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Our paper proofreading service online presents an essay on confrontation as a way to protect your dignity.

A strong desire to avoid confrontation is usually connected with inability to express and defend one’s point of view. This mode of behavior is originated in the childhood when people one communicates with (and even parents and other relatives) are biased towards his/her opinion. Then, it results in serious psychological complexes and one won’t succeed trying to avoid any confrontations. However, sometimes life forces us to defend our ideas and believes facing off against society. Despite one's desire to avoid confrontation, they will definitely happen. This essay will show how to overcome such kind of fear by means of common methods.

Whether a conflict is necessary?

First of all, determine, whether it is reasonable to argue or it would be better to calm down and avoid possible conflict since certain situations or people require severer approach. However, if you are already engaged in a confrontation, do not regret.  Any individual has certain rules or boundaries that can't be crossed. If one wants other people to respect that, he or she should tell about it. For example, most people don’t like when strangers stand too close or touch them. In order to avoid future confrontation and further conflict, inform a collocutor about it. These guide on critical thinking will help you to evaluate the situation more accurately

Save it for later

In the course of any conflict, people are very emotional. It is connected with the inflow of adrenaline. Being embraced by anger people make horrible mistakes and say terrible things that might destroy relationships with people they love once and for all. That’s why experiencing anger or irritation, do your best to postpone unpleasant conversation so you could calm down and clearly evaluate the situation.

Be careful with evidence

In the course of a conflict arguing people use all the possible means to “defeat” their opponent. Usually, they apply to previous mistakes of a collocutor. It might cause only anger and irritation and make it impossible to bury the hatchet. Pure anger directed at the opponent is not the best option. There are plenty of ways to release anger by means of sport or meditation. These simple techniques on anger release can help you to deal with your little problem. Confrontations without further conflicts require more accurate approach. The truth might be very offensive, especially for vulnerable people. Any conflict is actually a desire to be heard and respected. That's why people so angrily try to win the fight by all means. At this point, confrontation can lead to serious consequences. That's why you should be careful with the truth.

Do not try to offend

Sometimes, people use facts and truth to offend their opponents on purpose. This is the worst approach if one wants to save good relationships with a collocutor. If a person tries to offend you, he or she has nothing left to say. This is the last line of defense. However, even if one clearly realizes that these words are caused by aggression, he or she will get offended anyway. That’s why try not to offend a collocutor during the confrontation. Honesty is a good policy but sometimes it is inappropriate. Read more about harmful consequences of truth

Take the blame

The best strategy of an offender is to blame an opponent. He or she aims all the facts and abusive words at a collocutor trying to convince that he or she is innocent. Thus, in order to tackle the conflicts effectively, one should acknowledge his/her blame without emphasizing that the second party is the one to blame.

Let’s talk about the problem

It is not enough to express indignation and complains. One should specify why exactly it is so irritating. The reason for complaining is the key feature of any confrontation since due to reasonable facts one can avoid an unnecessary conflict. Unfortunately, even the smartest people behave unreasonably from time to time. Obvious things for you might seem unclear for others. That's why confrontation should take place if you are calm and have enough evidence to ground your complaints. It is much easier to modify your behavior if a collocutor is reasonable and just expressing his/her opinion on the issue you discuss.

What exactly should be changed?

Having discussed the problem, it is time to find an effective solution. It should be beneficial for both sides and tackle the conflict once and for all. This is the essence of constructive critics. If you want something to be changed, offer the best ways to achieve it.

Keep Calm

What is the key factor that helps to tackle any conflict? Beyond the reasonable doubt, it is control. If one is able to control his/her emotions, any confrontations can easily be settled or avoided. Lack of control leads to aggravation of relationships with a collocutor. As far as you might have noticed, this idea was always emphasized since it is one of the really effective ways to protect your dignity without being dishonest by means of your own inappropriate behavior. If you want to calm down quickly without reaching an extreme point, these simple psychological techniques are perfect for you.

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