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Our service that provides admissions essays editing for college also knows a thing or two about performance skills and wants to share this knowledge with you.

Practice enables to master any skill including acting ones. One might read plenty of informative and reliable sources of information but they can provide only basic knowledge to use in the course of practicing itself. Any performance is theoretical knowledge alongside with hours of practice on the stage trying to reproduce natural emotions. However, every good actor or actress continuously develop already acquainted skills even if they have already succeeded. We offer you to find out whether you have the background to become a successful performer.

Development of scenic attention

Scenic attention is the ability to be focused on a person or a subject within the scenic environment. Attention is inseparably connected to concentration. There are some simple exercises be able to stay focused for a long time:

1. Count to ten without losing focus. The most peculiar feature of this exercise is that you have to imagine every number you name. Every image should be recreated accurately and slowly paying due attention to all the details; whether it is written by the chalk, or wax etc. (it is up to your imagination). Once the previous number is erased, you may start drawing the next one with the same accuracy as it was with a previous one. If your imagination is currently underdeveloped, use this essay on effective improvement of imagination skills based on psychological studies.

2. The essence of this exercise is very flexible since you can perform it at home, at work or anywhere else. Look at a certain object with all the attention you have (it may be a cup, a tree, a car behind the corner, literally anything).  Carefully examine it single outing all the details. Then, switch to an object at an average distance from you (something that lies on your table like pen, notebook etc.). The next object to focus is the farthest one (like a picture on the wall, colleagues talking near the coffee machine etc.). Subsequently, switch attention from the furthest objects to the nearest ones and vice versa.

3. Take a blank sheet of paper and draw a small point in the center. Do your best to stay focused on this point within ten minutes without being distracted by various noises. It is harder than it might seem but once it becomes easy it will be reasonable to make it more challenging. Imagine that this point is on the window. Pay attention to it without regarding outside actions and sounds.

Development of sensory attention

1. Turn on the TV and find something you’ve already watched or something new, it is not important. Repeat all the moves and actions of a performer but following the laws of mirror imaging: when he or she raises the left hand, you raise the right one etc.

2. Being in the public place look at a passer-by and quickly close your eyes saving the first image of this person in your memory. Add more fictional details. Who is this person, where does he or she go, is he or she married, what music does he or she listen to, what kind of person is it etc.?

3. Turn on your favorite music. Single our every instrument that was used listening to the chosen song and determine the exact time when they stop playing. Classical music is almost perfect for this very exercise

4. This is another exercise connected with your perception. Open the window and try to listen to all the noises coming from afar and imagine what is going on there with your eyes closed. Play with imagination trying to recreate supposed picture or try to imagine what’s going on in the office next door. How do the owners of these voices look like?

5. Choose a movie. It might be any genre you like, but this exercise works more efficiently with science fiction movies. Turn around and try to recreate current events only by means of sounds and noises. This list of the best movies of 2017 is a good way to save time and to watch something fascinating. 

6. Ask somebody to put several things under the tablecloth (like key, pencil, watch, CD etc.) and try to determine these objects to the touch. You can also perform these exercise in a team to make it more challenging. If you need some pieces of advice on teamwork, our writers will gladly provide you with one reliable source of information

7. Pay attention to all the smells beside perfumes of the passing by women or smell of a just made bakery. The smells you should pay attention to like smell of rain, or grass or spring are ephemeral. The ones you usually disregarded. Then, go further, try to determine the source of this smell and where did it come from?

Unfortunately, there is no universal exercise that will provide sufficient knowledge to become a good actor at once. This is a matter of practice in the first place since the above-mentioned exercises and other ones require attention, hardworking and daily practice. Use these simple exercises to practice and develop your acting skills.

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