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Sometimes we lose our muse and just can’t get it back. We hope our essay on the sources of creativity will fix your problem.

Each of us experiences the crisis of new ideas and people try to literally squeeze new ideas from their mind and this process is rather disturbing. However, everyone requires new ideas regardless of the occupation. It might be a new creative idea for the advertisement or a simple school essay. Thus, they questions where to find new ideas or how to stimuli this process artificially is on the issue of the day. This essay contains several scientifically proven methods that should help to overcome this crisis.

Communicate with different people

It is impossible to live in your small and narrow world elaborating something. You need to charge up for new thoughts. That's why we should communicate with representatives of another field of knowledge, other sex, and other races. There are plenty of ways to make this dream come true. Social media, for example, is a perfect mean of communication. These skills also require both theoretical and practical knowledge. These essay on communication skills development perfectly meets both these requirements.

Turn everything upside down

Each individual uses unique evaluation system of every phenomena or object of our reality. This evaluation system predisposes our ideas, mindset and new ideas accordingly. In order to find new ones, we need to turn everything upside down, metaphorically, of course. Thus, you need to consider various problems or questions from various points of view to find alternative solutions. This is very interesting being a good exercise for our imagination and critical thinking as well. So many interesting projects were created by means of this method since people applied to non-standard thinking to create something new. There is no need to become the second Tomas Eliot but you might find the way to solve a certain problem; the one that others missed.

Keep abreast of all the latest discoveries

In this case, you do not have to be an expert in the field of microelectronics or any other field, but technological progress and new ideas are actually synonyms. This is a unique source of inspiration and knowledge and knowledge, in turn, promotes new discoveries of your own. This is the list of the latest discoveries in the world of technology that will shake you to the core! Follow the link.

Write the list of options

Playing chess, each party tries to elaborate the strategy for the next moves predicting possible moves of their competitors. He/she comes up with a so-called scenario of the possible events. We can also use this method to stimuli our imagination. First of all, you need to take one separate problem and make a list of all the possible solutions of this one.  Written words work better than unspoken ones. Thus, you will have the list of all opportunities to choose the most reliable one or to use it as a basis for elaborating new strategy that contradicts the original one. If you want to avoid plagiarism, we can reword sentences in your essay to make it 100% original.


The greatest masterpieces might stimuli your creativity and result in new interesting ideas since it is a great example of an object that can be discussed from the various points of view. Let's take a book. It might have thousands of readers all over the world and each one has its own ideas on its account. That’s why critical analysis actually works. A piece of art is analyzed and examined including all the cultural and personal features of the author to understand what actually is the main idea of a certain masterpiece. Analyzing a picture or a book you might come up with new ideas yourself. The poetry of Emily Dickenson is a perfect target for the analysis since she has plenty of symbols to pay attention to

Mix ideas

Let's say there are 10,000 possible objects of your interest. It means that there are 100 million of their possible combinations in order to obtain new ideas. Probably, there will be unreasonable and even stupid ideas. Every idea has its flaws and such combination can beneficial for you. This opportunity should not be discarded, because it is very difficult to create something absolutely new today. However, a combination of already knows concepts can result in something new and extraordinary.


The best stimulation for the creativity and imagination is practice and hardworking. Our brain is hungry seeking new knowledge to the process. It might not result in any new discoveries but it is a perfect stimulation for our brain. You might also apply to various art practices like dancing, drawing, singing, playing musical instruments etc. Modern technologies provide all the opportunities to stimulate our creativity. By the way, critical thinking is developed as well. This essay on critical thinking reveals all the ways of this feature improvement

Working on the fresh air

We might say about unity with nature and its beneficial influence but fresh air is a primal reason for applying to this method since exactly fresh air you need to work effectively and elaborate new ideas. Our brain also requires oxygen to work appropriately since lack of oxygen can result in asphyxia and content headaches that won’t obviously be beneficial for our imagination and creativity.

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