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British college essay writer for pay prepared a small essay for you on personal development experiments and their consequences.

There are plenty of self-development experiments you might have tried. For example, it might be memory capacity development, meditation, time management techniques, yoga and other activities that predispose personal growth. Have you analyzed the activities you’ve tried? Were all of them successful or certain activities were less successful than others? There are the questions you need to answer in order to understand whether you are moving in the right direction. Thus, these experiments with self-development might be beneficial or deconstructive for us. Let’s examine, what are the consequences of such experiments.

Meditate for 30 days

You should not miss a single day meditating. Dedicate at least thirty days meditating for about once or twice a day. Start meditating for ten minutes and then increase this term. What are the benefits? It is difficult to meditate in general since people are really bad at coping with their emotions and thoughts. It will seem to you that this meditation is endless and your days last longer now which is actually not true. However, this will help you to pull yourself together and learn how to control your own mind. There is an easy way to meditate for the beginner with this guide that will tell you anything you need to know on the preliminary stage of meditation.

What to do next? Continue meditating. However, there is one problem. In order to succeed in meditation, you need at least a couple of month in order to calm down your body and mind to get the rest you need.

30 days without caffeine, cigarettes, and alcohol

Sooner or later, people understand that all the things intended to make our reality perception brighter make it worse.  They significantly aggravate the symptoms of stress and depression and people don't even realize it. If you give up drinking and smoking, you will notice that you started sleeping better, your skin will look perfectly well. Moreover, it will help you to save a lot of money since it is not a secret that all the things like these ones cost a lot of money. There is no need to give up doing something at once since it is awfully hard. Take small steps on the way to your success. Probably, smoking is one of the most difficult habits to give up but with this essay on efficient tips to stop smoking you have a chance.

Do not complain for 21 days

According to Will Bowen, it is worth giving up whining and complaining for some period of time in order to clear your mind from negative thoughts and make your relationships with other people friendlier. However, there is one simple condition. If break the rules, you will have to start to count the days from the very beginning. People love to communicate with positive ones that do not spoil the mood from the very morning. If you want to be such a person you need to play this simple game. Moreover, negative thoughts can poison our minds with anger and corruption and these ones can result in serious consequences for the people we care about and ourselves. Thus, when people start complaining, you will be able to stay calm and help them. A good way to stop complaining is to get perfect grades at the university. With our article editing online service, your paper will meet all the standards of academic writing and will definitely satisfy your professor.

Keep recording each completed task during the week

This is a very useful piece of advice that helps us to monitor our productivity and the amount of work done. Write down all the activities you spend time on with the all the possible precision and accuracy. It is simple since there are two things you might need: a notebook and a pen. This is a perfect way to keep recording all the activities like the time spent working and sleeping, cooking and going shopping etc. Your own experience will help you to understand whether you are moving in the right direction or you just need to change the course in order to succeed

Get rid of one thing once a month

This is one of the funniest experiments on this list. We all have things we don't actually use or they wore off but we keep them because they are connected with the warm or bittersweet memories from the past. This stuff begins to pile up on your table or at the closet and you can’t find something you actually need. That’s why it is better to get rid of the things out of use since the chaos in your apartment directly influence your effectiveness and may result in chaos in your head.

Try to be a vegetarian for a month

There are plenty of diets you may try in order to exclude meat at least for some period of time. People are positive that they can’t give up eating meat since they got used to it but it is possible if you will find something that will fulfill the needs that meat fulfills. As the result, you will feel better with healthier both body and mind. Our writers prepared a couple of tips for those who decided to complete this vegetarian challenge

Set three goals per day and never postpone their implementation in the course of a month

This is a good way to stop procrastinating on things and become more diligent and disciplined since these skills are necessary both for our work and personal life. Having accomplished a couple of simple goals, you are likely to set more difficult ones. People, without constant direction, lose their course and fall down. The greater goals you have the greater satisfaction you will feel having achieved them.

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