only one meaning of justice. There is also a philosophical point of view that describes this meaning in a full manner. The discussion on what exactly the word “justice” means continues for a long time. Professional essay writer is ready to complete any order on any topic. Essential signs of justice and its structural and functional characteristics have always been interesting to philosophers of law, lawyers, and political scientists. Initially, the justice itself and justice in philosophy were connected with the comprehension of the specifics of human existence within the society. The researchers in the field of justice and background for its further development were found even in the ancient writings of Plato and Aristotle.

A significant contribution to the philosophical understanding of the justice essentials and its role in human history was made by I. Kant and G. Hegel. They tried to describe the meaning of justice through the influence of ontological coordinates of the right on the court in the system of social interactions. In the “Phenomenology of Spirit” G. Hegel explains the nature of justice, linking it with the problem of the relationship of an individual with the society in general. According to his studying, the right to a court is rooted in the contradiction of the very process of the formation of public authority institutions. Both the subject and the object of justice are not parted but is the unity. The best service type an essay online will help you to complete any essay properly.

The works of contemporary philosophers A. Camus and F. Kafka played a significant role in the understanding of justice itself. The evolution of liberal ideology, the crisis of the traditional system of values for European culture led to the loss of the possibility of an autonomous validation of the right to court in the modern society.

However, the problem of notion “justice” lies in not only in the relations between branches of power, but the problem of the fundamental rights and freedoms of man, citizen, and individual. In a developed civil society, on the one hand, the judiciary exercises the role of arbitrator in disputes between legislators and the administration, and on the other hand, political action is proved to be fair if it uses the methods of justice. In modern civil society, it is the judiciary, the court, and justice that appear in the unity of their socio-political and spiritual-cultural meanings, acting as the main guarantees of law obedient government. The importance of justice today manifests itself in litigations that highlight the problems of society and identify possible ways to solve them. The final judgment, like the establishment of harmony, the balance of norm and value, means to grand a particular significance to certain social phenomena in terms of the possibility of obtaining a positive result in the context human interactions in the society. This balance of norm and value testifies to the specific nature of the justification of the right to a court in a certain cultural and historical environment. In establishing a balance of norm and value, the concepts of justice and legality, formal and informal legitimacy take place. Use the service type essay online quickly to get the best possible result.

2. Human relations in the society

As was stated above, Justice participates the interactions between the individuals in order to force them to stick to the law. Unfortunately, we are animals, wild and uncontrolled even in the developed countries. We need some force to keep us in line because without the strong arm of justice our world will be burnt down in chaos. There is a thick line between order and madness and the law is intended to enforce this line, to keep it strong so our false developed society won’t fall apart. Imagine the world without order, when anyone can do anything. The strong arm that will help you, save you doesn’t exist. All the boundaries created in our minds in the childhood are blurred out. Fear is the only mean of control and when there are no punishments for the crimes that used to be violations of the law people will drive crazy and all the cultural, technological etc. achievements we have today will vanish taking us back to the origin. There is nothing to be afraid because we are protected by law that guarantees safety to some extent. Read about the best way to overcome plagiarism issues in order to avoid problems in future.

3. Means of justice execution

In this part, it would be better to mention the most powerful instrument of justice that we “well-developed” people use since the ancient times. This instrument is a capital punishment. People were burned, drowned, boiled, stabbed, and beaten to death etc. for the disobedience. Certainly, today, capital punishment is prohibited in almost all the European countries and some states in the USA but whether this was a really good decision. This is a very controversial question because, on one hand, this is a simple killing of a person that might be guilty or not and on the other hand this measure will make people fear of justice and they won’t ever violate any law. So the main question is to save that little piece of humanity we have or neglect it for the sake of order. It is never too late to change your life and your point of view, read the essay about it so to have some inspiration.

As you can see, this topic is rather controversial, first of all, because the meaning of “justice” itself has a lot of various meanings with regard to morality, order, even relations of people within the society. Remember one thing, there is nothing about blind obedience, this is about the line between order and chaos and it is only up to us to decide.

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