Feminist Movement Essay: What Does Feminism Mean?


Feminism is an event that can be viewed from no less than 2 parts. In the first place, it’s a politic movement related to the battle of females for equal opportunities. It’s such aspect which is often linked to classical feminism, especially with the group of suffragettes who demanded that females possess the liberty to participate in an election. It seems to us that these issues have remained in the distant past, but then, females didn’t hold voting rights at all anywhere on the globe. Secondly, feminism is an intellectual activity, actually, a trend in thinking that in its essence and reasoning is more varied than classical politic feminism.

Feminist essays disclose the notion "feminism"

The word "feminism" emerged in the early XIX century. By it in the feminist essay of that epoch the totality of qualities inherent in a lady was meant. Just like there’re precise manly traits - masculinity, there’s femaleness, or "feminism".

In the late nineteenth century, on the background of the suffragist activity, the notion "feminist" emerges, to determine the activists of the feminine movement. Thus, by the start of the XX century, the sense of the word is slowly changing. The final 100 years by feminists we already definitely understand ladies who are fighting for the civil liberties. Such liberties can be realized differently, and the struggle isn’t always reduced to the demands of formal politic equity. If you need to find a professional writer service, welcome to our site.

The initial and the next tide of feminism

The initial tide of feminism is the easiest to determine. It is women's struggle for politic equity and for the chance to elect and be elected. The earliest feminists requested moderate slogans: individuals possess equivalent liberties in spite of gender.

Suffragettes were an extremely influential activity of societal interaction in the UK and America: females came together and achieved what they wanted. In 1920, the US accepted the 19th amendment to the Constitution, in line with that gender cannot be an impediment to restrictions on involvement in societal affairs and, above all, to participate in voting. Then, it seemed to people feminism was over, since females achieved their chief intend, and the rest of issues might be resolved by officials chosen by females. We can write for you a custom essay paper online on this topic.

The next tide of feminism mentioned in every feminist theory essay occurs in the 60s of the XX century and is seen as a more complicated occurrence. Tyranny here isn’t limited to prohibiting females from participating in politic affairs any more. It turned out that politic equity may still involve tyranny among relatives, and in the office. Feminists of the next tide assault the suggestion that the key purpose of females is motherhood, implying retreat and abandonment of occupation, caring for the family. They disputed the opinion that females must not strive to manifest themselves beyond this "feminine environment".

The number of themes which are connected with feminism in feminist movement essay at this part is greatly expanding: now this is violence, criticism of imposed gender stereotypes, the matter of the amount of wages, voluntary household working; they are realized as a societal dilemma. Overall, we are talking about the problematization of the figure of a lady in culture. You can choose editing essays online on our website.

This tide didn’t achieve its goals in its entirety, the issues which were written by feminists of the 60s are preserved in today's society. But for the period of the 2nd tide a real societal uprising emerged: females in the West massively penetrate the job marketplace that leads to a sharp increase in the richness of the society, and to a completely new view of real gender strategy.

The UN adopts the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (1979)

The earliest international accord which proclaimed the equal opportunities of males and females as an essential human right, was the Charter of the United Nations Organization (1945). In 1979, the UN approved the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. Most Muslim participants don’t recognize these provisions.

Influence on Western society

Feminism has brought with it numerous alterations in Western way of life, among them are:
• giving females the chance to participate in an election;
• a wide selection of professions with a salary roughly similar to the wages of males of alike occupation;
• the liberty to apply for marital separation;
• the opportunity of females to be in command of their own body and the liberty to decide what medical intervention is acceptable for them, counting the choice of contraceptives and harmless abort, above further numerous societal changes.

Various feminists claim that a lot more has to be carried out in the above-mentioned spheres, and one must not be satisfied with what has been achieved, while so-termed feminists of the "3rd wave" consent to the opinion that "the fight is won." Owing to the fact that Western society started to treat feminist principles more positively, and basically accepted them as an integral component of the societal order, many issues that were believed exclusively "feminist" some time ago have ceased to be recognized as such. If you ask ‘do my essay online’, our writers will help.

Integration into the social structure

A variety of the exclusively radical-feminist views are now universally established as a normal condition of things, the habitual element of politic thought. The overwhelming mass of the residents of the West doesn’t spot anything unnatural in the opportunity of females to join an election, choose their spouse (or do not choose anyone), own land - everything that would appear incredible a hundred years ago.

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Influence on heterosexual relations

The feminist movement has undoubtedly influenced heterosexual relations both in Western culture and in the rest of states which have been influenced by feminism. Though in general this influence is assessed as constructive, various negative consequences are also noted. Those who decide to pay for essay writing should apply to our service.


Females are currently freer to choose the opportunities which are opening for them, but some feel considerable discomfort from the need to play the part of "superwoman," which is, keeping a balance between profession and caring for the dwelling. In reply to the reality that in a novel society it is more difficult for a female to be a "good mother", many supporters of socialist feminism note the deficiency of a sufficient quantity of pre-school institutions. All at once, instead of shifting responsibility for the nurture and concern of kids exclusively to mothers, many fathers began to develop into more involved in the process, recognizing that it is their responsibility too. If you need professional essay help, please, visit our site.

Control of childbearing

With the "2nd wave" of feminism, sexual conduct and morals were also changed. Open variety of ways of defense from unplanned conception contributes to the fact that females are confident in sexual relations. Not the last role in this is played by the alteration of societal sentiment about womanly sexuality. The sexual uprising allowed females to be liberated, and both sexes - to get more pleasure from intimacy, as both partners feel now open and equivalent.

Despite this opinion, some feminists think that the effects of the sexual uprising are favorable only for males. The debate on "whether matrimony is a tradition of discrimination of females" persists to be relevant. People that perceive marriage as a tool of tyranny, choose extramarital relationship (namely, the so-termed civil marriage). Here you can read about the Great Depression:

Criticizing Feminism

Feminism attracts attention to itself by the fact that it has brought about considerable alterations in Western culture. Although on the whole lots of beliefs of feminism are generally accepted, some of them go on being criticized in each feminist criticism essay.

Enmity between the sexes

A number of criticizers (males with females) think that feminists sow discord amid the genders and propagate the thought of ​​male deficiency. Such criticizers identify that if in different feminist manuscripts the words "man" and "lady" are replaced by "blacks" and "whites", respectively, then accordingly these works will sound like propaganda of racism. A number of feminists don’t consent that males equally with females don’t benefit from the patriarchal way of life. The rest of feminists, particularly those of the so-termed "3rd wave", adhere to the opposite opinion and consider that gender equity implies the lack of tyranny of one sex.

Attempts to restore matriarchy

Lots of criticizers of the phenomenon think that, speaking of sex equity feminists of the present age nevertheless propagandize philosophy, in the middle of that there’s a female. These critics cite etymology and comment on the symbolism of contemporary feminism, marking their increased attention solely to those issues which concern females. In their opinion, this presentation of material makes admirers of this ideology to perceive the world solely via the prism of feminine problems, hence distorting the observation of the earth and developing persistent prejudices. This group of criticizers speaks of the necessity to introduce and transit to a new term "egalitarianism" which characterizes this phenomenon neutral relating to sex. This word could replace the word "feminism", when the idea that both males and females possess equivalent rights and potential is implied.

Intolerance against males

Criticizers of feminism claim that in Western culture, now due to the feminist activity, actually, males are disadvantaged. Those who hold this view note that the men’s suicide rate in the US is four times higher than that of females; these data increased significantly during the period from the 1980s to the 1990s; 72% of all suicides are committed by white men. Many experts arrive to the conclusion that America is becoming a country where men, especially fair-skinned, are sufferers of serious discrimination. World statistics gives similar figures. You can learn the rules of healthy diet here:

Military service

Another instance of prejudice against men in many countries is military service by conscription. Though Constitutions extend military obligations to the entire population, in reality solely males are recruited that is straight unfairness on the gender base, and it’s the outcome of governmental policy, and not the activity of feminists. We can mention that in Israel, military obligations apply to the whole population.

The death penalty

In the legislature system of numerous cultures, the usage of the death penalty is allowed solely for males that is in clear disagreement with the theory of sex equity.

Destruction of the routine lifestyle

Numerous people are opposite to the feminist actions because they consider them to become the reason for the destruction of the habitual lifestyle and the destruction of the conventional parts traditionally prescribed to males and females. In this regard, it’s said that there are several natural distinctions amid males and females, and the whole civilization only benefits from their recognition.

Blurring the habitual relations

Many persons consider that children develop more harmoniously if they are brought up in a household where there is a courageous dad and a womanly mom. In the light of this view, divorces, single-parent families or families with homosexual partners are perceived as a more significant threat to the growth of the youngster than living in a two-parent home with frequent conflicts between parents, or in those where both parents are weak role models. The mandatory desire for this form of the household is sometimes proclaimed as something unnecessary and idealized.

At present, youthful females mostly relate "feminism" to radical feminism. It is one of the grounds why many of them stay away from this movement. Nevertheless, the core amenities ​​promoted by feminism (fairness of rights and potentials irrespective of sex) have been so inalienable and universally accepted by the branch of Western culture that deviation from these values ​​and imperatives causes rejection of the mass of people (males together with females) even those that doesn’t classify themselves as feminists.

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