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Our team is able to provide "write an essay in 7 hours" service and teach you how to learn something new quickly and effectively.

Most of you would like to have an ability to master certain skills or to learn a large amount of information quickly. This is not a matter of magical learning techniques that promise minimum efforts and maximum result. We will provide effective methods that will save a lot of your precious time since this one requires more professional approach. Moreover, we will help you to raise the chosen skills to the expert level. Our best dissertation writer and proofreader can show you what means to be professional.

Why is it necessary to become an expert in a certain field?

This is a very good question since such level of skills requires several years of training. Is it really necessary? The following points will answer this question:

  1. Being an expert, you become a reliable source of knowledge. Any knowledge is a source of power. Thus, experts in a certain field have a great share of influence.
  2. Due to the success you’ve already have, people will start considering your opinion as an unquestionable one.
  3. Experts in a certain field earn much more than an average worker without specific knowledge and skills.
  4. As an expert, you can start sharing your knowledge with others helping people to find their own way.

There are several approaches to reach this level of knowledge and skill. The most effective ones are the following:

Tim Ferris approach

Tim Ferriss is an author and a successful businessman. In his book "4-Hour Workweek" he offers the following model to become an expert in any field of knowledge in four weeks:

  1. Join from 2 to 3 clubs or groups of interest dedicated to the chosen topic;
  2. Read at least four or five books dedicated to the chosen topic;
  3. Give a three-hour speech at a certain university on a chosen topic for free;
  4. Organize seminars on the chosen topic;
  5. Write from two to four articles on the chosen topic and publish it in any magazine or journal. However, before publishing, make sure you edited your own paper with regards to the following rules.
  6. Try to find an expert in a chosen field so he/she could share experience and knowledge with you to become an expert yourself.

Obviously, Ferriss’ pieces of advice are intended to be taken as an expert rather than acquiring sufficient amount of knowledge to actually become one. Moreover, it is impossible to become an expert in any field in a month.

The rule of 10 000 hours

Journalist Malcolm Gladwell in the book "Geniuses and outsiders" states that in order to become an expert you need to follow the rule of 10 000 hours, i.e. you need to train and study for 10 000 hours to get sufficient amount of knowledge and skills.

In other words, time is the only thing that matters. There are no guarantees that you will become an expert after 10 000-hour training.

Thus, the one who keeps trying for a long period of time can become an expert in a certain field. It might take three years or ten years. You just need to train or study continuously step-by-step without stopping. This approach requires strategic planning skills developed and if you need some tips on this topic, follow the link.

The model of Dreyfus Brothers

This model was developed by Stuart and Hubert Dreyfus in 1980. It describes that path from the newbie to an expert emphasizing the steps that should be taken to reach each of them.

  1. Newbie. Follow the rules strictly without exceptions.
  2. Advanced beginner. Situational analysis. All the tasks are considered separately with an equal degree of importance.
  3. Competent. The ability to deal with a large amount of information and planning.
  4. Specialist. Prioritizing of the assignments, the ability to manage with the deviations from a plan applying to critical and logical thinking. If you need other practical applications of critical thinking, visit our blog
  5. Expert. Elaborates new approaches to solve a problem overpassing all the rules and exceptions applying to intuition and experience. 

The degree of competence

The " Degree Of Competence" scale was established by the HR department of the National Institutes of Health. It comprises the following points:

  1. Basic knowledge. You possess the general background and essential skills.
  2. Limited knowledge. Thanks to the experiments conducted and personal observations, you became more thoughtful.
  3. Practical use. You are able to perform practical tasks of a moderate complexity. You still need the help of an expert sometimes, but still, you deal with it on your own.
  4. Theoretical application. You complete all the task without any help thanks to your own experience and knowledge.
  5. Expert knowledge. You have enough knowledge to share it with others, answer any questions concerning the chosen topic and make decisions intuitively. As far as you might understand, this level of knowledge can be achieved only by means of hardworking

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