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Fear is the force able to literally paralyze leaving us breathless. Even today when we rarely put out lives at risk, people experience this devastating feeling that is difficult to overcome. However, our fears are mostly connected with our psychological problems like lack of self-confidence or self-esteem. However, besides the above-mentioned ones, there are plenty of fear clichés like fear of darkness, height, spiders, insects in general, clowns, claustrophobia etc. We can even edit an essay for admission to university or college with a 20% discount! Hurry up to place the order since this offer is limited.

According to the Sigmund Freud theory, fear and other psychological problems originate from the childhood. Basically, it is true since fear is a result of serious stress or psychological trauma. We might even forget about it but subconsciously this information is preserved and every time we encounter an object or a phenomenon we fear we experience threatening. As a rule, fear stops us from making our dreams come true since this is the only obstacle that can seriously influence our choices and decisions. First of all, we should understand, we, people are afraid of something. This essay will enlist three types of fear first of all connected with our confidence.

Fear of losing something

Fear often relates to certain changes. We are afraid of losing our job, our family, our relationships, our friends etc. Generally, we are afraid of leaving the comfort zone and every shade of changes are tried to be avoided. These pieces of advice on how to cope with loss and pain should help you to pull yourself together and continue living.

People experience fear giving a speech since they don’t want to make a mistake and be ashamed. There are so many people looking at you, listening to you and once you make a mistake they will start judging and laughing at you. That’s why most people experience fear in front of the crowd due to the lack of confidence since confident person won’t question his/her skills and abilities. People are eager to focus on the possible reaction of the audience rather than on the quality of their performance.

A person who wants to give up smoking or keep a healthy diet is also afraid to leave the comfort zone. Although such changes will definitely be of use, people do not hurry to attain this goal of being afraid of changes. The concept of changes will be mentioned multiple times in this essay since this is a key trigger of the fear. Changes seekers will find the answer to the following question: "how to get prepared for the great changes in your life?” on this website. Just do it!

Waiting for pain

We all experienced the pain of loss. This psychological trauma causes serious damage to our brain and although this accident happened a long time ago we still subconsciously experience this feeling of waiting for the pain to come. If a person you loved so much hurt you, the next person who will try to love you will be subjected to your anger.  Thus we are afraid of having relationships due to the fact that they might hurt you as well without any reliable reasons for expecting that. It forms certain psychological borders that make us keep a distance. If you are looking for professional English essay, you are welcome to the greatest website dedicated to writing services.

Personal development is also followed by fear since it also predisposes efforts and possible failures. Being engaged in studying or sport, we unwillingly expect a failure questioning our capabilities and skills. Moreover, people always try to convince that you won’t make it and it forms a concept of a “looser” in our minds stopping us from attaining our goals. All the reasonable arguments won’t be of any use due to already formed concepts of pain that force people to experience this feeling.

Fear of a failure

Why are all the people in this world divided into losers and winners? The reason is very simple. There are people who brave enough to move forward and those who decided not to make any attempts to attain their goals. These two groups of people might have equal opportunities both financial and physical but under the influence of fear the second group just surrenders. The fear of a failure is so strong that even the taste of future success does not help. Both these groups experience fear facing the challenge but only a few of us manage to cope with it. If you experience lack of courage, our writers will gladly help you to become braver to cope with your fear

It is worth noting that fear is one of the strongest psychological problems. It might even trigger a heart attack. The most effective way to cope with any type of fear is to face it. It might sound stupid and even impossible but this is the only way to overbear it deep down inside your subconscious since you might force it to think that this object or phenomenon is not a fearsome anymore.  It concerns public performances, darkness or failures. This is only half a life. Get rid of your fears to realize how interesting life can be. If we consider the triggers of fear critically, it is obvious that it does not worth our time. If you want to learn how to use your critical thinking skills more effectively, follow the link

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