What Is Religion Essay: World Full Of Differences


What is religion essay

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Since the ancient times, religion was the beam of light directing people experience hard times but also, it was a trigger for multiple conflicts based on prejudice and bias attitude towards women, African American people, heretics etc. Remember the Massacre of St. Bartholomew, Crusades or trial in 1692. Thousands of people were killed because of some religious beliefs. Nevertheless, religious also helped millions of people all over the world, to overcome some tragedies or some lost. The God is the guide for all of us showing us the way of truth. Even if you don't want to believe it, or to call it "God", you can't deny that there is some force, supernatural one, which creates miracles. You can see them every day, for example, love. Don't you think that love is a miracle graced by this force? Where does it come from? Custom essays writing service with writers from UK is ready to write any paper you need.

Each social group has their own force, i.e. their own religion. In this what is religion essay we will find out what types of believers and non-believers and religions exist. There are hundreds of movements all over the world and though today there are no conflicts between representatives of different religions there are still a lot of issues that need to be tackled. This service made my essay better online within an hour.

Our best writers from UK prepared an essays on religion for you.

1) Theism and atheism

Theism is a complex of religious and mystic concepts stating that God is an absolute, infinite and supernatural creature that created the world and controls it from outside. Representatives of theism, unlike the ones of deism who don’t see God in any event or action, consider all the world’s phenomena to be the deeds of God denying any scientific facts. God’s will is impregnable and can’t be reasonably explained or analyzed. Top 10 most and least religious states on the Earth. Unfortunately, such blind obedience can lead to unpleasant and even violent consequences like peaceful debates or slaughter. However, there is no need to blame such people and censure their personal beliefs. As far as you know, every tendency has its advantages and disadvantages. Let's check, what atheism is. I asked to write my essay for me in 6 hours and they really did the job!

Atheism is a mindset based on objectivism, naturalism, anthropocentrism, rationalism, scientism, and progressivism. In other words, atheism does not simply deny the existence of God as a Creator of the world. Atheism also supports the idea that there is a one-of-a-kind, material nature, that exists despite our knowledge about it, controlled by certain laws, that a man is part of this nature and, moreover, it is the highest creature since it is able to study it, to understand the secrets of its nature, to use it for its own purpose and states that values of humankind are above all things. We will type your essay online with the highest quality of service. As stated in this freedom of religion essay states, the only truth they know is that human history is presented by gnoseological, economic and political progress. Most of the atheism representatives are scientists that study the nature of all the phenomena on our planet and this knowledge prevent them from believing in some supernatural force that controls us. In general, knowledge poisoned their minds and they can't just believe. A person without beliefs is blind but he/she is free from bias opinions. If you say: “write me an essay online” we answer: “easily, just place your order”.

In this religion definition essay we tried to define this complex notions for you to understand its meaning. Since the world is full of contradictions there are half-believers or people of non-identified type. That means that there are people who think that God is likely to exist, unlikely to exist or do not think about religion at all. There is always an exception to the rules. If you are ready to pay to do your assignment online, we will gladly cooperate.

2) Types of religions

1. Christianity. It is Abrahamic and monotheistic religion based on Jesus Christ's knowledge recorded by his followers. This is the most widespread religion among existed ones with more than 2.5 billion followers (33% of Earth population). The followers of this religion believe that Jesus is the son of God and the great savior of humankind. All the Christian religion is noted in creeds, for example, Nicene Creed or Apostles’ Creed. According to its religion, Jesus Christ was executed but he raised from the dead to reunite with his father in heaven and on his return all the followers will be granted by the eternal life and forgiveness of all the sins. A cross is a symbol of Christianity since Jesus was nailed to the cross. This is the reminder for all the followers, that one person was suffering and died for their redemption and they should respect that. We write only high-quality essay on our website.

There are also several branches of Christianity. It is divided into Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Eastern Orthodoxy. Catholic Church is the biggest branch of Christianity appeared as the result of the Reformation originated to Germany and then to other European countries. It is headed by the bishop of Rome, or in other words Pope, the highest authority concerning faith, governance, and morality.Protestantism followers share beliefs and creeds of Christianity in general but denying the existence of limbo and some statements of Divine Revelation.Almost all the features of Catholic Church were excluded, for example, statues, monuments, icons, candles etc. Separation of Eastern Orthodox Church lays in dogmatic, moral, ethical and other differences as well. If you need to get essays written for you in 6 hours, just contact our supports agents.

2. Islam – is one of the youngest religions occupying the second place after Christianity with regard to the number of followers (or in other words Muslims) (more than 1.5 billion ones). The founder and spiritual advisor of Islam is Messiah Mohammad. According to this religion, Mohammad wrote Quran, the crucial creed of Islam, on the behalf of Allah. We type your great essay online within a couple of hours with a great discount.

The Quran, according to Islamic dogma, is:

  1. Divine guidance for humanity, the last Holy Scripture provided by Allah;
  2. The Word of God, the testimony of prophecy and the last  Allah’s revelation that confirmed the validity of all the previous scriptures, abolished the old laws and proclaimed the newest and the righteous ones;
  3. A miracle proving Mohammad’s prophetic mission, summarizing all the previous divine pastorals.

Islam was born in Mecca Western Arabia, with dominated heathendom. Each tribe had their own Gods and Goddesses. The patriarchal tribal system was substituted by class society. As well as Christianity and Judaism, Islam refers to the so-called "Abrahamic religions". Abrahamic religions are originated to the oldest forms of Middle Eastern monotheism, as a result they have common historical and mythological heritage and an identical picture of the world. The influence of Christianity and Judaism on the formation of the Islam at an early stage of its development is much exaggerated. You need to pay someone to write and proofread your essay, use our service.

The direct influence of Christian and Jewish theology is connected with the forming process of the problematic field of Islamic theology. Muslim theologians had to answer the same questions that have been already answered by their Christian and Jewish predecessors. On the early stages of the development of Islam, the original unity of Abrahamic monotheism, expressed by the Prophet Muhammad, was realized. The most precise biography of the Prophet Muhammad.  His main idea reveals the true face of monotheism from distortions brought by Jews, Christians, and heathenism. Original or classical Islam had no clear line between religion and law that's why they paid much more attention to the political questions that to the religious ones. After the death of Muhammad, the theocratic government called Caliphate was build and Islam was reborn and obtained features indicative for modern Islam. Cheap research paper writers working 24/7 are always ready to handle your order.

3. Buddhism – this is a religious philosophic tendency about spiritual awakening appeared in Ancient India. Founder of this religion has a lot of names but the most common name is Buddha or Gautama. Most of the scientist have a controversial opinion concerning this religion. They refer it to ethical, philosophical, religious, cultural, educational study or even "science about consciousness". This religion is also widespread and found its followers all over the world.

A myth about Buddhism’s origin is fairly simple. Father of Gautama was a rich man and they live in a huge castle. His father loved his son so much that he wanted to keep him from all this pain and starving outside the castle. You might ask how did such person become a Messiah, enlightener and a keeper of the wisdom. The first shift of our prince happened when he saw an old and miserable man, then a man suffering from leprosy and ongoing funeral procession. So Gautama recognized that age, sickness, and death are the fate of all the people. Then he saw a peaceful traveler, who was absolutely careless. It was a great shock for our young prince and he started thinking about fate as the inevitable doom of humanity. Later, he left his family to travel around the world to think over the major questions for him and collect wisdom. After 35 years he returned enlightened and awakened as Buddha. For 45 years the Buddha propagate his philosophy. A religious tendency based on his wisdom can be described by four noble truths.

The Four Noble Truths:

  • There is Dukkha, a suffering (this translation is more likely to be a Christian one). More precisely, Dukkha is understood as dissatisfaction, anxiety, concern, fear of impermanence, incompleteness, and frustration.
  • Dukkha has a reason (thirst, satisfaction, existence or non-existence, changes, as well as a desire based on a person's a wrong impression of the invariability of ego).
  • There is a possible way to avoid Dukkha (just get rid of its cause).
  • There is another way of getting rid of Dukkha (the octal path leading to nirvana). More interesting facts about Dukkha you can find on this website.

Having passed several years drowning in his own consciousness, Buddha came to the conclusion that people cause their own suffering. Their lifestyle, material values, faith in the unchanging soul are just an attempt to create an illusion opposed to the universal variability. There is a way to stop suffering, enter a Nirvana and awake. To reach an enlightenment you have to get rid of your illusions concerning our obsession with material wealth and other comforts. In order to achieve it, you have to follow the five commandments and meditate. Terrorism is a sickness of modern society and you have to be acquainted with its horrible consequences

The Buddha claimed that his philosophy was not a divine revelation, but was received by means of a meditative contemplation of his own spirit and other things. The result of meditation depends on the personal efforts. He also emphasized that only experience will help his followers to get enlightened. The equality in our society depends much from the judicial system

Throughout two and a half thousand years Buddhism absorbed many different beliefs and ritual practices during the process of its development. Some followers of Buddhism focused on enlightenment through meditation, others on good deeds, and another part on worshiping of Buddha. Any tendency of Buddhism is acceptable only in case if its followers adhere to all the original dogmas and philosophical principles. Critical thinking is the only way for you to understand the current situation in the world

4. Confucianism is a philosophical and religious teaching developed by Confucius and developed by his followers. It is included in the religious complex of China, Korea, Japan etc. Confucianism is a mindset, a public ethic, a political ideology, a scientific tradition, a way of life, sometimes it is considered to be a philosophy, sometimes a religion. The essay on one of the best novels of Ray Bradbury is at your service

Confucianism came up as an ethical, social and political doctrine after Spring and Autumn period. That was the time of serious social and political instability in China. Under the Han dynasty, Confucianism became an official state ideology and Confucian ideology was accepted.

Confucianism mainly played the role of the religion, the principle of organization of the state and society for more than two thousand years without any changes in the Imperial China, until the beginning of the twentieth century. It was substituted by new teaching, called "Three Principles of the People. Development of Republic of China might seem very interesting for you.

Only after the declaration of the People's Republic of China with the administration of Mao Zedong, Confucianism was accused of interrupting the progress. The historians note that in spite of the official persecutions, Confucianism was actually used in all the theoretical statements and in decision-making throughout the whole administration of Mao Zedong as well as of Deng Xiaoping. Leading Confucian philosophers stayed in the People's Republic of China and were forced to "redeem their errors" and officially avow themselves as Marxists. Later, Confucianism was reborn and today it plays a significant role in China and many other Asian countries.

The major problems considered by Confucianism are the questions of the relations between governors and citizens, the moral qualities that a governor and citizens must have, etc. Formally, Confucianism never had any religious institutions, but in its importance and the way it enters people’s minds and souls, the impact on the formation of the behavior stereotypes, it successfully performed the function of religion. An essay on environmental issues will show you that our planet is in danger.

5. Daoism is a religious and philosophical teaching in China. It emphasizes a principle that is the source and material of all the things existed. Daoism have nothing in common with Confucianism, let alone different rituals and ethical and philosophical base. The philosophy of this teaching is based on three treasure of humanity: humility, compassion, frugality. Definition of heroism essay will help you to find it in you. Daoism had a significant influence on Chinese throughout the centuries. The highest title is Daoist that refers only to the clergy that handled all the rituals and spiritual procedures. Nowadays, Daoism is one of the five religious teachings officially acknowledged by People's Republic of China. Best multiculturalism essay based on literature written by our best UK writer.

Laozi is considered to be a founder of religious Daoism and referred to the original teaching. Daoism as a stable religious teaching was formed only in the second century but most of the historians state that this tendency appeared earlier, approximately fifth century B.C. During this period original Daoism obtained its features that were widely used in the middle ages. Believes of Daoism followers are based on some myths and stories told by mystical shamans. Philosophical dogmas of this religion were developing alongside with Confucianism ones that's why some familiar features that actually have. Later, the personality of Laozi became Godlike that lead to the developing of a complex hierarchy of Gods and demons. Different types of cults took place with various ceremonies and fortune tellings exorcizing evil spirits. Daoism never was an official religion. It is likely to be massive movements of some hermits. New ideas always appeared and inspired new followers, politicians, writers, and scientists. Should cannabis be legalized, the major reasons why in this essay.

Under the Qin reigning, the followers of Daoism were once again accused of denying the traditional values, which resulted in the alleged conquest of the country by the "barbarians". These scientists called for the rejection of Daoism and Buddhism as definitively compromised false teachings and return to their own philosophical origins that ultimately resulted in a literary and social tendency, which was called Han Sueh, that is, the "Han science", which in this case meant classical Confucianism. Prosecution of the Taoist followers was stopped only under the administration of Deng Xiaoping.

According to the historical facts, religion was always under the pressure of government since it is almost perfect way to control people and government wanted to have this force for their own purpose as was mentioned in this . However, several religious institutions actually fell prey of this governmental machine but most of the religions try to stay aside from the governors. Unfortunately, opposite religious beliefs led to multiple conflicts throughout the history and there is nothing to proud of. It is caused by the opposite moral, philosophical and ethical dogmas developed in each religion by its creator. Remember one crucial thing, religion is something of your own, something private, you should share it only with the closest people and keep it to yourself.

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