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Our thoughts determine our reality. However, our thoughts, in general, can be divided into the positive and the negative ones. The first ones can inspire you when you feel that you can't do it, these thoughts cheer you up and the second ones can result in depression and stress. It is a scientific fact that more than sixty hundred thoughts go through our head every day and 80% of this number are negative or positive (it depends) and other 20% are neutral once (daily routine or work issues). In order to turn your thoughts from negative into positive one you need to transform your thinking patterns according to the following steps:

  1. Awareness. You need to clearly understand what kind of emotions you experience and what mood you have.  The writers who provide Ph.D. thesis writing services online on our website are aware of all the requirements that should be considered writing such a difficult paper.
  2. Reframe. Most of the negative thoughts have nothing to do with the reality and as soon as you understand it the better. You need to learn how to see good in people and in all the troubles you experience. This is called reframing.
  3. Replacement. If you are depressed, you need to switch to positive thoughts no matter how hard it is and soon enough you will shake all the negative thoughts you have. There are plenty of effective ways to get rid of negative energy to live without turning back, and thinking about how miserable you are.
  4. Perseverance. This is the feature most people do not actually possess. Most people give up facing difficulties, especially depression and stress since this is a war against yourself. However, this quality actually allows to defeat yourself.

These are the statements you need to think about or pronounce out loud in order to get rid of the negative thoughts that always spoil your mood and force you to give up on something or somebody.

Right now, at this very moment, everything is great

You need to realize that that is no past, it is far-far behind, and there is no future, it is clouded and unknown. There is no need to feel sorrow for the days to come or the days that have already passed. Right now, you are all right.

You always have a choice

Despite the fact that people think that they don’t have a choice, it is not true. Even if you are caught by the circumstance, you did have a chance to prevent this situation from happening. It is impossible to change something if you are positive that you actually can’t do a thing due to your evil destiny or other things that stop you from being happy.

I am appreciated

When you think that you are all alone and nobody loves you, it is time to remember how many close people you have and how much they actually love you. Remember at least a couple of good and cheering words you've heard from them and soon enough you will realize that all your thoughts are caused by depression or misfortune you've experienced but you are loved.

Everything will get better

Our life is a number of subsequent events that are both wonderful and devastating. You’ve failed the test, broke up with your boy/girlfriend, your friend passed away. However, it is important to remember that time will heal all the wounds and soon everything will get better. If you will be more optimistic concerning the future, it would be much easier for you to leave and attain your goals rather than complaining.

People are actually good despite all the bad things they do

Sometimes we lose faith and it seems that all the people are miserable creatures that have nothing but a betrayal in their minds but this just a harmful influence of a misfortune. People like to exaggerate and this is also an exaggeration since we all have positive and negative features but dark times coerce us to see only the last ones.

I am smart and skillful

Underestimation has already become a habit of ours and even really talented people got used to underestimating their skills and knowledge. Moreover, each failure hits and it hits hard but the question is whether you are capable of analyzing the situation clearly to understand that we all make mistake.

I have everything I need

You’ve heard people that always complaining that they have nothing, that they are miserable and everybody in this world are happy but them. If you have all the limbs attached, if your family is healthy, you are not starving and you are well-educated and young, you already have everything you need. These are the greatest gifts you may get since most people don't have even one thing from this list.

This world is filled with excellent opportunities

By means of the diversity of this world, we have plenty of interesting opportunities for our personal development and work. The knowledge and experience it offers are usually disregarded since people are afraid of any changes since they don't want to leave the comfort zone but if you want to use all the opportunities this life offers, you need to do something constantly changing directions and approaches. Only hardworking can help you to use all the opportunities our life offers. This essay will help you to understand how many opportunities you can lose

I will override all the troubles

No matter how hard it is right now, you will definitely find the way to tackle them. Our inability to accept the fact that we actually can solve any problem. You are capable of anything and as soon you understand it, you will be able to achieve anything you want.

You can always learn from failures and mistakes

It is easy to give up after the first failure. People usually consider mistakes to be the end of the road, the truth is that it is only the beginning of the way and you should be strong to override the difficulties you might face and keep on moving.

I am strong

We underestimate our strength almost all the time saying something like: “I won’t make it” or “I’ll fail” but you can’t even imagine how strong you are and life will continue testing your will until you surrender. Don’t let anybody or anything break you down.

Brand new day

Every day is a unique opportunity for you to do something worthy and we used to waste this time underestimating each second of our life which is the gift. As soon as you understand it, you will see that our life is truly beautiful and unique

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