Essay On Fahrenheit 451: Terrifying Future


Essay on Fahrenheit 451

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One of the most prominent novels of Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 quickly gained popularity among people of all ages. It is translated into thirty-two languages and published throughout the world. Ray Bradbury became one of the most lovable novelists of the twentieth century. Science fiction was relatively new tendency in the world of literature and this novel was read like a little fairy tale that will not ever happen. Today, it is considered to be an admonition for all of us since as far as you can see the world of technologies is developing and soon enough that horrible future can materialize. Best custom essay writing will help you to save your precious time.

In this Fahrenheit 451 essay, you can get acquainted with the biography of the author himself, about the plot and critical analysis of the novel.

1. Biography of the author

Having heard the name of Ray Bradbury, each of us will think about the most fascinating science fictions novels. Ray Bradbury is one of the best writers in the modern literature. He won many literary awards, in the science fiction genre as well. However, Bradbury did not consider himself to be a science fiction writer. Do you want to be a true leader? Useful tips for you in this essay on leadership qualities.

Ray Bradbury came up on August 22, 1920, in Waukegan (Illinois, USA). Ray's mother Marie Moberg (1888-1966) was Swedish. Father of the future writer, Leonard Bradbury (1891-1957) – was an Englishman, in the family that supposedly was one of the first settlers in North America. They moved from England to America in 1930. There is a mysterious legend in his autobiography: his grandmother Ray Mary Bradbury was "Witch of Salem", and was hanged after the trial in 1692. Learn more about first English settlements in America.

Ray Bradbury also had a brother Leonard. Unfortunately, other two children (Sam and Elizabeth) died at a very young age. Bradbury faced the death of the members of his family in the childhood. That is why you can even feel it reading some of his novels.

During the period of “Great Depression,” his father couldn’t find any job. In 1934, Bradbury’s family moved to Los Angeles, settled down in his uncle’s house. It was a hard time for his family. Having graduated from school, the young novelist was selling newspapers. Thus, he did not get higher education because of lack of money but he did not give up. The library was his college and university, as was alleged by Bradbury. Three times a week he spent the whole day in the library reading. Being a 12-year-old boy, he decided to write. Having no money to buy the book of E. Burroughs "The Great Warrior of Mars" young writer make up his mind to write the continuation of this story himself. This was the first step of Bradbury as the science-fiction writer. The main causes of the “great depression” on this website.

Bradbury became a member of the American community of young authors “Los Angeles League of Science Fiction” being a 17-year-old boy. His short stories were published in cheap storybooks. The more he wrote the more he developed his own style. In 1939, he published four issues of the journal “Futuria Fantasy” within two years. By 1942, the writer completely switched to literature and published at least fifty stories each year. Little historical note about the first journal “Futuria Fantasy” where Bradbury published his first short stories.

Despite poor revenues, Bradbury did not give up writing. The first collection of short stories "Dark Carnival" was published in 1947. This collection was comprised of stories written during the period from 1943 to 1947.

Luckily, Don Congdon, Bradbury’s agent, sent his short stories to the publishing company “Doubleday”. They were going to publish a huge collection of science fiction stories. Editor-in-chief was very interested in his works and agreed to publish them only upon the condition if the same plot will combine all his stories. Essays homework help 24/7 for those who have no time to wait.

Having spent the whole Night, Bradbury outlined a general review of the future novel in and provided it to editor-in-chief. It was a chain of early written stories about Mars, combined in a single paper. In "The Martian Chronicles" Bradbury highlighted the imperfections of humankind. This book caused a great resonance in the world of science fiction novels. Bradbury considered the "Martian Chronicles" to be his best work but worldwide recognition he gained only with the publishing of “Fahrenheit 451” in 1953. Interesting and informative review on "Martian Chronicles" you can find on this website.

2. The plot of the novel

Thirty-year-old Guy Montag is a firefighter. However, in this future America, they do not fight with fire. Instead, they are intended to burn all the forbidden literature. Montag worked as a firefighter for many years without a second thought about the purpose of his work. The teamwork is a key to a successful cooperation with your colleges

The great shift in his life occurred when he met young and romantic Clarissa McClellan. For the first time, he felt what real communication means. Clarissa was a special girl; unlike others, she liked old-fashioned ways of entertainment. She really loved nature and thought a lot about the things beyond our understanding but she was very lonely as well. Clarissa asked him only one question: “Are you happy?” but Montag could not answer it because it did not know what to say. What does it mean to be happy? Suddenly, he understood that he just floated down the stream all this time. He felt darkness embracing him and go deeper and deeper. I chose the best service to rewrite my paper. Need help?

Having returned home from work, Montag found his wife unconscious. She was poisoned with sleeping pills, it was an overdose. The ambulance arrived as quickly as possible to perform transfusion of blood. After this procedure was over, they withdraw for another call. Dear students, college assignments help online is always ready to handle your order.

Montag and Mildred have been married for a long time, but their marriage was falling apart. They had no children; Mildred was against it. They live almost separately in the same house. His wife was obsessed with some new soap opera with the direct interaction with the audience. However, she spent a lot of time watching TV shows.

This meeting with Clarissa turned Montag from a well-adjusted machine into a man who carefully considers things confusing his colleges with the statements like: “Do you remember the times when we fight with fire instead of starting it up?” Assignment service help from UK with native-speaker writers will easily show you what they are capable of.

There is another call for the fire fighters and now Montag is shocked. The mistress of the house accused of having a forbidden literature refused to leave the house to be burnt with the books she loves so much. Mysterious and difficult live of Emily Dickinson on

The next day, Montag barely pulled himself together in the morning and decided to stay at home. However, Mildred is quiet unhappy with such decision because it is not according to the “plan”. Later, she tells him about the death of Clarissa. There was a car accident and she did not make it.

Suddenly, Beatty, firefighter-in-chief appeared in front of his house. He felt that something was wrong and decided fix Montag’s “mechanism”. In his small lecture, he criticized consumerist society, representing the words of Bradbury himself. The purpose of function they perform is to create obedient society excluding the existence of identity at all. Your honesty is your pass to good relationships with your relatives, friends and colleges

"We should all be the same," says the firefighter-in-chief, “not free or equal as stated in the Constitution, but the same. All these differences between us resulted in chaos and without them, our society will be free from bias opinions and violence. A book is a loaded gun in a neighbor's house. Burn it. Unload the gun. It is necessary to restrain human mind. Who knows, what will be the next target of a reading person." Forgiveness is the gift to the whole humankind, don’t forget about that

This warning was the first sign to Montag that he went too far. He keeps the books stolen from the house of the burnt woman. Montag showed these books to Mildred but she refused to share his ideas.

In search of collaborators, Montag goes to Professor Faber being in the bad standing with the firefighters. He was rather suspicious for the first time but then, he realized that he can trust Montag. He shares his plans for the renaissance of publishing. A threat of the third world war hanged over America despite the fact that they already tackled two nuclear conflicts. Faber believes that after the third conflict Americans will rise from the ashes to born again.Faber gives a small headphone to Montag in order to overhear the firefighters to understand their enemy, find their weaknesses. An essay on stress management for those who can’t control their temper.

The military threat became more real. The radio and TV report about the massive mobilization. The military threat became more real. The radio and TV report about the massive mobilization. Unfortunately, he failed to encourage his wife and her friends to the fight and quickly withdraw. Montag returns to the service, and the team is sent to the next call. Surprisingly, the car stops in front of a familiar building. This house appeared to be his own one. Suddenly, Beatty tells him that his wife turned him in. Then, he asks him to burn down his house and all the books in it. Beatty noticed little communicating device in the ear of Montag and in order to save his friend, Montag kills him and two other firefighters. I paid someone to write my paper so I know what service is the best one.

Now, Montag is a dangerous criminal, wanted all over the country. However, the war has just begun and he managed to vanish. In order to convince the people that nobody can escape the punishment, they performed public execution of an innocent. All the country is now sure that the criminal is gone and there is nothing to worry about. I asked to make my essay brilliant and they really did it. Order now!

Following the instructions of Faber, Montag leaves the city and meets with representatives of a very unusual community. It turns out that there was some kind of opposition all the time. Unable to put up with these intellectual violations they began to learn by heart some parts or the whole novels of the most prominent authors. Thousands of people were undercover and waited for the time to come. Now, America is into ashes but soon enough it will rise again. The best USA writers will write your thesis within six hours.

3. Critical Analysis

In America, created by Bradbury, it is forbidden to keep books in houses. The firefighters no longer fight with fire but instead, they set it up. This is the world of entertainment where people do not remember their past. The main character is Guy Montag, a firefighter.

He enjoys the sound of burning fire. It seems to him that he performs a symphony of fire, the music of destruction. He likes to turn pages into ashes but he is insane blindly following the purpose he does not actually understand. However, he is not lost; his soul is rising and dying and personality conflict takes place. This essays about love relationships will help to believe in miracles.

The first shift occurred when he met Clarissa. She asked him a question he was not able to answer. Clarissa McClellan was a girl who lived without following the laws of this city and everyone thought she was crazy because her way of living was opposite. She could find a little world in a dandelion, rain drops, the moon and the wind. Her beautiful eyes were full of life and joy. Buy essay papers right now to get a huge discount for your next order.

Having a little conversation with her he wondered what his purpose was. Why should he burn down these books? What is hidden there so forbidden and unacceptable that they should immediately be destroyed?

His own house seemed a grave for him, cold and dark. His wife did not want to have children so they live alone. She was obsessed with these new technologies. All the walls in the house were covered with TV screens where she watched her TV shows all day long. Even having returned home and found her barely alive on the bed, he did not even surprise. He just called an ambulance to save her. TV replaced children, husband, and even her family. She was already dead. Act of kindness essay on how to surprise people with your nice behavior.

The second shift happened when he went for another call. There was a woman that decided to be burnt with her books. He looked at her eyes and he saw no fear but rage. This picture forced him to reconsider all that he did in his life. Do these worth dying for? Only Faber managed to explain him why does our government want these books to be destroyed. The purpose is one, force people to obey, create a manageable society that would be easy to control, to kill the cult of identity. Any personal opinions are forbidden. “WE ALL SHOULD BE THE SAME,” says Beatty. According to his words, this is the only model of society where people can live happily without any contradictions and violence. We quickly do your essay within the stated deadline and with the highest quality of service.

Since the day of release, this novel was an enemy number one for critics. The publishing company “Ballantine” changed more than 70 phrases, including Bradbury's favorite abusive words, including mentions about abortion publishing this novel for secondary schools. Two large fragments of the book were completely rewritten and there were no mentions of it. They wrote my essay for me within a day and it was really good.

In the USSR, the novel was published very soon, in 1956. At the same time, despite the negative feedback left, for example, by the journal “Communist”, the book was printed and was available since it criticized “western decaying consumer society”. Need essay writing help from the UK? Order on our website.

It was a great surprise because regardless the fact that marginal created by Bradbury existed in the Soviet Union.They were prisoners who knew by heart the forbidden religious literature and poetry and also sharing this information with others.

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