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Our cheap essay writing service from the UK offers you an essay on the branches of psychological study and their detailed description.

Since the foundation of psychological science in the antiquity, it has undergone plenty of changes and modifications. Each new century brought a new branch of psychological science providing even greater fields for the researching and treatment of people with certain psychological illnesses. By means of such rapid progress of this science, it quickly became an independent scientific discipline with plenty of followers all over the world. In this essay, we will list the most peculiar branches of psychological study. These are the following:

  • NLP
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Gestalt psychology
  • Systemic Constellations by Hellinger
  • Hypnosis
  • Positive psychotherapy
  • Person-centered therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Body-oriented therapy
  • Coaching


Neuro-linguistic programming is one of the branches of psychology and psychoanalysis based on special techniques of verbal and non-verbal human behavior modeling as well as the set of special connections between memory, eye movement, and speech forms. NLP appeared in the 60s - 70s of the 20th century thanks to the work of a group of scientists: Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and Frank Pucelik, who worked under the patronage of the famous anthropologist Gregory Bateson. NLP is not approved by the academic scientific community, and most of the methods applied do not have any scientific background. However, today NPL is a much-propagated type of psychological analysis and is used by many companies during the psychological training.


Psychoanalysis is a psychological theory developed by the Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud on the verge of the 19th and 20th centuries. Psychoanalysis is also considered to be the most effective method of treatment of various illnesses. Thanks for the following researchers: K.G. Jung, A. Adler, G.S. Sullivan, K. Horney, J. Lacan and E. Fromm this branch of psychology was developed and scientifically proven. Among the most prominent scientific achievements is the theory according to which our unconscious attractions and desires are determined by our behavior, experience and conscious; our personality and its further development are determined by events that occurred in early childhood; the confrontation between the conscious and the unconscious can lead to mental disorders, etc.

According to modern interpretation, psychoanalysis consists of more than twenty different concepts of human development and approaches to the treatment of mental illnesses by means of psychoanalysis. Pay for term paper writing at star-writers or order an essay on psychology to get 20% discount on your next essay or any other paper today! 

Gestalt psychology

The Gestalt psychology was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by the Czech psychologist and philosopher Max Wertheimer. The signs of its appearance were the study of perception, and special attention to the desire of our mind to transform our experience received into the unit of comprehensible information. According to the ideas of Gestalt psychology, basic psychological data is the gestalt, i.e. integral structures that are not singled out from the total number of components that form them. They have their own rules and features. However recently Gestalt psychology changed its direction and thus the understanding of human consciousness. Its followers are positive that psychological analysis should be directed to the general mental image rather than to the separate parts.

Systemic Constellations by Hellinger

Systemic family constellations are a phenomenological method of systemic family therapy. Its important discoveries were made by the German philosopher, psychotherapist, and theologian Bert Hellinger. The method itself is designed to correct systemic family traumas, called system dynamics, and to eliminate their consequences.

Therapists using this method have determined that most people's problems are related to family traumas that have occurred in the past, such as murder, suicide, early death, rape, moving to another place, divorces, etc. Systemic constellations by Hellinger differ from other similar methods since it is used only once. In his books, Hellinger refers this technique not to psychotherapeutic directions, but to spiritual practices.


Hypnosis refers to the modified state of consciousness, which is characterized simultaneously as an awakening and asleep, in the course of which the one who is subjected to the hypnosis can see dreams. Most people are convinced that they can achieve the same effect by means of drugs but it is not true By means of the hypnosis, one can open the doors to two words (conscious and unconscious ones) that exist in our minds. The first information about hypnosis dates back to the third millennium BC. It was also used in India, Egypt Tibet, Rome, Greece and other countries. The foundations of hypnosis are based on the duality of our mind and its nature. Eventually, our unconsciousness is more influential than our consciousness and its influence is much stronger. Thus, hypnosis can solve greater psychological problems than traditional methods can.

Positive psychotherapy

The method of positive psychotherapy is one of the most important in psychoanalysis. It was founded by the German neurologist and psychiatrist Nossrat Peseschkian in 1968, but the European Psychotherapy Association has approved it in 1996, and the World Council of Psychotherapy did it only in 2008. This essay on how to achieve positive mindset is based on the scientific achievements of this branch of psychology and will definitely be useful.  

This psychotherapeutic technique is referred to as the transcultural psychodynamic psychotherapeutic techniques with a humanistic attitude. According to this theory, the most important gift of the human nature is abilities (both inherited and acquired). The methodology combines both rational and Western scientific approach but also Western wisdom and philosophy.

Client-centered therapy

Client-centered therapy as a psychotherapeutic method was suggested by the American psychologist Carl Rogers as an alternative to behaviorism and psychoanalysis. Initially, the author presented a hypothesis according to which a person can independently change his/her behavior, and the therapist performs only the role of an observer in controlling the process. However, later, its methods were significantly improved that enabled the specialists to better understand the client’s condition and the changes during the treatment process. Thanks to the major features of this approach it was named as client-centered therapy since the major feature of the treatment is good relationships between the client and the doctor in order to achieve maximal results.

Art therapy

Art therapy is a special kind of psychological treatment and psychotherapy, which is based on creativity and art. In general, art therapy can be called a treatment through visual creativity, whose goal is to influence the emotional state of a person. The term "art treatment" was introduced in 1938 by British artist and therapist Adrian Hill when he described his work in medical institutions with tuberculosis patients. Then the method was applied in the US to work with children who were taken out of Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Over time, art therapy acquired new followers, and in 1960 the American Art Therapy Association was founded in the United States. In order to use this type of therapy, you need to develop your imagination. Use these tips as a starting point for your treatment.

Body-oriented therapy

Body-oriented psychotherapy is a therapeutic practice that allows you to work with neuroses and other neurological problems through physical contact. The founder of this direction is the disciple of Sigmund Freud, American and Austrian psychologist Wilhelm Reich, who switched from psychoanalysis to the body therapy.

The basis of this therapy is the concept of "muscular shell", according to which the muscle clamps are formed as a protection against the anxieties arising in the childhood on the basis of sexual desires and the fear of being punished.


Coaching is a relatively recent method of training and consulting that differs from traditional ones since it lacks a theoretical basis but it is aimed at collaboration between the client and the therapist to find the customized treatment. For example, coaching is aimed at teaching people to work as a team. Our writers elaborated an essay on how to work as a team successfully without applying to coach The coaching is also applied to achieve certain goals in our day-to-day activity. The founders of coaching are considered to be the American coach and the creator of the concept of the internal game Timothy Golvi, British racing car driver and business coach John Whitmore and the founder of the University of Coaches and other coaching organizations Thomas J. Leonard. The major goal of this method is to find the most effective solution for the problem in personal life, day-to-day activity and at work and help this person to change his/her life.

This list is limited only by our personal preferences. There are plenty of other branches of psychological science which we preferred not to include in our list but they are also very important for the psychology in general. We just consider these ones to be the most effective and interesting.

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