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Writing an essay is a hard work. It demands a lot of patience and creativity. Every essay should be unique and rather captivating. Sometimes it can be a challenge, especially with such common topics, as essays on America. It is difficult to write something new and creative on the topic, that has already been discussed a lot of times. Your point of view and ideas may coincide with the ones previously expressed. In this situation the only way to impress the readers is to present your opinion in a fresh offbeat way. And that is a rather challenging task. But the professional writers from our custom writing services website are ready to help you. They are real professionals and geniuses at writing creative and high-quality essays. Our essay writing service will save your time and money! Check our services:

In general, writing is a skill. Some people feel perplexed when they have to write an essay. They spend hours sitting in front of a blank piece of paper and thinking about what to start from. The introduction is always difficult and it is a very important part of each essay. However, there are some people who feel excited when they need to write something. Such people always have a lot of ideas and are ready to speak about any topic. But to speak does not mean to write. Sometimes it is a rather complicated task to express one`s thoughts in writing. It may be difficult to choose the right words, to build sentences and paragraphs. A usual essay can become a total mess because it is really difficult to make a text coherent. And very often we pay too much attention to the technical aspect of writing an essay and forget about the content. The main idea may be absolutely lost. And finally, we do not get what we expected. We fail to express our point of view because we were concentrated on following the writing rules. But sometimes it may also be vice versa. Being inspired too much and being sunk in the depth of imagination we forget about writing rules. In this situation, we get an unreadable text with a lot of mistakes of different kinds. Of course, it fails to present our idea in the right way and we fail again. As a result, we have a lot of time and effort wasted and the task is not done. It is a very sad experience but it often happens.

Secrets of writing a Proud To Be An American essay

There are some basic rules for writing essays. First of all, it should be divided into an introduction, body, and conclusion. These parts should be connected logically because the coherence is very important for the understanding of the whole text.

In the introduction, the writer should express his / her opinion with the help of a thesis statement. This part of an essay should grab the reader`s attention and attract them to continue reading. An effective introduction is usually a guaranty of success. An introduction should also contain a short outline of what will be illustrated in the essay. It gives the readers a clear understanding of what the essay is about. An introduction should end with a final sentence that connects it with the next paragraph. In general, an introduction should not be long. It should be well-directed and effective.

The body part of an essay may consist of one or several paragraphs. In this part, the author should express in details the content of the thesis statement presented in the introduction. It should contain proved facts, examples, citations from the trusted sources and other arguments that support the thesis statement. But it is not enough just to enumerate them. The author has also to explain exactly why he / she uses these arguments and how they support this thesis statement. The body paragraphs should entirely open the main idea of an essay. For example, if you write a View On America essay, each body paragraph should contain facts, that express a certain aspect of this issue.

The conclusion is another essential part of an essay because it can make the whole composition successful, or it can spoil it completely. It repeats the thesis statement but, of course, it is not acceptable to repeat the language used in the previous paragraphs. The final sentence of the conclusion should be a call to action statement. It gives the reader a signal that the discussion is over.

Here is an example of an essay:

America is an amazing country. Although the proverb says: “Every bird likes its own nest best”, my motherland is a really great place to live. It is the most democratic country in the world and it has a big variety of cultures and is full of opportunities. These are the things that make our country so special and prosperous.

This is an example of a good introduction. It is rather laconic but well-aimed. It has a thesis statement and the last sentence connects the introduction to the body part.

Democracy is the main idea of America. People have freedom of speech, press, beliefs and a lot of other rights. But this is not just formal. All the rights are strictly protected and the justice is guaranteed.

The great variety of representatives of different cultures gives a chance to choose any religion and traditions or not to follow any. Communication with different people in America always teaches something new and useful. If you want to meet people from all over the world, visit America!

If you are enthusiastic and ambitious, America is the best place for you to live. This is a country of opportunities and it makes everything to help you realize your dreams. A large number of enterprises give plenty of workplaces and career opportunities. It is much easier here to find the job of your dreams and to realize your potential.

The body consists of three paragraphs. Each of them expresses a separate idea presented in the thesis statement. For example, if you have to write a Freedom In America Essay, each body paragraph should express a separate aspect of the theme.

To sum up, I am proud of my motherland. It protects my rights, gives a chance to choose any religion and gives a lot of opportunities. These are the main things that distinguish our country from others and every American should make their best to preserve this distinction and keep our country in prosperity.

The conclusion sums up the whole discussion. It repeats the thesis statement and gives the reader a signal that the discussion is over.

Also in this section :

Technically, there are a lot of other tips for writing an essay. A lot of people say that it is easier for them to write an essay preparing a plan for it in advance. It really helps. It is a good idea to think about the content of each paragraph first and then to write it. Otherwise, you will have to do two things simultaneously: to write and to make up a content. Such a process usually ends with a rather messy work that needs to be rewritten.

Another useful tip is to use as a great variety of vocabulary and grammar structures, as possible. Of course, it is not easy if you do not have such knowledge. But very often the time spent with dictionaries is worth it. Your essay will be more interesting to read and will look really better with such a variety.

However, to become a good writer is not the thing that happens in one day. You need to be very patient and work hard. Writing is a skill that comes with practice. The more you practice, the better your essays become.

In general, good writing does not happen instantly. Our professionals are the best because have spent a lot of time on practice and know all the secrets of successful writing. Having a wealth of experience in writing essays on different subjects our experts can definitely be relied on!

So if you have to write Is Walmart Good For America essay or any other kind of this work and you are trying to come up with some brilliant ideas without any results, stop now! You are wasting your time. Stop beating a dead horse and let our professionals help you get rid of this burden. Get a really great essay without wasting your time. Our services will definitely make your life easier!

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