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A website that writes essays for you also provides interesting blog posts on various topic and this one about major leader’s mistakes is one of them.

We all make mistakes from time to time but leaders’ mistakes caused a lot of problems for them directly and the subordinates. Every mistake is an experience allowing to eliminate the same mistakes in the future. However, most people do not pay much attention to the reasons for making these mistakes and it is worth noting the most propagated mistakes of the leaders to be able to eliminate them.

Lack of feedback

According to the Ken Blanchard Company study, lack of feedback is a common mistake of the leaders. Thus, they can’t fulfill the lack of experience of the subordinates and they inevitably make mistakes.  In other cases, feedback can be provided in the form of criticism but without providing the effective ways to avoid these mistakes. That's why feedback is an important feature of every leader who deals with subordinates. If you experience lack of social skills, these ten tips on communication skills development will help you to become a perfect collocutor.

Disregard your team

Obviously, both the head and the subordinates have certain duties but the leader should also pay attention to each member of the team and provide his/her piece of advice or aid when they are confused since the leader is more experienced and diligent and able share his/her experience.

Disregard micromanagement

If your team has to deal with a serious project you need to follow each step it takes since they might misunderstand your commands and fail to meet your requirements. Micromanagement is considered to be one of the worst approaches since it seriously limits the freedom of the employees since according to this theory the leader should not pay attention to the details. Due to the fact that your reputation might be put at risk, it is better to keep abreast of all the details.

Being too friendly

It is important to have positive relationships with the colleagues but being too friendly means to be inattentive. When emotions take control, it is difficult to make decisions especially when it comes to dismissing. Moreover, a polite and friendly leader can't be respected since he or she is considered to be a friend but there is no place for friendship in this case.

Goals are uncertain

Any leader should be straightforward and clearly understand what measures should be taken to achieve goals but if goals seem to be uncertain it significantly complicates elaboration of possible ways to attain them. Thus, the objectives should be clear and comprehensive in order not to cause problems and misunderstandings.

Misunderstanding of motivation

How to motivate your employees properly? Usually, financial reward is used as a means of motivations but soon enough money becomes the only way to coerce the employees to work. Most psychologists are positive that such type of motivation is destructive since the subordinates blindly follow the orders without enjoying the process.  That’s why if you still use such type of motivation you need to change the approach since soon enough it will become ineffective.

Hasty decisions concerning personnel

There is no need to hurry to hire somebody since you might cause serious problems for the company and the colleagues as well. First of all, you should make a list of personal and professional qualities that should be met by the future candidate and carefully select each one in order not to make mistake. Usually, both sexual and racial prejudice influence their choice. Read more about it in order not to lose a good employee

Do not become an idol

Remember that one you appear among the employees they will start looking at you even if you want to make some coffee. They subconsciously copy the leader's behavior and gestures. However, it happens only if the leader is respected by the employees. Even your emotional state is also copied by the subordinates and if you are angry or irritated they will be as well. Any leader is like a hero for the subordinates and you should meet all the stated requirements to be one

Do not delegate responsibilities

Unwillingness to delegate work or duties usually means that the leaders don’t trust the employees and consider them to be unable to complete a certain type of work. Thus, due to the constant fear a person experiences an emotional breakdown. In order to avoid such aftermath, one should trust the subordinates to delegate certain responsibilities since it is impossible to cope with the large amount of work all alone. That’s why a good leader should be aware of all the skills and capabilities of the employees and benefit from them.

Misunderstanding of your role

Imagine you got a promotion and now you have a certain number of subordinates. At this point, you should understand that you need to change both your behavior and mindset let alone schedule and relations with subordinates. This position has plenty of branches and responsibilities and it won’t be enough just to delegate certain responsibilities to others. You need to teach them, to guide them when they are confused. This is the main purpose of the leader. These are major qualities of the leader so you could be aware of all of them and meet the stated requirements.

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