Leadership Experience Essay – How To Be The Leader


It seems, that everyone can imagine the leader in the other way, but which are the qualities of the ideal leader, that can lead the people to the success? Are those people special and which skills do you need to have to be the leader? The answers to these questions you will be able to find in this article. The detailed information you can find in the servant leadership essay. Our term paper writers will be glad to help you.

1. You should be strong

The leader has a lot of difficult situations and he/she should show, that he/she is not afraid of it and to be strong. If the leader will be weak, people will not follow him/her and the goal will not be reached. If you wish to order the leadership essays for college, you can do it on our site.

2. You need to have the goal

People will follow you only in the case they will see, that you set up the goal and want to reach it. It can be shown in the different ways, for example, how much time you spend on your work, how exactly you are helping your colleagues and so on. People will believe in you only in the case you will believe in your own goal and will do your best to reach it. It is possible to order the personal statement essays on our site and you can be sure, that our team will help you.

3. The ability to communicate

All our life is impossible without the communication. We will not understand ex=ach other if we do not communicate. But the communication should be effective and to get the person the understanding of the events and the situation. Because of it, the leader should develop the communication skills and will do his best to provide people with the correct help and the ideas. Your communication will be effective, if you follow these 4 principles:

  • Do not use too complicated thoughts, you should Say it shortly;

  • You should see the person with all pluses and minuses;

  • It is needed always to say the truth;

  • You should get the reaction of the people after your words.

4. The understanding of the job

If you understand what exactly people need to do to reach the goal, which is set up, you need to explain this information to them. You should understand every moment in your job and in case, it is needed to explain to the other people. You can be sure, that the advices from the essay on leadership qualities will help you a lot.

5. The concentration

You need to be concentrated in order to be the effective leader. The most important place have the priorities and the concentration. The leader, who has the priorities, but does not have the concentration will never reach the goals, because he will not start his job, He does not have the concentration, which can help him to do it. It is needed to concentrate 70% of your time on your strong sides, 25% of your time on the new things and 5% of your time on the weak sides.

6. The initiative

The success is connected with the actions. People, which want to reach their goals are in the move all time. They can make the mistakes, but they do not give up. The leader knows, what exactly he wants and he has the great motivation to do it. They know, that the responsibility is only on them and because of it, they should leave the usual zone of the comfort. They are ready for the risk and they make a lot of different mistakes.

7. The ability to hear

The leaders always tell the people truth and everything, that is connected with the situation, but not the information, which people would like to hear, for example, compliments or something like that. You should understand the meaning of the words and the reaction of the people. If you do it, you will understand them better and can control the situation.

8. The positive

If you wish to be the successful leader, you need to have the positive life position. If people will see your position, they will create the same for themselves and will be glad to follow you. If you wish to understand better, what does the positive life position means, you need to think about these things:

  • Your position is your own choice;

  • The position creates your actions;

  • The people, which you communicate with, show you the mirror of your position;

  • It is easier to support the position, then to return the one, you have lost

  1. The ability to solve the problems

It does not matter, in which sphere the leader works, he will have the problems. It is impossible to avoid them because of 3 reasons. Firstly, we live in the world, where are a lot of people and all of them have their own point of view and some thoughts. Secondly, we are communication with the different people. And thirdly, it is impossible for un to control all the situations, which we have. The leaders, which can solve the different problems can predict them, they accept the truth of the situation, see the whole picture and they do not forget about the main goal.

9. The work with people

The effective leader should work with the different people and build the communication with them. The leader should understand the people, like them and help if there is the need in it.

10. The responsibility

It is very important to understand, that all people are responsible for their actions. The leaders understand, that only they are responsible for all their words and actions. The leaders know what they are doing, they are ready to go further than it is needed, they want to develop their skills and they reach the goals.

11. The confidence

If you wish people follow you, it is needed to be confident in your powers. The people, that are not confident, cannot lead the other people and because of it, they cannot be the leaders.

12. The education

We can see, that our world is changing every day. There are a lot of information and because of it, the leader should be aware of it, because some of this information can help him.

To sum up, the leader should understand the fact, that if he wanted to reach the success, he should follow these advices and because of it he will reach the goal. If you wish to find the detailed information, you can order the leadership vs management essay and you will get the high quality service.

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