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Obviously, we all faced the assignment we have to within a certain time frame but due to certain circumstances, we can't do it. That’s why most people just give up trying to do this assignment or just experience stress and even anger. Inability to complete the task on time is connected to various reasons such as laziness and procrastination, for example.  Most of such delays are connected with personal features since one is likely to postpone the assignment rather than do it. However, when the time comes and the deadline is about to be expired such a person starts to panic. Usually, people are not motivated enough to complete the assignment at once to avoid problems with the deadline in the future. That’s why in order to eliminate possible problems of this kind one should learn to be motivated enough to complete the assignment at once and to be focused to work continuously till the assignment will be done. The following tips on effective working should minimize problems with the deadline.

Structure and divided into smaller parts difficult assignments

The ability to structure assignments is a perfect weapon in the arsenal of a successful person. There are plenty of online programs that will facilitate this tasks, for example, “Google Keep”, “Notes”, and “Evernote”. Create a schedule of the day to complete day-to-day tasks step-by-step. This is a perfect way not to miss the deadline and to get rid of the information trash. Huge assignment to do might look horrible and terrifying but once it is divided into several subtasks, it will be easier to complete it. This is a psychological trick that will help to get rid of the crisis at the preliminary stage of your work.

Never apply to multitasking

There are plenty points of view on the account of multitasking since on one hand, it helps to cope with large amount of work, on the other hand, it aggravated the quality of the work done. We are eager to support the second point of view since it is better to complete assignments one by one having divided into several smaller assignments. It is impossible to stay focused on several tasks at the same time since attention is likely to dissipate. That’s why if you want to complete your assignments quickly without compromising on the quality, never apply to multitask.

There is a thin line between urgent and important assignments

Prioritizing is one of the crucial skills as well since all the assignments can be divided into urgent and not urgent ones. As far as you might have understood, urgent tasks have a higher priority than other ones due to various reasons like the deadline or the difficulty etc.

Work without distractions

This is an obvious tip but it should be mentioned nevertheless. It is impossible to work being distracted by various stress inciters that draw our attention. If you want to be productive and continuously work without pauses to complete the assignment on time, all distractions should be eliminated. Answer all the calls and letters at once and start working since we usually never notice how fast time flies when we answer the letters or the calls etc. People will find the way to reach you if it is an urgent issue. Hardworking is the only way to become more disciplined and painstaking and our writers know a couple of tricks. Read more on

Take breaks

Our attention is proven to be able to stay concentrated only for thirty minutes that we gradually lose our focus. That’s why it is better to have a rest at least ten minutes each hour. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work effectively and are likely to miss the deadline anyway. Moreover, you need to relax as far from the PC as possible to actually repose. There are plenty of various ways to spend this break, for example, a cup of tea or walk in the fresh air. Classical music is the best way to spend these sweet fifteen minutes of break. Other benefits of classical music are on

“Closed doors" trick

One of the direct sources of distraction besides our cell phones is people we live or work with, our colleagues, friends, and relatives. Another source of distraction is the people around you. That’s why it is better to ask them to leave you alone while you are busy working. It is not rude, this is just a necessary measure so you could work quietly without diverted.

Focused on the primal goal

The one crucial feature we should also mention is motivation. The best motivation is an image of the victory or the achieved goal. Thus, one is inspired enough to work as quickly as possible without compromising on the quality of the work to achieve the goal he or she is aimed at. Motivation plays a significant role in our effectiveness so it is rather unreasonable to underestimate it.

Celebrate small victories

As was mentioned before, any assignment is comprised of various smaller ones and each one completed is a small victory as well. You may also celebrate each one since it is also a matter of motivation and inspiration. It is not actually important what kind of reward you will choose, just don't forget to praise yourself for the work done.

Sometimes you need to say “no”

People are not eager to say “no”. It is usually connected with your desires since having a short deadline people can’t help watching something or just relaxing rather than working. This is how our inability to say "no" actually works. You need to complete a difficult assignment and you don't really have a lot of time to work but you can't say "no" to your laziness and it wins. A lot of people lost their jobs or were excluded from the universities due to this very reason. You need to be able to say “no” when you have something more important to do rather than relaxing. These principles of saying “no” essay represent how many opportunities this word offers.

There is no place for self-pity

Due to a large amount of work, people start complaining rather than working and spend way too much time. It is impossible to get rid of work or any other responsibility in such a way. It won't work. Say that you will definitely make it rather than repeating that you will fail. This is a serious damage to the motivation and without it, one can't work effectively. Words play a significant role in our self-motivation. This essay on the power of spoken words will reveal all their secrets for you.

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