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From the very childhood, we are taught to speak and write correctly paying attention to the structure, logic of our statements and linguistic rules. In general, we need to focus on these rules in order to eliminate and avoid various grammatical, structural, orthographic and other types of mistakes. These knowledge are very useful but unfortunately, they have nothing to do with appropriate and effective communication. Despite the fact that there are no precise rules dedicated to effective communication there are some tips you can learn to make your communication more beneficial for both parties. They won’t be surprisingly new for you but it is a reminding for you what you can do or what you definitely don’t want to do in the course of communication. Order affordable assignment services from the UK and our writers will complete any assignment you have with any deadline or difficulty.

An effective communication is a crucial part of personal and professional success regardless of the type of communication: Tet-a-Tet, public meeting, group communication, chitchat etc. Besides the ability to speak properly and express your thoughts comprehensively, you also need to be a good listener. The following tips will help you to achieve this task. One of the greatest obstacles on the way to successful communication is our fear that is triggered by the lack of knowledge or skills. Do not let this fear influence your communication

Trusted communication

Effective communication should be mutually beneficial. The trust is a key factor that makes communication effective. If you want to attain the primal goal of communication which is information exchange you need to do your best to create an atmosphere of trust in the course of communication both by means of information you provide and your gestures and mimics. You must be as transparent as possible.

Do not avoid personal topics

There is a business theory that you should keep a distance from your colleagues and subordinates. However, today this theory is rather questionable. Should we actually keep this distance? People appreciate when besides general topics or work, they are asked about some personal issues, for example, about their hobbies, personal life or something of this kind.  You won’t break any business law asking your colleague or subordinate about his or her personal life. Moreover, it will help to build trustworthy relationships that were mentioned in the previous tip.

Be clear and comprehensible

Effective communication is impossible without mutual understanding. Mutual understanding is, in turn, impossible without being comprehensible and clear. Do not afraid to say what exactly you expect from this communication. There is no need to try to avoid the point by means of shirking or lying. Regardless of the collocutors, you need to understand that the primal goal of yours should be comprehensiveness so that everybody could understand you. The purpose of your communication should be clear for each participant to achieve the expected results. Without these requirements to be met, your communication won’t be effective for all the collocutors. Usually, at this point, people do not understand how to speak clearly and confidently to be properly heard and understood. However, this essay contains all the tips you need concerning this topic.

Focus on the expectations of the collocutor

Whatever the goal of communication you are intended to achieve, remember that communication is a two-sided process and if you pay attention to the objectives you want to attain during the conversation disregarding the ones of your collocutor, your communication is unlikely to be effective.  Each participant of communication pursue certain objectives but the ability to pay attention to what other people want and need is a prerequisite for successful communication. The participants are unlikely to continue this conversation once they understand that you literally disregard all their intentions.

Be open

Do your best to understand the position that your collocutor supports, especially if it contradicts your one. There is no need to deliberately block all the information that you consider not to be worthy of your attention. It is impossible to avoid different points of view all the time. At least, they might be interesting. Communication with different people that support various points of view (it means that there is no on one hand and on the other one, there are plenty of various opinions) that should be considered regardless of whether these people are right or wrong. It is difficult to be completely honest with people you barely know but sometimes it plays a very important role in communication. There are some simple ways to be a more open person to significantly improve your communication skills.

Listen very carefully

There is a significant difference between to «hear» and to «listen» to somebody and this topic will be discussed until we will learn how to listen to somebody carefully disregarding our egoistic nature. This is the only way to communicate successfully. Otherwise, such a communication will be one-sided and both you and your collocutor won’t be able to achieve their goals in the course of communication. Moreover, you can get the answers you are looking for just having listened to the speaker.

Display your concern

Imagine the situation: you stand in the long line to get something you need. This lasts an eternity and when you finally get to the place you need one not very polite gentleman informs you that you wasted your time since you didn't meet a certain requirement. Now, you need to stand in the line again and it seems everlasting.  Now, imagine another situation, you stand in the line and when your turn comes, one polite gentleman having found out that you do not meet a certain requirement and the rest of the line is unlikely to meet it as well, does his best to help you and the rest of the line since the first impolite gentlemen actually could have helped you but he decided not to do it. Probably, you’ve been in such situation before. The first one is far less concerned that the second one. So, which person is better to communicate with? All the previous undoubtedly play a very significant role in the communication but the relationships between the collocutors as well. By the way, another good skill you might need is conflict tackling. It will help you to control the conversation even when it reached the critical point

Avoid the topics you are not aware of

Do not try to impress your collocutors by the knowledge you don’t have. Despite how bright you are, you can’t discuss something you actually do not understand. Today, people pay special attention to the things you say rather than to the structure and the form of the speech. Thus, do not even try to waste your time or the time of the audience trying to come up with some facts or supporting the topic you’ve never heard of. You are more likely to lose your face.  Nobody will try to accuse you of being ignorant if you will honestly say that you do not know something.


There are no universal rules for communication that will help you to be a perfect collocutor. Each person is unique and something that works in one situation will be ineffective in another one. Get ready that something will go wrong and you will be left on your own without a set of rules that will save you. This article is also based on certain theoretical knowledge but this one was acquired practically. So, you need to communicate as much as possible to develop your skills and be able to modify your behavior in the course of conversation with regard to the audience.

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