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We all want to speak persuasively and beautifully. The only difference is that some people do their best to master rhetorical art while others take the ability to express their thoughts for granted. However, every type of speech regardless of the number of listeners and the discussed topic requires evaluation. Without analyzing our ability to speak, we won't be able to develop it. We literally deprive ourselves of the right to develop this very skill. So, what exactly should we do to develop our rhetorical skills to be able to speak and give speeches appropriately and comprehensively? Most people speak unclearly and nobody is able to understand them. This essay will help you to stop mumbling and speak comprehensively so that you could be understood appropriately.

Obviously, it is very difficult to evaluate our own abilities and skills since usually we can’t see the mistakes we made and all the flaws of our speechcraft.  However, there is a simple solution to this problem. There are two ways to evaluate our own ability to speak. The first way is called "introspection." Before giving a speech take a sheet of papers and write the following questions:

  1. Did I manage to attract the attention of my interlocutor/audience?
  2. Was the time limit respected?
  3. Did I manage to cover the topic of the conversation?
  4. Did I say everything I wanted to say?
  5. Were there any necessary departures from the topic?
  6. Was I taken as I wanted to be?
  7. Were there any ethical violations on my part?
  8. Did I attain all the goals of the conversation?

Having done this small test, evaluate your speech according to each point on this list by placing the mark near each one. Do your best, to be honest, and objective in evaluating yourself since you will be the one who is deceived. Nobody will see this list but you. It will help you to detect something you are good or bad to avoid all the mistakes made in the future and improve your rhetoric skills. The reliable term papers writing service on our website meets all standards of modern writing.

The second way is more suitable for evaluation of other speakers rather than your own speech but nobody stops you from recording your speech during the rehearsal. Beyond any reasonable doubt, any recording techniques literally disfigure your voice. However, if you have an access to the good recording equipment, it will be a good bonus for your preparation. Having recorded your speech evaluate it according to the following features: effectiveness, volume, speed, persuasiveness, engagement of the audience, whether the main idea is clear, how confident do you speak. These features will help you to understand whether you are a good speaker or you have certain flaws that should be fixed before giving a speech.

So, let's examine each criterion separately to understand how to evaluate and improve each of them.

The beginning and the conclusion of the speech. Most people are convinced that if you have the perfect beginning and the conclusion you can say literally everything in the body of your speech and nobody even notice that. It is far from being the truth since these two parts are obviously important but we can't dismiss the importance of the body. All these three parts should be subsequently combined with necessary lead-ins and logically finished. Otherwise, your preparation is unlikely to be highly appreciated by the audience. There several steps to be taken to get prepared for giving a speech you should follow in order sound and seem convincingly.

  1. Efficiency. What kind of performance did you display? Was it unique, interesting, fascinating or boring and dull?
  2. Volume. It will be rather inconvenient for the audience if their will barely hear your words and they won’t be able to understand anything at all.
  3. Persuasiveness. This is the ability to coerce the audience to believe everything you say and it has nothing to do with the information you use. So, no matter how reliable your facts are, you need to have a special ability to persuade people. This is not a talent or a gift, it is well-trainable but it requires all of your efforts and practice. The first rule of persuasiveness is honesty and people will feel if you try to deceive them
  4. Engagement of the audience. In general, this criterion serves to evaluate how much was your speech appreciated by the audience or did they like you.
  5. Whether the main idea is clear? No matter how it sounds, most speakers can’t express their ideas or thoughts comprehensibly and usually confuse and puzzle the audience by the structure of the information given or words chosen to express it.  
  6. How confident do you speak? This one depends on various other factors that should be kept in mind giving a speech. For example, the way you behave while speaking is also very important. People are unlikely to believe a person with the hands in his pockets or the one who pay not enough attention to the audience while speaking.

As you can see, this evaluation system is rather simple and clear. By means of this one, you will be able to detect your flaws or the ones of other speakers to be able to fix them and significantly improve your speechcraft skills by means of your personal experience and observations. Do not forget that only hardworking is the only way for you to master communication skills on the sufficient level

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