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You probably had such situations when you tried to discuss an important project or issue, but instead, 20 minutes talked literally in vain or, perhaps, you repeated the same thing in several different ways when everyone has already agreed with your point of view.

There are plenty of people who like to add something unconnected to the topic of your conversation. They might spend several hours on chitchat without any significant value both for them and for the collocutor. However, sometimes we need simply to talk with a person to get to know him/her better but it has nothing in common with cheap talks.  You need to know how to communicate with people effective i.e. to be able to express your point of view clearly and comprehensively without confusing the collocutor. In this essay, we will try to describe several steps to achieve it. Moreover, we can offer you more than a reasonable price for proofreading of your essay if you are concerned by your grammar.

One topic – one conversation

It is better to choose a single topic for your conversation since people are eager to discuss only one issue at a time. First of all, it is more comprehensible and convenient for both parties. Any conversation is a complex sequence of causes and consequences and it might be destroyed by changing the topic of the conversation. Moreover, it is impossible to discuss several issues while each of them requires careful consideration.

Evaluate propensity to talk of the collocutor

This is important to understand that people might not have the time or desire to keep this conversation going. It should be considered before starting the conversation since you might cause irritation or even anger of the collocutor. You will understand whether a person is ready or not ready to continue the conversation. It is difficult to hide. Most people disregard this piece of advice but first of all, you should ask whether your possible collocutor has time to talk. If he or she does not have time, it is better to postpone this conversation in order to avoid awkwardness. Basic knowledge of the body language will help better understand the emotional state and predisposition of the collocutor to the conversation.

Be both a good speaker and a good listener

Unfortunately, most people are eager to discuss their own problems rather than the ones of the collocutor. Thus, people are unlikely to have an effective conversation since one of the collocutors behaves egoistically disregarding another collocutor. As a rule, a good collocutor more listens than talks. That's why the law of effective communication actually works. Never try to provide critics or judgments not having listened to the collocutor's story. First of all, it is impolite and secondly, it is impossible to be objective without knowing all the facts. Such factors as race or sex should not stop you from being a good collocutor. Discrimination of any kind is not the best way to have an effective conversation

This part will be dedicated to the practical application of the above-mentioned knowledge. We will consider three types of conversation to understand how to attain all the goals of effective conversation.

The phone call

  • Build-up a plan of the future conversation since you need to understand what you will say and how you will do it. Make a list of key points of conversation in order not to confuse the collocutor.
  • Determine at what point of conversation all the goals of conversation will be attained and the conversation should be stopped. It is important since it might turn into the chitchat.
  • Do not try to repeatedly express your point of view. If it was already spoken, patiently wait until your collocutor answer.
  • If you were asked something but it appeared that you don’t know what to answer due to several reasons, say about it at once. There is no need to waste your time and the time of your collocutor trying to come up with the answer. 

Tete-a-Tete Communication

Most people are influenced by multiple stereotypes concerning one-on-one conversation. First of all, there is no need to dominate in the course of conversation since it has nothing in common with the battle. The more you speak, the more your collocutor understands that you are selfish and egotistic. You might need this essay on how to deal with your ego since sometimes it is almost impossible to pay more attention to the collocutor rather than to yourself. During such type of conversation, it is important to hear your collocutor out before answering. Moreover, do not forget that there is something you can tell and something you can’t. There is no need to gossip about others or try to offend your collocutor. Otherwise, your conversation won’t be effective.

Group communication

During this type of conversation, ego plays a significant role. People will continue to defend their point of view even if it contains plenty of logical flaws. Thus, it is better to listen to them as much as possible to understand what they actually mean and want. Sometimes it is difficult to memorize all the points expressed by each participant of the conversation, so it is better to write them down. It will significantly facilitate your communication within a large group of people.  Malcolm X was the one who could handle large groups of people. You might also use his knowledge to improve your communication skills

If it is a public meeting and you are the one who organized it, provide each speaker with a limited time for their speeches since there might be people who like to give long ones. It might cause irritation for the audience.

Sometimes the conversation might get out of control and you should be the one who will guide people since it might result in verbal or even physical abuse. It is important to keep the conversation going with regard to each collocutor.

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