Essay On Honor: Honor’s Price For A Modern Man


Essay on honor

I am sure, all of us read honor definition essays or even books. But do you understand what does honor really mean? Let’s try to explain it because, as I see, a lot of people do not think correctly. I want to tell you about some wrong stereotypes about honor and correct, in my opinion, interpretation of this notion.

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Essay on Honor: What do different people think about honor?

There are a lot of views on honor and dignity. They can be similar or absolutely different from each other. I, personally, heard the point that the concept of honor is similar to the concept of altruism. I do not quite agree with that statement. I believe, that the notion of altruism can be explained as a person's ability to do something good for others, even if it is not profitable for him/her. An altruist can be called a person who gave his/her last money to the homeless, but it is not necessarily a man of honor.

Also, some people think that honor means fairness. I do not agree with them again. Fairness is a very important character trait for a person of honor, but this is not the same. Honor and fairness do not always complement each other and it is bad, I think. For example, a person can justly judge those who argue, he/she can be a good judge and make the right decisions, but do not keep promises in case when he/she becomes a worse person or some kind of danger threats him/her.

I have even heard a version according to which being a man of honor means being yourself. This point can be true, but what if we talk about those who betray and deceive for their own benefit? In as much as there are people for whom promises that they give mean nothing, such people can easily break their word as soon as they realize that this as somehow restricts their rights. Such an opinion can be correct only if we are talking about a good man who is ready to keep his promises, whatever happens, and how bad he was not as a result. Unfortunately, there are few such people nowadays.

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What does honor really mean and who is a man of honor?

What about me, when we talk about honor at first I am thinking about military and civil servants. During the war, the army defends they own country. They understand that they can perish, but they continue to do what they promised. They must sew their people and their country and they do it despite the danger and risk. They do not run away and do not hide, they save all people they can. They are doing their duty to the country and people. Each of them can be called a man of honor. If you are interested in military action read an essay on terrorism in the world.

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Also, I think, the same can be said about firefighters and doctors. They also sacrifice their lives, their time and many other things for the welfare and salvation of others. They are not afraid of dangers and complexities, they simply do what they should and what they were booing to do. Among these people, we can see the women ofttimes. More about it you can read in the article about feminism:

That is, I want to say that for me the honor is at first and foremost the ability to keep the promise. It seems to me that very few people of honor are left now, unfortunately, although they can be each. In fact, it is difficult and many choose an easier one for themselves. Very often selfishness in people is more than honor. Everyone can come up with an excuse and not one, but I believe that in any case, the most important thing is to preserve honor and decency under any circumstances.

Have you ever read honor code essay? How do you think what you would write in your code of honor? I believe, that honor is when a person is ready to defend his moral convictions and follow the rules of morality. In my opinion, there should be included kindness, honesty, altruism, decency, justice, determination and willingness to sacrifice your own interests and sometimes even your life for other people.

It seems to me, that the very good books about honor are the following: The Sacred Mirror: Evangelicalism, Honor, and Identity in the Deep South and Honor, Shame, and Guilt: Social-Scientific Approaches to the Book of Ezekiel.

I believe, that the word of honor is equated with a double promise. When a person says that he gives the word of honor, in my opinion, he seems to promise to keep his promise. Saying this, he promises to put the words he said to the ears of everything else. Have you ever gave the word of honor? Did you fulfill your promise as a result? But what if you gave two words of honor and in order to fulfill one promise, you need to break the other? How to correctly act in this situation? It seems to me, in this situation it is more correctly to fulfill the first promise and to modify the second. You can not give up your words, especially if it's a word of honor. You must do everything to fulfill both your promises. If it is still impossible, it is necessary to find such a way out, that no one would be harmed. In such situations, egoism is usually manifested in the case of many people. They try to solve the situation in their favor and forget about others.

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I believe, that despite different people's opinions on this topic, everyone understands it in positive terms. You can explain that honor is the truth, justice and honesty, but I think it's unbreakable promise that shows the morality of a person and that he can be trusted. Yes, I agree that sometimes the promise is broken, but it has its own causes and all of them are different. If you broke one promise for another, it means that you are willing to give everything for the first promise, and therefore did not violate the rules of honor. Of course, there are people who break their promises, but no one can judge them because we don't know the reasons why he did it. In our world, unfortunately, it is difficult to act in accordance with the rules of honor because there are people who will promise a lot, but in the end, do nothing.

I am convinced, that the best quality of a man is to fulfill his promises. Then people say that it is a man of honor and put him in an example. So, be a man of honor!

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