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Malcolm X essay writing

Writing an essay becomes the first obstacle for students that requires certain writing skills, imagination, creativity and strong own point of view. However, to find the unique idea and to show the opinion off the beaten track for any of the problems is indeed onerously challenge. Those who rummage about any ideas for Malcolm X Learning to read essay should come up with it at our writing service essay that we provide 24- hour- a- day.

Malcolm X autobiography essay is the first step to make it right

Malcolm X (Little) was an Afro-American leader and a fighter for human rights, particularly black mankind. He was also recognized as one of the most influential persons in the history. Being imprisoned, Malcolm joined the Nation of Islam and became its leader. According to the rules of the organization, he popularized the idea of the black supremacy, called Europeans the devils and also predicted the death of the white race. He wanted to make a separate state for black people where they could live or go back to Africa. Most of the people were more than satisfied with his activity as Mr. X could express the thoughts of all Afro-Americans better than any of them. He was not afraid to make rather pointed statements, one of which was about John Kennedy’s death: “Chickens coming home to roost. But they have always made me glad.” However, later Malcolm X disclaimed the organization and own views. He founded own organization “Muslim Mosque” and supported Pan-Africanism. Malcolm was advised to explore the Islam of Sunnis and he found out that the Islam can be a way to solve the racial problems in the society. Malcolm X became famous for the speeches and the active position in USA, Africa, and Europe that was a reason for a great number of threats. Unfortunately, Malcolm X was shot by the members of Nation of Islam. The reaction on the death was different.

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The details to mention about in the famous person’s essay

Essays on Malcolm X or any other historical person should not lack for the detailed descriptions. First of all, every essay should be started with a thesis statement. It is the main idea or a claim which a writer has to prove or disapprove using facts and examples. If you are going to explore events throughout the person’s life, make sure to include a claim which is not your own point of view. It is absolutely necessary to use the biography of the person, but it doesn’t have to be the whole recall of his life. It is better to look for interesting facts about Malcolm X, for example:

•    He had been in jail for 6,5 years.

•    Malcolm changed the surname into X as his real surname was unknown and “Little” was given to his ancestors by their owners.

•    He had not finished school.

In your essay, you should speak about the important deeds in Malcolm’s life and try to understand or explain their significance. Do not be afraid of creativity. Ask the readers what they would talk about with Malcolm X if they had a chance to. When you describe all of the above, it is worth to mention about own attitude towards Malcolm’s personality. Express your opinion about the right and wrong decisions of the person, what you would do or not if you were Malcolm X.

What you should refer to when writing Malcolm X essay

There are a lot of published interviews and recorded speeches of Malcolm X that can be a great source for a brilliant essay. There are also documentary movies about him which also should not be excluded. Malcolm X is a politician and activist that is why you should note what he had fought for, what he had achieved and what destiny of him we have today.

The general information about essay to keep in mind

It is important to realize the typical signs of the essay which make it different from other styles of writing:

1.    The essay has a unique theme, the problem that has to be solved and makes readers to find the right solution.

2.    The attitude of the writer has to be subjective and reflect own point of view.

3.    The problem of the essay has to be analyzed and proved using the arguments. 

4.    The essay should be short but finished.

5.    The writer can structure the essay in own way, but it should be logical.

Also learn about another type of the essay:

Despite the types of the essays, whether you write Malcolm X biography essay or opinion essay, the most common essential parts of the essay are the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

The Introduction. This part plays a big role as it makes a reader to be interested in the theme and to continue reading the essay. The introduction may explain the problem or conflict, its sense, etc. It would be reasonable to start with a rhetorical question, for example: “Who were Malcolm X: the influential nationalist or a blind Muslim racist?” or use a quote about his personality.

The Main Body. In the main part of the essay, the writer tries to prove or disapprove the statement from the introduction or to answer the question. The main body can also be divided into a thesis, grounding, and pre-conclusion. The writer can use extracts from the interviews (Malcolm X), the opinion of historians, other politicians and the life’s situations as the argument. 

Conclusion. The reader should have the whole logical image at the end of the essay. The final part combines all of the conclusions of the arguments and questions. For example, you can explain who Malcolm X was and what he succeeded in his political and social activity.

Find out more about the essay’s specificity:

The first difficulty which students face is what to write about in the essay and which topic to choose. By the way, the service that we provide is an absolute trove as it includes converting outstanding topics that will belong only to you! For those who are still cannot make mind we suggest the most interesting Malcolm X essay topics:

•    “Racial identity of Malcolm X”

•    “Malcolm X – a political leader from the gangster streets”

•    “Agonistic Malcolm X against peaceful Martin Luther King”

•    “The philosophy of Malcolm X”

•    “Malcolm X – a hero for Africa or the enemy for mankind?”

The described tips of how to write the best essay ever should help you to understand how it works. Fortunately, there are always writers to support you with the excellent content.

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